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Purpose of the UC African American Alumni Affiliate

The UC African American Alumni Affiliate provides African American alumni with an important link to the university, its students, other alumni, and to the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association and University of Cincinnati. The network represents over 18,000 living African American alumni and is led by a volunteer alumni board. It conducts a number of activities throughout the year, including its annual Onyx & Ruby awards gala, networking opportunities, educational events for students and alumni, community service and outreach and more!

UC4A Board Positions and Committees

Executive Committee

The UC African American Alumni Affiliate Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Communications Chair, Finance Chair and Immediate Past Chair. Each member of this group serve on one of the other network committees. A member of the executive committee presides at all meetings and, with the leadership committee, is responsible to work with the staff liaison on general supervision of the network. The executive committee represents the network at official functions.


  • Preside at all meetings, and shall chair the Executive Board meetings
  • Be the primary representative to the UCAA, University of Cincinnati, and the community
  • Develop strategic planning for UC4A
  • Represent or appoint a representative for UC4A to all UCAA network events and trainings

Vice Chair

  • In the absence or disability of the Chair, or at the Chair’s request, shall perform the duties of the Chair
  • Be an ex-officio member of all standing committees
  • Serve as liaison for the Homecoming committee and community service project

Communications Chair

  • Work with the UCAA liaison to send out notices of meetings and be responsible for taking minutes and agendas of all Executive Board and general body meetings
  • Work with the UCAA liaison to send announcements of activities for publicity in UCAA and UC publications
  • Make sure social media, web, newsletters, etc. are reviewed and updated

Finance Chair

  • Make financial reports and communicate the financial conditions of the organization to the Executive Board and the general body during regular meetings
  • Create an annual budget based on known events and expenses incurred by the organization
Programming Committee

The programming committee has the responsibility of establishing/maintaining an annual alumni engagement calendar for the network. Members should work closely with the UC Alumni Association staff liaison to ensure that the event date, time and structure are in accordance with the association mission. Members can also assist in coordinating and planning the various events that the network will host throughout the year.

University Relations Committee

The University Relations Committee helps to foster relations across campus and make alumni/student connections. The committee should work to communicate with individual alumni and registered student organization’s (RSOs) related to the network. The committee will also help coordinate any events that are a partnership between the alumni network and the university or RSOs as appropriate. If a mentorship program exists within the network, the committee will assume the responsibility of managing that program.

Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee is responsible for coordinating the annual donations the network raises for its signature event, the Onyx & Ruby Gala. The fundraising committee should work directly with the Onyx & Ruby event committee, the executive committee and the UCAA to organize and maintain donor lists.

Recruitment Committee

The recruitment committee helps to organize and execute outreach opportunities that inform alumni and community members about the opportunities to get involved with the network. The recruitment committee provides leadership over the nomination and election of new board and executive committee members.

Onyx & Ruby Gala Event Committee

The Onyx & Ruby Gala Event Committee is the driving force behind the network’s signature event. The committee will work with the UCAA staff liaison to create and execute a marketing plan, collect award nominations for approval and make selections on event logistics and program. During the event planning timeline, this group meets bi-weekly.

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