A&S Alumni Activity Board – Committee Member Application

Thank you for your interest in the new A&S Alumni Activity Board! We welcome applicants of all ages, degrees, backgrounds and interests. This board helps guide the alumni programming and alumni engagement opportunities for the College of Arts and Sciences. Each committee has a specific area of interest in which they concentrate. Please review the committee descriptions before submitting your application.

A&S Alumni Activity Board Committees

Community Engagement
Mission: Understand and respect how UC effects the community and take an active role to develop community inclusiveness through partnerships, volunteering and offering programs and services. Develop brand awareness to Attract prospective students to the university and college, but also to Cincinnati.


  • Develop Awareness of A&S initiatives that benefit the community as a whole i.e.
    • UC Center for Field Studies
    • Cincinnati Project
    • Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Prospective Student Recruitment

Professional Development
Mission: Promote networking and professional development by Providing alumni (and students) with the tools to recognize their full professional potential creating a constant stream of human capital. Promote the A&S Brand and university image and develop partnerships with the local business community.


  • Career Development
  • Continued Education
  • Mentoring (Alumni-Alumni)

Social Activities
Mission: Provide engaging and relaxing activities that build comradery and strengthen the Bearcat Bond through fun social activities, informal networking and reinvesting in students and the university.


  • Networking (informal)
    • i.e. happy hours, “speed dating,” industry or study based
  • Arts and Culture nights
    • i.e. movie night at the symphony, FC Cincinnati games

Student Engagement
Mission: Engage alumni with students through various interactive opportunities that are invested in student success and strive to develop a family of bearcats.


  • Mentoring (Alumni-Student)
  • Professional development workshops



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