200 Reasons to Support UC

UC's first 200 years were built by people who supported their passion. In honor of our Bicentennial, we have compiled 200 (and a few extra) ways you can help us propel the university into our next two centuries. Check them out!

Why should you support UC? Here are just a few of the 200+ reasons:

#45 The UC Bearcats Pantry provides free food, hygiene items and cleaning supplies to students in need.
The UC Bearcats Pantry provides supplemental support to students with food and other needs, including meal vouchers that can be used at campus dining halls. The goal is to assist students in need by cutting down their grocery bills and connecting them to other resources in an effort to promote independence. The UC Bearcats Pantry is here to serve the student population and support students of all backgrounds. Support the Bearcats Pantry.

#153 The Gen-1 Theme House is the nation’s first living-learning community to focus on first-generation college students.
Established in 2008, the Gen-1 Program is a living-learning community supporting Pell-eligible, first-generation college students with a structured environment in which to live, learn and study. Gen-1 helps promote successful transitions to the University of Cincinnati, first-to-second-year retention, and degree completion. Support The Gen-1 Theme House.

#86 This academic year marks the fifth straight year tuition costs have remained the same, which helps keep a UC education affordable.
Thanks to donor support, gifts to the President’s Transformation Fund provide funding for UC President Neville Pinto’s strategic vision and the urgent needs of the university, including the priority to provide an affordable UC education. “Access, affordability and accountability are vital to student success,” President Pinto said. “We know cost is an issue that our students and their families worry about. We want them to know that we are listening." Support the President's Transformation Fund.

#8 The work of the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP) at Cincinnati Law has led to the exoneration of 28 wrongfully convicted citizens who collectively served more than 525 years behind bars.
The Ohio Innocence Project's goal is simple: Free every innocent person in Ohio who has been convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. Since being established at UC in 2003, the OIP at Cincinnati Law has consistently been one of the top-performing members within the international Innocence Network. Support the Rosenthal Institute for Justice/Ohio Innocence Project.


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