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The quarterly update from UC's African American Alumni Affiliate

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Greetings Bearcats!

My name is Yasmin Chilton and I am blessed to serve as Chair of the UC Alumni Association’s African American Alumni Affiliate for the 2017-18 term. 4A made incredible strides under the leadership of Marcus Bethay and his executive committee, re-energizing our constituents through his “REP4A” message. Signature events were created and re-established, scholarship funds were raised to support students, we remained involved in university and community affairs, and key partnerships kept our group engaged and enlightened. I’m excited for the opportunity to build on this work as we seek to strengthen the bonds between our alumni and our university.

As our new executive committee transitions into its roles, please connect through the 4A Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, which alert you about upcoming meetings, events, issues and opportunities. They also help us share our thoughts on trending topics or suggest ideas for civic engagement.

While we are justifiably proud of our accomplishments, we realize there is always more to be done. Recently we have experienced the tragic shooting of Sam Dubose which sparked heightened dialogue within the university community and yielded comprehensive public safety reforms at UC; students speaking up about underrepresentation of African American students and faculty and its ramifications; and administrator dismissals which prompted additional conversation to seek greater understanding. Through all of this, we continue to encourage increasingly inclusive and collaborative efforts to ensure UC is the best university and community citizen it can be.

Throughout the next year, I hope to make 4A more accessible, more charitable, more diverse, and a lot more fun. The organization serves and represents anyone ranging from new graduates to Golden Bearcats (50+ years!), and we hope more and more alumni become active and engaged. UC’s trajectory is impressive, and new possibilities are limitless provided we work together as a unified UC family. I am optimistic and eager to get started. If you have any questions, please reach out to me or Justin Gibson, the UCAA’s Associate Director for Diversity Outreach and Engagement.

Have a great summer, and Go Bearcats!

Yasmin Chilton, A&S ’14, ’15
UC4A Board of Volunteers

Alumni Spotlight: Rep. Reginald Bolding, CECH ‘08

Reginald BoldingIf you would have told him when he graduated from high school that he would live in Phoenix and have an office at the Arizona Statehouse, he might not have believed you.  Actually, he might have!  Click on the link to learn how Reginald’s career led him to become one of our country’s youngest and effective lawmakers.


Name: Reginald Bolding Jr.

UC College and Grad Year: CECH, 2008

Title, Employer: Arizona State Representative; President & CEO, The North Star Foundation for Youth Advancement

Current city of residence: Phoenix, AZ

Campus Involvement: Secretary, Senior Class 2008, CECH Ambassador, UC Track & Field (2004-2006), Vice President, Criminal Justice Society

What led you to attend the University of Cincinnati? I was impressed with the quality of the Criminal Justice program at the University. Additionally, I fell in love with the city and people on campus. Moreover, the UC Track & Field team had a great culture of commitment, academics and athletics.

After graduating with your Criminal Justice degree, you turned down law school to become a teacher. What drove you to make that decision? My decision to go to law school was two-fold. One, I wanted to stand up and fight for people who couldn't fight for themselves. Second, after growing up poor I wanted to pursue a career that would provide me with financial security to raise a family. In my mind, law school was the right fit to do both of these things. The more I grew as a person, the more I knew I had the ability to not only accomplish my personal goals, but I had a talent for helping other people accomplish theirs. I began to realize I was an exception in many cases as an African American man, who grew up poor, about to receive a full-ride law school scholarship, when many of my high school classmates never even had an opportunity to attend college. That really pushed me to ask the question why. For me, it boiled down to lack of access, opportunities and resources. I felt that as a teacher I could help students who came from similar circumstances as myself to get those things. Fortunately, it paid off.

You are a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. What unique ways does your job allow you to serve others? I truly love the work I do as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. My job allows me to serve others in a number of ways. First and foremost, as a policy maker, I'm tasked with introducing and voting on legislation that I believe will help make Arizona a stronger place to live for everyone. I spend a lot of time talking with community and industry stakeholders to ensure we (myself and my colleagues) are making the right the decisions. Additionally, my job allows me to fight for the injustice or advocate for constituents who need support. That ranges from issues in healthcare to environment, criminal justice to taxes. There truly are never two days that are the same.

What advice would you give a freshman who is just starting their college experience? Sign up for everything, attend every event you can and keep an open mind. I had no clue I would be living in Arizona and serving as an elected official. Through networking and acquiring knowledge about more than just your major, it will make you a very valuable member of any team or community. Don’t get caught up in what you want to be, focus on what impact you hope to create and that will lead you in the right direction.

Outside of your studies and other obligations, where was your favorite place to hang out on or around campus? My favorite place to hang out, turns out to be my favorite restaurant as well, which is Penn Station. It was amazing.

Student Spotlight: Ciara Cruder

Ciara CruderStorytelling is nothing new for Ciara, a rising Senior in the College-Conservatory of Music.  But her training in the Electronic Media program fueled her creativity for using multimedia to share a good story.  Click here to learn what is next for this Columbus native who will continue her career in filmmaking. 

Name: Ciara Cruder

UC College, Major, and Anticipated Grad Year:  College-Conservatory of Music, majoring in Electronic Media. Graduating in April 2018.

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

You have a reputation of being one of the best student filmmakers on campus.  What sparked your interest in videography and filmmaking? It pretty much all started when I switched my major. When I first came to UC, I was studying Interior Design in DAAP, but I realized I really had a passion for telling stories. I switched to E-Media not knowing a single thing about cameras or editing programs, but creating and sharing great stories was something that I knew I could do. After I discovered all the possibilities of expressing myself with a camera and the power of a good story, there was no turning back.

What student groups do you participate in? I’m Co-Marketing Director for the United Black Student Association, I’m Membership Chair for the Lambda Society, and I’m a member of Bearcast Media where I host my own radio show, ‘What You Know ‘Bout This?’

What ultimately led you choose to continue your education at the University of Cincinnati? At first, I came to UC because of DAAP being a top ranking design school, but even after I changed my major I still wanted UC to remain my home because of the beautiful campus and the supportive environment.

What are your career goals? My current goal is to make an award-winning music documentary one day. I also want to master the skills of editing and maybe start my own production company.

What makes you proudest to be a Bearcat? I’m proud to be a Bearcat knowing that I have been provided with the opportunities and resources to better myself and to make a positive impact on my campus and in my community.


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