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Kruchoski Earns Young Alumni Award Through Remarkable Career in Diplomacy

Paul Kruchoski, A&S ’10, has been named the recipient of the College of Arts & Sciences 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

Kruchoski was one of UC’s most decorated graduates in 2010, earning the Presidential Leadership Medal of Excellence and the McKibbin Prize. After coming to UC from New Mexico as a cello prodigy and beginning his college career at CCM, he was drawn to develop his own interdisciplinary degree program within the College of Arts & Sciences, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in individualized interdisciplinary studies with a focus on cross-cultural communication, as well as a certificate in international human rights.

An early internship with the U.S. State Department led to a burgeoning career in the diplomatic arena. He has worked as a foreign affairs officer, special assistant for policy, deputy director of the Collaboratory, and director of public diplomacy in the State Department’s Research and Evaluation Unit, which uses evidence to continually improve the effectiveness of public diplomacy. For three years, Kruchoski also served on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Education, which advises the international community on improving access to high quality education.

Along the way, Kruchoski has received numerous honors, including being named a “Top 99 Under 33 Foreign Policy Leader” by the Diplomatic Courier and a Cross Sector Leadership Fellowship at San Francisco’s Presidio Institute in 2014. In 2013, Kruchoski created MOOC Camp, offering free, in-person discussions and instruction at U.S. embassies to complement existing Massive Open Online Courses; in its first year, more than 6,000 students in 70 countries participated in the program, which was selected by the Public Diplomacy Council as one of that year’s Ten Best Public Diplomacy innovations.

“Paul was not only an outstanding and uniquely gifted student but also the last A&S and UC finalist for the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships,” said Richard Harknett, professor and head of UC’s Department of Political Science, who nominated Kruchoski for the A&S Young Alumni award. “These are arguably the world’s most prestigious and selective international post-graduate scholarships.”

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A&S Alumni Awards

Weissenberger Named Recipient of Distinguished Alumni Award

Glen Weissenberger, A&S ’69, has been named the recipient of the College of Arts & Sciences 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award.

As a highly respected leader on the UC campus, Weissenberger was junior class president and Student Government president as a senior, as well as the first student member of the UC Board of Trustees, president of the Interfraternity Council, and recipient of the McKibben Prize. He later earned a law degree from Harvard and began a long career practicing and teaching the law.

With his 20-year law partner, John A. Lloyd, Jr., Weissenberger represented many high-profile clients in complex litigation over the years. As an educator, he has received awards for his teaching and scholarship, becoming widely recognized as the leading authority on courtroom evidence while publishing more books on evidence than any other living author. His treatise, Federal Evidence, is considered the top single volume on the topic of evidence in federal courts.

Weissenberger created the Law School Publishing Division of Anderson Publishing Co., which became a major source of law school texts, casebooks and other educational materials. He taught in UC’s College of Law for 28 years. Later, as dean of the College of Law at DePaul University in Chicago for nearly a decade, he presided over the single greatest increase in any law school’s ranking in the U.S. News & World Report’s Survey of Law Schools. And while he continues to publish several legal texts annually, he has also written a pair of novels as well as books on the performance art of magic. He has been active as a volunteer and supporter of many causes, including his university and college, and he has received many honors throughout his career for his professional, educational and community service.

“If ever there was a true Renaissance man or woman, Glen Weissenberger is that person,” said Edward Shumak, the close friend who nominated Weissenberger for the Distinguished Alumni Award. “No matter what he has endeavored to do, he has not only excelled, but also emerged as a leader. His obvious intellect is complemented by his exceptional creativity and sharp wit.”

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Past A&S Alumni Award Winners

2011 - 2016

Ciera A. Graham, PhD ’15, Social Sciences
Norikazu “Tom” Tsuchiya ’95, Classics

Elizabeth A. Murray, PhD ’88, ’93, Anthropology
Col. Timothy A. Adam ’86, Mathematics

Gisela “Gigi” Escoe, PhD ’83, Physics
Richard “Dick” Friedman ’68, Philosophy
Frederick K. Merkel, MD ’57, Zoology
Urban F. Meyer ’86, Psychology
Mary K. Sargent ’45, Chemistry

Mila Baker, PhD '75, '78, '82, Psychology
Diane Grob Schmidt, PhD ’81, Chemistry

John Thaeler ’79, Geology
Valerie Hotchkiss, PhD ’82, Classics

Joseph E. DiGenova '67, Political Science
William Harrison, PhD '74, Geology
Linda Harrison '70, '72, Geology
David P. Witte, MD '74, Biology

D. David Altman '68, Political Science
Matthew J. Doyle, PhD '81, '83, Chemistry
Steven Tracy, PhD '77, '80, '85, English

2002 - 2010

Linda Bennett, PhD ’74, ’78, '81, English
Aureal T. Cross, PhD ’41, '43 Geology
Jack Laub '50, Psychology

Rabbi Sally J. Priesand '68, English
Hon. John A. West '66, History

Merrill Goozner '75, History
Walt Handelsman '79, General Studies
Thomas Heckler, PhD '81, Chemistry

C. David Allis, PhD '73, Biology
Benjamin Gettler '45, HON ’03, Economics
Hon. Mark Painter '70, Political Science
Barbara Shailor, PhD '71, '75, Classics
Stephen G. Wells, PhD '73, '76, Geology

Michele Paludi, PhD '78, '80, Psychology
John Schneider '70, '73, Economics, Political Science
Patricia Glass Schuman '63, English
Phillip Yeager '51, Economics

Dennis D. Berkey, PhD '74, Mathematics
Daniel F. Danzl, MD '72, Biology
Fred L. Fricke, Jr. '62, '69, Chemistry
Margaret J. "Peg" Valentine '71, Romance Languages and Literatures
Margaret M. Zeigler, PhD '92, '92, '95, Geology, Geography

NeeOo W. Chin, MD '77, Psychology
Michael B. Coleman '77, Political Science
Stuart G. Hoffman, PhD '73, '75, Economics
Donna C. Kurtz, PhD ’64, Classics
William T. Weaver '76, Political Science

Diane F. Halpern, PhD '77, '79, Psychology
Sidney Peerless, MD '44, ‘45
Hon. Stephen M. McNamee '64, History
Laurence H. Lattman, PhD '51, '53, Geology
Marian A. Spencer '42, HON ’06, English

Sam Harrell, PhD '64, Chemistry
Thomas E. Murphy '64, '67, Economics


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