A&S: Summer in the City

Last summer the A&S Alumni Network hosted two sold-out events featuring aspects of the City of Cincinnati while linking back to UC history and happenings. This year, we are excited to host two new Summer in the City events.

Space is limited for both events, so be sure to register early!

The Rook

Game Night at The Rook

"The Analog Game Renaissance"

Why is our era –– marked by its preoccupation with digital data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, drones and smartphones –– also a time of great innovation and output in the realm of board, card, dice and role-playing games? In this talk, professors Evan Torner and Kat Jones from the University of Cincinnati will take us on a brief tour of contemporary analog games, discussing how and why they have cognitive and emotional appeal. Bring some friends and join us for this short talk and yummy snacks before trying out some games.

Tuesday, July 18
6 p.m. Dialogue on Analog Games
6:30 p.m. Game on!

The Rook OTR - Clue Room
1115 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202



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