Arts & Sciences Alumni Activity: A Board’s-Eye View

March 26, 2018

The A&S Alumni Activity Board wraps up its inaugural year having established a new alumni-student mentoring program, several successful social activities, and expanded community and industry outreach. This was all made possible thanks to the dedication of the many hard-working board and committee members involved with these programs.

A few board leaders were asked to reflect on their first year in these roles and their vision for the future growth of the board. Below are some of their insights and hopes for future expansion of the board and committees:

Cora Flath, Biological Sciences ’16
Social Activities Chair
Clinical Research Associate, Medpace

Why did you want to join the A&S Alumni Activity Board?

Throughout my undergraduate education, the University of Cincinnati provided me with countless opportunities to learn and grow, in and outside of the classroom. After graduating in the summer of 2016, I saw this as an opportunity to keep connected with the university, and as a way to give back to the institution and its students.

What has been your favorite part about your involvement with the Alumni Activity Board?

My favorite part of the Alumni Activity Board has been the opportunity to meet and network with fellow alumni. Through the board you are given the opportunity to participate in social and volunteer events, as well as opportunities to connect with current students. This is a great way to get involved with the university, as well as the Cincinnati community.

Why would you recommend other alumni join the Board?

It keeps you very involved with the university and allows you to create connections with fellow alumni. The board allows you to be as little or as much involved as your schedule allows and has proven over the past year to be a very rewarding experience.

William Judd, Biological Sciences & Biochemistry ’14, MBA ’16
Project Coordinator III, Medpace

What is your favorite UC memory?

It is hard to pick just one memory honestly. I enjoyed attending UC Football and Basketball games and being in the student section. It was a great way to unwind, be with friends, and just have fun supporting our school. I enjoyed playing intramural soccer, and swiping into the dining hall with friends for a “family” dinner and a few good laughs. The camaraderie, education, and experience I gained at UC can’t be narrowed down to just one favorite memory.

Why did you want to join the A&S Alumni Activity Board?

I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity to help give back to the community. When I was approached by UC to be a member of the board, I thought it would be a fantastic chance to give back, not only to Cincinnati, but also to my alma mater, which helped me achieve the level of success I enjoy right now.

What do you most hope to accomplish with the board next year?

I think our main focus right now is taking our Alumni-Student mentoring program to the next level. Engaging our alumni with current students to help them with educational and career advice strengthens the immediate connection between the two parties, which is something we are interested in achieving. Additionally, we are preparing for the upcoming Bicentennial Celebration, which is going to be a fantastic opportunity for lots of volunteers to come out and really support UC. The coming year is going to be very big time period for this board and the goals we have for UC as well.

Doug van derZee, Political Science ’84
Student Engagement Chair
National Sales Manager, Brodar Books and Library Services

Tell us about your UC connection.:

I am married with two sons and we’re a family of Bearcats. My wife, Carrie, received her BA in Communication in ’83. And not only did both my sons graduate from UC, they also both married UC grads themselves.

Why did you want to join the A&S Alumni Activity Board?

I wanted to reconnect with UC and also help mentor students.

What is your favorite UC memory?

I had a great constitutional law professor, Ethel Galzerano, who that really had a way with engaging students. Hanging out on “the bridge” was also a lot of fun.

Interested in learning more or applying to the board or a committee? More information is available on the A&S Alumni website.


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