Become a UC Alumni Advocate

The Cincinnati Alumni Advocates program empowers people like you to positively influence Ohio legislators on issues important to your alma mater. The difference you can make is invaluable, not just for the University of Cincinnati, but for higher education and for the future of Ohio and the region.

Who can become a Cincinnati Alumni Advocate?

Any alumnus or friend of UC willing to speak up, stand up and give back is encouraged to become an advocate.

What does a Cincinnati Alumni Advocate do?

Advocates write letters, make phone calls and talk to legislators. They communicate the importance of certain public policy issues to friends, neighbors and colleagues. They stay informed. They are the voice and the face of UC in their communities.

How much time is required?

There is no time commitment. It could take just a few minutes to make a big difference.

How does it work?

When public policy issues arise that affect UC (such as the Ohio higher-ed budget), you will be notified and encouraged to communicate with elected representatives. We’ll provide guidance and contact information, as well as more in-depth assistance if you’re willing to meet with a representative in person.

Would I really make an impact?

Declining state support, increasing infrastructure needs and a shrinking tax base have created an environment where strong advocates are vital. Just one legislator can determine UC’s ability to recruit a preeminent professor, offer a scholarship, or provide new lab equipment. Your engagement enhances the value of your degree and helps make UC’s vision for its third century truly attainable.

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