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A&S Alumni Activity Board

Caring deeply about something often means getting directly involved. That opportunity is available for A&S alumni who want to ensure the success of their college.

The College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Activity Board was established in Spring 2017 when a group of dedicated volunteers held its inaugural meeting. This board, which includes two committees, was formed to serve the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Network in the development and planning of meaningful programming for A&S alumni across a variety of interest areas. It also provides opportunities for alumni to become involved with the alumni network in many different capacities.

The board’s committees — Community Engagement and Alumni-Student Engagement — are managed by officers of the board and are open to all A&S alumni. Each committee has its own goals and objectives that are set by the board.

Apply to be on the board or a committee:

Apply to the board if you are willing to attend two out of four meetings per year and an annual planning retreat in August. Board members are required to commit to being an annual donor of at least $25 per year for the duration of their term. All board members serve three year, renewable terms and are placed on a committee. Applications are due by June 30.

Apply for a committee If you want to get a feel for a board experience but are not willing or able to meet the board member commitments, participating on a committee might be a better fit for your volunteerism. Committee members are required to attend at least one of four board meetings per year and participate in at least one volunteer or engagement activity per year. There are currently two committees run by board members – Alumni-Student Engagement and Community Engagement. Read more about these committees in the descriptions below. Applications to join a committee are accepted on a rolling basis. Committee members may apply to join the full board before the start of a new term.

Become a Bearcatalyst

Bearcatalysts is a new philanthropic program housed within the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S). The program is designed to recruit and cultivate rising philanthropists by providing them with meaningful engagement opportunities throughout the course of a year. During their experience, members will engage with A&S faculty, students, alumni, and programs. As the capstone of their experience, members will receive proposals from faculty within the College and collectively vote to fund one of the presented opportunities through the Innovators Fund.

Bearcatalysts will be required to make a commitment of $1,000, to be paid before the end of the fiscal year. This amount may be pledged, over the course of the year, with an agreed upon payment schedule. In return for their investment, members will receive one vote towards the Innovators Fund, as well as access to three exclusive events throughout the course of their membership.

For more information about Bearcatalys and how to get involved, please contact:

Andrew Polter
Associate Director of Development
(513) 556-8984

Skylar Sabbag
Associate Director of Constituent Development
(513) 556-8980

College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Advisory Board

The role of the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Advisory Board is to advise the Dean of the College and his senior academic and administrative leadership on matters including operations and programs, alumni and community relations, and private support, to embrace the mission and vision of the College, and to serve as informed advocates and ambassadors. Members do not have to be alumni of the College, but are asked to provide annual financial support to the College, preferably at the McMicken Society Club level, and to demonstrate a meaningful level of participation and attendance at bi-annual meetings of the board or its committees, as well as at College events.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Mike Griffin, Senior Development Director for the College of Arts and Sciences, or call 513-556-1808.

*Note: Members located outside of the Greater Cincinnati region are responsible for travel costs associated with meetings and activities of the board.


Juliana Sinclair Saneholtz
Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Email Juliana
or call 513-556-6466


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