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College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Advisory Board

The College of Arts and Sciences is seeking nominations for the A&S College Dean Advisory Board. The board’s role is to advise the Dean of the College and his senior academic and administrative leadership on matters including operations and programs, alumni and community relations, and private support, to embrace the mission and vision of the College, and to serve as informed advocates and ambassadors. Members are expected to provide annual financial support to the College, preferably at the McMicken Society Club level, and to demonstrate a meaningful level of participation and attendance at meetings of the board or its committees, as well as at College events. Full bylaws and member expectations are located here.

Please use the form below to nominate an alumnus who you feel is uniquely qualified to fulfill the expectations outlined above. Self-nominations are welcome.

*Note: Members located outside of the Greater Cincinnati region are responsible for travel costs associated with meetings and activities of the board.

Board Members

Lori Hudson, Political Science '81 - Board Chair and Strategic Planning Committee Chair
Alan Badanes, History ’79
Mila Baker, PhD, Psychology '72, '75, '78
Bruce Besanko, Psychology '82
Carol Brandon, PhD, Sociology '77, '82
Jennifer Cox, Communication '85
Kendra Daugherty, Political Science '78, Law '82
Matthew Doyle, PhD, Chemistry '81, '83
Tim Elsbrock, Communication ‘85
Deanna Hengge, Communication ’90 - Past Board Chair
Robert Herman
Erika Judd, Mathematics ’84, Geography ‘86
Mike Loudin, Geology ‘76
Mark Mushkat , Psychology ’75
Julie Niesen, English ‘05
Evans Nwankwo
Michael Paul, Economics ’72, Education ‘73
Cary Powell, Sociology ‘81
Monika Royal-Fischer, Communication ’97 - Alumni Relations Committee Chair
Mike Waring, MD, History ‘67
Glen Weissenberger, Philosophy ‘69
Bill Wiesmann, Chemistry ’68, Honorary ‘08
Nick Zingarelli, Philosophy ’01 - Community Engagement Committee Chair

A&S Alumni Activity Board

Caring deeply about something often means getting directly involved. That opportunity is available for A&S grads who want to ensure the success of their college.

The College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Activity Board was established March 6 when a group of dedicated volunteers held its inaugural meeting. This board, which includes four committees, was formed to serve the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Network in the development and planning of meaningful programming for A&S alumni across a variety of interest areas. It also provides opportunities for alumni to become involved with the alumni network in many different capacities.

The board’s four committees — Community Engagement, Professional Development, Social Activities, and Student Engagement — are managed by officers of the board and are open to all A&S alumni. Each committee has its own goals and objectives that are set by the board. Learn More.

Apply to be on the board or a committee:

Apply for the board if you are willing to attend three out of the four required meetings per year and are looking for more responsibility and involvement with programming. Board members commit to a three year, renewable term. Applications are due by May 31 each year.

Apply for a committee if you have a more specific programming interest and are looking for a more casual volunteer commitment. All committees report to the activity board. If you decide to become more involved later on, you may apply to be on the board before the start of a new term. Applications for committees are accepted on a rolling basis.

Board Members

William Judd, Biochemistry ‘14, Biology ‘14, Business Administration ‘16 - Board President
Lora Arduser, PhD, English ‘85, ‘07; Anthropology ‘92
James Avant, IV, Neuroscience ‘15 - Vice President
Michael Baskett, Public Administration ‘76
Chrstine Corcoran, Sociology ‘91
Cora Flath, Biology ‘16 - Social Activities Committee Chair
Nia Gholston, Chemistry ‘12 & ‘14 - Committee Manager
Alana Jenkins, Journalism ‘15, Environmental Studies ‘15 - Community Engagement Committee Chair
Rebecca Kollstedt, Sociology ‘12, Criminal Justice ‘12
Kirby Neumann, Psychology ‘03
Ashley Nkadi, Neuroscience ‘16
Kelly O'Brien, Journalism ‘14 - Professional Development Committee Chair
Lisa Rosner, Law ‘82, Public Administration ‘90
Ali Stigler, Communication ‘13 - Event Manager
Doug Van der Zee, Political Science ‘84 - Student Engagement Committee Chair
Riley Vollmer, Communication ‘14
Ellen Weitz, Geology ‘13

Activity Board Committees

Community Engagement Committee
Alana Jenkins, Journalism ‘15, Environmental Studies ‘15 - Chair
Rachel Jaynes, Communication ‘15
Rebecca Kollstedt, Sociology ‘12, Criminal Justice ‘12
Danielle Lieser-Gee, Communication ‘92, ‘93
Lisa Rosner, Law ‘82, Public Administration ‘90
Ellen Weitz, Geology ‘13

Professional Development Committee
Kelly O'Brien, Journalism ‘14 - Chair
Lora Arduser, PhD, English ‘85, ‘07; Anthropology ‘92
Michael Baskett, Public Administration ‘76
Alfred Burney-Allen, Chemistry ‘14
Victoria Daly, Psychology ‘15, ‘16
Kirby Neumann, Psychology ‘03

Social Activities Committee
Cora Flath, Biology ‘16 - Chair
Lauren Burgher, Communication ‘09
Andrew Corcoran, History ‘11
Christine Corcoran, Sociology ‘91
Ashley Nkadi, Neuroscience ‘16
Ali Stigler, Communication ‘13
Riley Vollmer, Communication ‘14

Student Engagement Committee
Doug Van der Zee, Political Science ‘84 - Chair
James Avant, IV, Neuroscience ‘15
Khaled Gazi, Graduate Student
Nia Gholston, Chemistry ‘12 & ‘14
William Judd, Biochemistry ‘14, Biology ‘14, Business Administration ‘16
Shivam Shah, Neuropsychology ‘16


Juliana Sinclair Saneholtz
Associate Director of Alumni Relations,
College of Arts and Sciences

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