College of Engineering and Applied Science Alumni Scholarship

The College of Engineering and Applied Science Alumni Scholarships will be awarded during the fall semester to several outstanding graduating seniors, class of 2021, from the College of Engineering and Applied Science who have demonstrated well-rounded abilities in Leadership, Community Service, and Professional Practice Experience. The recipients will each receive an award of at least $1,500 to be administered in the form of tuition grants. Candidates who already have a full tuition scholarship are not eligible. Candidates must also be in good academic standing and be enrolled full-time.

Examples of the selection criteria follow:


  • Demonstrates initiative and a commitment to see projects through to completion.
  • May have organized service(s) to meet apparent needs within the university or local community.
  • May hold leadership position(s) in a variety of organizations.
  • Assumes increasingly responsible leadership position(s).
  • May have received special recognition or awards for leadership.

Community Service:

  • Participates actively in community group(s) or organization(s).
  • Volunteers for socially, politically, or religiously significant causes or may provide services to meet the needs of other people.

Professional Practice Service:

  • Accomplished projects of increasing significance during their professional practice work quarters.
  • Received favorable reviews from immediate supervisors.
  • Demonstrated the ability to be productive in a non-academic environment.

The application deadline is Friday, May 15, 2020. All applications must be submitted before 5 p.m.

For questions, please contact Ann Terry, Director of Alumni Relations at


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