Class of 1972

Congratulations to the Class of 1972 for arriving at a great milestone as a Bearcat: 50 years since graduating from the University of Cincinnati!

Welcome to the home of the University of Cincinnati’s Class of 1972! We are excited to celebrate this milestone year with you and your classmates, as we celebrate five decades since graduating from your alma mater. Looking back, this class bore witness to many watershed moments in UC and our nation’s history: campus closing in 1970, the Vietnam War, the introduction of women’s intercollegiate sports, welcoming astronaut Neil Armstrong to UC as a faculty member, and going from one legendary university president (Langsam) to another (Bennis).

Christmastime in Vietnam

Christmastime in Vietnam

Shirley Chisholm runs for POTUS

Shirley Chisholm runs for POTUS

“The Graduate” takes the box office by storm

“The Graduate” takes the box office by storm

This website is designed specifically to commemorate the class of 1972 members reaching their Golden Anniversary. This webpage is one of many tools you can use to connect you back to your alma mater and to your fellow classmates. By periodically checking this site, you will find events and other engagement opportunities specifically catering to you and your interests. You are also invited to join our Golden Bearcats Society Facebook group for more up-to-date news and happenings.

Warren C. Bennis, UC’s 22nd president

Warren C. Bennis, UC’s 22nd president

Students braving the rain on campus

Students braving the rain on campus

Deep conversation in the dining hall

Deep conversation in the dining hall

Class of 1972
at a Glance

Living Alumni

Cincinnati Area Alums

Total gifts to the University

Acomb, Gordon (Bus)

Acus, Imogene (CECH)

Adams, Gregory (A&S)

Agostini, Jeane (A&S)

Ahuja, Rohit (CEAS)

Aiduk, Robert (A&S)

Albers, Louis (Eve)

Alford, Kathleen (CECH)

Allen, Larry (TCAC)

Allen, Sandra (Univ)

Allsop, Robert (Eve)

Ammann, Edward (CECH)

Amon, John (Eve)

Anderson, David (CCM)

Anderson, George (Univ)

Anderson, Lois (Eve)

Anderson, R. Nicholas (Univ)

Ansbacher, Barbara (CCM)

Anthony, Michael (Bus)

Armontrout, Jesse (CECH)

Armstrong, Robert (Eve)

Arn, Marilyn (DAAP)

Ashley, Edward (Eve)

Atkinson, Wade (Bus)

Back, Gregory (Univ)

Back, William (Eve)

Bailey, David (CEAS)

Bailey, Larry (Univ)

Bailey, William (Eve)

Baldorff, George (CEAS)

Ballew, Craig (A&S)

Ballman, Michael (A&S)

Bard, John (Bus)

Barkalow, Glenda (CECH)

Barker, William (CEAS)

Barkley, Barbara (CECH)

Barnard, Conni (Nurs)

Barney, William (Bus)

Baron, Michael (CECH)

Bartholow, David (DAAP)

Bartushintz, Thomas (DAAP)

Bauer, Robert (Bus)

Baughin, William (A&S)

Bayless, James (Pharm)

Beane, Darrell (Law)

Beardmore, Richard (CEAS)

Becker, Walter (Eve)

Begley, Frank (Bus)

Behrens, Scott (A&S)

Behrman, Maureen (CECH)

Beiler, Kathleen (CECH)

Beimesch, Bruce (A&S)

Beisner, Jane (Univ)

Belhasen, Charles (Eve)

Bell, Bruce (Med)

Bell, Kuaana (CECH)

Bell, Robert (Univ)

Bender, Randall (Eve)

Bennington, Dennis (Univ)

Benson, Harvey (A&S)

Bentley, Susan (Univ)

Berg, Daniel (Pharm)

Berlin, Robert (A&S)

Bertke, Joan (CECH)

Bertsche, Carl (CEAS)

Bertsche, Walter (Law)

Bethel, Richard (Eve)

Beyer, Lawrence (A&S)

Bieder, Ronald (A&S)

Bilka, Tassilo (Med)

Bing, Lawrence (Univ)

Binzer, John (Eve)

Bischoff, Thomas (Law)

Bissinger, Nancy (CECH)

Blackburn, Gwendolyn (TCAC)

Blackwood, John (Eve)

Blanton, Donald (Eve)

Blewitt, Frederick (Bus)

Boberg, Kenneth (Eve)

Bodenstein, William (Eve)

Bohensky, Paul (A&S)

Bootes, Steven (Univ)

Bordicks, James (Law)

Bott, Clifford (A&S)

Botts, James (Univ)

Bowman, John (CCM)

Bradford, Helen (CECH)

Bradford, Linda (CAHS)

Bradshaw, Joe (CEAS)

Brady, Philip (Law)

Brady, Ronald (Eve)

Brannon, Glenn (Eve)

Braunstein, Terry (CEAS)

Bray, Cora (Univ)

Bray, Patrick (A&S)

Briers, Marvin (A&S)

Brinkmeyer, Douglas (Bus)

Brock, James (CECH)

Broedow, Larry (Eve)

Broerman, Kenneth (Univ)

Brooks, Ronald (CECH)

Brown, David (CEAS)

Brown, Hubert (Univ)

Brown, Jane (Nurs)

Brown, Merle (Eve)

Brown, Robert (CECH)

Brown, Sue (CECH)

Bruner, Barbara (DAAP)

Bruner, Stewart (CECH)

Buckwalter, Paul (DAAP)

Bullis, Florence (CECH)

Bunte, Alan (Bus)

Burch, James (A&S)

Burkhart, Mary (CECH)

Burnett, Raymond (Eve)

Busam, Joseph (Univ)

Busker, William (Eve)

Busser, Mary (CECH)

Bussman, Frank (Eve)

Butterfield, John (Eve)

Butts, Esta (Bus)

Butz, W. Stewart (Eve)

Byington, John (Bus)

Byler, Ezra (Bus)

Caldwell, Harold (Law)

Callahan, Robert (Bus)

Calvert, Thomas (A&S)

Campbell, Thomas (Eve)

Carmichael, Nancy (Eve)

Carr, Melvin (CECH)

Carroll, James (A&S)

Carroll, Mary (Nurs)

Carroll, Sakinah (Univ)

Carter, Bonita (CAHS)

Carter, Stephen (Eve)

Cary, Michael (DAAP)

Casto, James (CECH)

Cebula, James (A&S)

Chae, Isaac (CEAS)

Chaikin, Shirley (A&S)

Chambers, Barbara (Pharm)

Chambers, Cheryl (Eve)

Chambers, Earl (Eve)

Chambers, Lorraine (CECH)

Chamblin, John (TCAC)

Chasan, Michael (Law)

Chase, Virginia (CECH)

Chatterton, Willard (UCBA)

Chernett, Jeffrey (Univ)

Cholak, Robin (CECH)

Chriswell, Michael (TCAC)

Claeys, M. Susan (CCM)

Clark, Maxine (A&S)

Clark, William (A&S)

Clawson, Warren (Eve)

Cluxton, Robert (Pharm)

Coe, James (DAAP)

Coggeshall, Joann (CECH)

Cohen, Donald (A&S)

Cohen, Frances (A&S)

Cohn, Jerry (A&S)

Cole, Jeffery (Univ)

Collins, Richard (A&S)

Commins, Judith (CECH)

Compton, Justin (Eve)

Conant, Charles (Eve)

Connelly, Timothy (CAHS)

Conners, Margaret (Eve)

Cook, Charles (UCBA)

Cook, Susan (CECH)

Cordes, Talitha (CECH)

Corum, Jacqueline (A&S)

Couch, William (Univ)

Cowherd, David (Eve)

Cox, Emma (DAAP)

Cox, Homer (Eve)

Cox, Larry (A&S)

Cox, Mary (CECH)

Cox, Sherlyn (CAHS)

Crable, Robin (UCBA)

Craft, Roger (Eve)

Crail, Wayne (CEAS)

Cramer, Carl (Law)

Crigler, Hilda (CECH)

Crompton, Cheryl (DAAP)

Crosset, Robert (CECH)

Crum, Dolores (CECH)

Culley, Patricia (A&S)

Cunningham, Barry (Eve)

Curry, Regina (CAHS)

Cushing, Michael (Bus)

Czarnecki, Dale (CEAS)

Czarnecki, Mark (CAHS)

Daniels, John (Eve)

Daroczy, Laszlo (Eve)

Dasch, Richard (A&S)

Daugherty, Earl (Bus)

Davidson, Ronald (CAHS)

Davila, David (A&S)

Davis, Donald (A&S)

Davis, Rex (CEAS)

Davis, Victor (Eve)

de la Vega, William (Eve)

Dean, Taylor (Eve)

Deepe, Deborah (A&S)

Dees, James (A&S)

Delaney, James (A&S)

Dellecave, Nick (DAAP)

Deweel, Michael (Univ)

Dewey, Wendell (UCBA)

Dins, Carl (CEAS)

Dixon, Donald (Eve)

Dolf, Ruby (CECH)

Donnelly, Michael (Eve)

Donny, Hershel (CEAS)

Doyle, Gary (CCM)

Dreier, Frank (Bus)

Dressler, Robert (Bus)

Dreyer, Robert (Eve)

Dreyfuss, Jerome (DAAP)

Dubuque, Gregory (CEAS)

Dunlap, Ellen (CECH)

Dunn, Craig (CCM)

Dunn, Derek (CAHS)

Dutz, Gordon (Eve)

Dykes, Guy (UCBA)

Eanes, Marian (CECH)

Early, Richard (CAHS)

Eckert, Terry (CEAS)

Edgecomb, Karen (A&S)

Edie, Floyd (Eve)

Efe, Jean (A&S)

Eichhold, Thomas (A&S)

Eken, James (Eve)

Elam, Carl (CEAS)

Elick, Michael (CEAS)

Ellis, Duke (A&S)

Ellis, Joseph (A&S)

Ellis, Patricia (CCM)

Elson, Howard (Med)

Emmert, Glen (Eve)

Emmons, Melvin (Univ)

Endress, Mary (CECH)

Englert, John (Eve)

Eppensteiner, Ralph (A&S)

Eppes, Ora (Univ)

Erion, Earl (A&S)

Espelage, William (CECH)

Estep, Thomas (DAAP)

Estes, Kenneth (Eve)

Evans, David (A&S)

Eveleigh, Mary (Eve)

Ezring, Irene (A&S)

Fabing, Howard (Bus)

Fabing, Raymond (DAAP)

Fahrer, Kimberly (A&S)

Farmer, Suzanne (UCBA)

Fasbender, Patricia (Univ)

Feldman, Jerry (A&S)

Ferguson, George (Eve)

Ferguson, John (Univ)

Fetterolf, Scott (A&S)

Fey, Deborah (CECH)

Field, Richard (A&S)

Finkelstein, Jeffrey (Bus)

Finkelstein, Saul (Bus)

Firestone, Robert (CCM)

Fischer, Daniel (Bus)

Fischer, Mary (CECH)

Fisher, Barry (A&S)

Fishman, Sari (CECH)

Fisse, Lawrence (UCBA)

Fite, Stanley (Eve)

Fitzpatrick, Kerry (Eve)

Fitzpatrick, Patrick (Bus)

Flanders, Gary (A&S)

Fleischman, Henry (Univ)

Flowers, Don (Eve)

Foppe, Bernard (UCBA)

Forrest, Walter (Eve)

Foster, Lillian (Univ)

Fox, Howard (UCBA)

Fransecky, Roger (A&S)

Frater, James (CEAS)

Freeman, Earl (Eve)

Freese, Gerald (Bus)

Friedman, Louis (Bus)

Friedman, Philip (CEAS)

Fulton, Gerald (TCAC)

Fussner, Lloyd (Eve)

Gabbert, Janice (A&S)

Gacnik, Carol (Nurs)

Gahn, Bruce (CEAS)

Galicky, John (CECH)

Gard, Howard (A&S)

Geiger, Bruce (A&S)

Geraci, Julie (CAHS)

Gerdes, Robert (Eve)

Gerke, Virginia (CECH)

Gibbs, John (CCM)

Gibson, Carolyn (A&S)

Gill, Nancy (CECH)

Giuseffi, Jerome (CECH)

Giuseffi, Mark (A&S)

Glaspie, Henry (UCBA)

Glier, James (A&S)

Gobrecht, Penny (CAHS)

Goldberg, Arlene (CAHS)

Goldberg, Merle (CCM)

Goosey, David (CEAS)

Gorman, James (Eve)

Gouge, Anda (CECH)

Gough, Catherine (Law)

Grady, Nancy (CECH)

Graeser, C. (Eve)

Grant, Stephen (CEAS)

Gravenkemper, Robert (Eve)

Graves, Mary (Eve)

Gray, Robert (CEAS)

Green, Kathleen (Nurs)

Grimes, Embry (CECH)

Grobstein, Gene (A&S)

Groppe, Keith (CECH)

Grossi, Joan (Univ)

Grote, Warren (CEAS)

Gugino, Yvonne (CEAS)

Guthrie, Carol (A&S)

Haas, Maurice (Bus)

Haas, Norman (Eve)

Haders, William (A&S)

Haft, James (Law)

Hagen, William (Eve)

Hahn, Dwight (CEAS)

Haley, Mary (A&S)

Halfhill, David (CECH)

Hall, Clayton (CECH)

Hall, John (Eve)

Hallett, Joseph (A&S)

Hamm, Mary (CECH)

Hammond, Robert (CCM)

Haney, George (A&S)

Harpen, Patrick (UCBA)

Harris, Elizabeth (Nurs)

Hasenour, Mary (Eve)

Hatcher, Bruce (UCBA)

Havens, Vera (CECH)

Hawkins, Karen (CECH)

Hawkins, Robert (Eve)

Haynes, Becky (A&S)

Head, Clarence (CECH)

Hebert, Elizabeth (DAAP)

Heenan, James (Law)

Hehl, Jerry (Eve)

Heideman, Richard (Eve)

Helmick, Dennis (Law)

Hendrickson, Moscoe (Univ)

Hendy, Gerard (Eve)

Hendy, Paul (Eve)

Hensel, John (CECH)

Hensler, Benton (A&S)

Hensley, Russell (Bus)

Henson, Douglas (Law)

Hericks, Harry (CEAS)

Herman, Martin (Bus)

Hernton, Gloria (Nurs)

Hertenstein, August (Bus)

Herweh, William (UCBA)

Hesselbrock, Marie (Bus)

Hesselbrock, Richard (Eve)

Heyne, Roland (Eve)

Hibler, Robert (DAAP)

High, Guila (Eve)

Hill, Charles (A&S)

Hill, Raymond (A&S)

Hillard, Hazel (CECH)

Hilsinger, David (UCBA)

Hixenbaugh, John (Eve)

Ho, James Shou-Yien (CEAS)

Hoegler, Mary (Eve)

Hoffmann, Clifford (A&S)

Hogan, Robert (Law)

Hopple, Graeme (CECH)

Hornschemeier, Timothy (CECH)

Horst, Carl (Eve)

Houston, Russell (Eve)

Howard, George (Eve)

Howard, James (CECH)

Howell, Barry (Univ)

Howell, Thomas (CEAS)

Hrnyak, Nick (CECH)

Hsieh, Tsung (CEAS)

Hughes, Daniel (Bus)

Hume, William (Bus)

Hundley, Phillip (UCBA)

Hunter, Richard (Eve)

Hurwitz, Jeffrey (Bus)

Iltis, Ruth (CAHS)

Ingram, Bruce (Bus)

Ingram, Minnie (Univ)

Inlow, Lawrence (Bus)

Irwin, Phyllis (Univ)

Isaacs, Jake (CECH)

Jackson, Bernard (Bus)

Jacob, Gary (Bus)

Jacobs, Larry (CEAS)

Jacobs, Odessa (Eve)

Jaffe, Edward (Med)

Jahnigen, Dennis (A&S)

Jeffcott, William (Bus)

Jenkins, Herbert (Eve)

Jess, Harry (Eve)

Joering, Everard (CEAS)

Johnson, David (CAHS)

Johnson, Gary (DAAP)

Johnson, Irene (Eve)

Johnson, June (Nurs)

Johnson, Keith (CCM)

Johnston, Thomas (CEAS)

Jolley, William (CECH)

Jones, Gilbert (CECH)

Jones, Jean (CECH)

Jones, Jody (Univ)

Jones, Thomas (CECH)

Jones, Thomas (Univ)

Jones, Walter (CECH)

Jordan, James (DAAP)

Judd, Clarence (Bus)

Judd, Donna (DAAP)

Kain, James (DAAP)

Kalb, Thomas (CEAS)

Kanzler, Walter (A&S)

Kaplan, Stanley (CECH)

Karwan, Richard (Pharm)

Karwisch, Paul (Eve)

Katz, Amy (CECH)

Keller, Ray (CEAS)

Kelley, Cathaline (CECH)

Kelley, John (Eve)

Kelley, Ronald (Bus)

Kelly, Lynn (CEAS)

Kendrick, John (CCM)

Kennebruew, Elva (CECH)

Kennedy, Lee (Bus)

Kershner, Glen (Bus)

Kiefel-Hickenlooper, Cathy (UCBA)

Kimble, Milton (Eve)

Kinal, Gloria (CECH)

King, Paul (Bus)

Kinnett, Thomas (Bus)

Kinsley, Edwin (Eve)

Kinzie, Paul (CECH)

Kiser, Mary (Pharm)

Klar, Robert (CEAS)

Klerks, Ernest (Eve)

Knab, Lawrence (CEAS)

Kneidl, Theodore (Bus)

Knoll, Marcia (CECH)

Knueven, Joseph (Eve)

Knust, Susan (Nurs)

Koch, Raymond (Eve)

Koepfle, Regina (CECH)

Kohler, Joseph (Bus)

Korte, Robert (Eve)

Kott, Janet (A&S)

Kotz, Eugene (A&S)

Kranes, Rose (Eve)

Kreindler, Thomas (Med)

Kreuter, Carolyn (Univ)

Kroger, Joseph (Bus)

Kruse, William (Univ)

Kuebler, Franklin (CECH)

Kugele, Ronald (CEAS)

Kulesza, George (Bus)

Kulle, Thomas (A&S)

Kuras, James (CECH)

Kutler, Stuart (Med)

Kuznetsky, Joyce (CECH)

Lake, Larry (CEAS)

Lambert, Thomas (CECH)

LaNier, Marshall (A&S)

Lanning, Everett (Eve)

Lanter, Steven (A&S)

Latscha, Juanita (Eve)

Lattimore, Sandra (Univ)

Laurence, Kenneth (Eve)

Leckinger, Paul (A&S)

Lederer, Cynthia (DAAP)

LeLieuvre, Robert (A&S)

Leonard, Ben (Bus)

Leonard, Diane (A&S)

Lepple, Stanley (Bus)

Leugers, George (Bus)

Levin, Barbara (CECH)

Levine, Michael (Bus)

Lex, Kenneth (CEAS)

Lillie, Earl (Eve)

Lind, Carl (Eve)

Lind, Thomas (Eve)

Lipsky, Jeffrey (A&S)

Liss, Geoffrey (A&S)

Listermann, J. Michael (CEAS)

Litt, Judith (A&S)

Locke, Karen (A&S)

Lockett, Edward (Univ)

Loewengart, Michael (Law)

Loft, David (Med)

Long, Judith (CCM)

Looney, Peter (Bus)

Lopp, Kenneth (DAAP)

Louie, Jack (CEAS)

Lowe, Dorothy (Eve)

Lucas, Philip (TCAC)

Ludwig, John (Bus)

Ludwig, Lawrence (Eve)

Luebbers, Fredrick (Univ)

Luken, William (Univ)

Lutes, David (Bus)

Luthy, Walter (Eve)

Lutz, Patricia (CECH)

Lysaght, Christine (CECH)

Mackzum, Michael (Bus)

Mahan, Daniel (Eve)

Mailander, Joanne (CECH)

Maley, Melvin (Eve)

Manegold, Barbara (DAAP)

Manny, John (UCBA)

Marfut, Kenneth (CEAS)

Marino, William (Eve)

Marks, John (Eve)

Martin, Mark (A&S)

Marzano, Lydia (Pharm)

Matson, Charles (CEAS)

Maurer, Joyce (CCM)

Mayer, John (Univ)

Mcavoy, William (CECH)

McBreen, Bruce (Eve)

McCandless, Richard (A&S)

McCann, Clarence (DAAP)

McCarren, Jacquelyn (CAHS)

McClain, Mark (Univ)

McCormick, Mary (Eve)

McCuiston, Frederick (CEAS)

McDonald, Mary (A&S)

McDowell, James (CEAS)

McElroy, Guy (DAAP)

McGregor, Thomas (A&S)

McHale, Edward (UCBA)

McHendry, James (A&S)

McInnis, John (CECH)

McKee, Richard (Bus)

McKelvey, Carol (CAHS)

McKinney, Betty (DAAP)

McLeaster, Lucy (CECH)

McNally, Gerard (A&S)

McNaul, Gregory (Bus)

McSwigan, Charles (Eve)

Mebs, Roberta (A&S)

Meier, James (A&S)

Meinshausen, Donald (Bus)

Mekus, Christopher (DAAP)

Melville, Warren (CEAS)

Mennes, Lenard (Univ)

Merkl, John (CECH)

Merrick, Robert (Eve)

Meyer, Gloria (CECH)

Meyer, Walter (Med)

Meyer-Russ, Linda (CCM)

Middleton, Larry (Eve)

Milbury, H. Roxanna (DAAP)

Miles, John (Eve)

Miller, Daniel (Bus)

Miller, Eleanor (Nurs)

Miller, Lileth (CECH)

Miller, Russel (A&S)

Millikin, Robert (Eve)

Milner, Edmund (Univ)

Minda, Walter (UCBA)

Minshall, James (CEAS)

Mofield, James (Bus)

Moler, Donald (Eve)

Momi, Amarjit (Bus)

Montgomery, Lillian (CECH)

Mooar, Charles (A&S)

Moore, Robert (CECH)

Moorstein, Ronald (Univ)

Moran, Michael (A&S)

Morrison, William (Eve)

Morse, Mary (DAAP)

Moss, Paul (CECH)

Moxley, Arthur (CECH)

Moyer, Charmian (CECH)

Mucci, Giovanni (CECH)

Muckerheide, Janet (Eve)

Mueller, Jack (CECH)

Muething, Thomas (Eve)

Mullins, Michael (A&S)

Mummert, Leroy (UCBA)

Munger, Robert (A&S)

Murphy, William (CECH)

Myers, Vernon (A&S)

Nahigyan, Bruce (Eve)

Neblett, Ronald (CECH)

Nelson, Brian (Eve)

Nemann, Paul (Law)

Nessler, Gerald (CEAS)

Neville, Gary (CECH)

Newman, Robert (A&S)

Newsome, Eliot (A&S)

Nichol, Dorothy (CECH)

Niehaus, William (Eve)

Noel, Carl (A&S)

Nolte, Larry (Eve)

Novotni, Carol (CECH)

Nowlin, Eric (A&S)

Nugent, Eugene (A&S)

O'Brien, Patricia (CAHS)

O'Connor, Lawrence (Eve)

Oden, Joseph (A&S)

Oehler, James (UCBA)

Olecki, Elizabeth (CECH)

Olson, Thomas (Bus)

Orlando, Albert (Eve)

Ostroff, Curt (Bus)

Owen, Victoria (CECH)

Owens, Brent (Eve)

Owens, William (UCBA)

Page, Isaac (Univ)

Pallenik, Gary (Bus)

Palmer, Paul (UCBA)

Parrish, Rose (Nurs)

Patterson, Harry (Bus)

Paulsen, Kenneth (A&S)

Pauly, Joseph (UCBA)

Pavey, Martha (TCAC)

Pearl, Elaine (Univ)

Pearson, Gwendolyn (Univ)

Pease, Isaac (A&S)

Peddicord, Laura (A&S)

Pellegrino, Samuel (Eve)

Penrod, Doris (CECH)

Perez, Anita (A&S)

Petering, G. Louise (CECH)

Petricola, David (A&S)

Phillips, James (A&S)

Phillips, James (UCBA)

Pitts, Virginia (A&S)

Place, Patricia (Univ)

Polk, Robert (CEAS)

Pomeroy, Katherine (Nurs)

Ponting, Joseph (CAHS)

Pope, William (A&S)

Porter, Joseph (Univ)

Posner, Roberta (A&S)

Post, Amy (CECH)

Postell, Dolorys (Eve)

Powell, Chris (CEAS)

Powers, Barbara (DAAP)

Pranschke, Joyce (CECH)

Price, Benjamin (Eve)

Price, Debra (CECH)

Price, Edgar (Eve)

Price, Ernestine (CECH)

Purcell, Kevin (Bus)

Purichia, Nicholas (A&S)

Pusack, Lucy (CECH)

Quitter, Gerald (Eve)

Rabe, Karin (A&S)

Rabe, Ronald (Univ)

Rae, Jeanette (CCM)

Raible, Roberta (CECH)

Ralls-Sellers, Eddie (DAAP)

Rasor, Charles (A&S)

Raterman, William (Bus)

Rayburn, Jerry (Eve)

Reckseit, Joan (A&S)

Redder, Kathryn (UCBA)

Reed, Allene (Eve)

Reed, Mary (Nurs)

Reed, Patricia (CAHS)

Reid, Anthony (A&S)

Rentschler, Larry (A&S)

Reynolds, Carol (CECH)

Reynolds, Claudine (CECH)

Rickabaugh, Charles (Eve)

Riechers, Ronald (A&S)

Riedel, Anthony (CEAS)

Riesenberg, Paul (Eve)

Riley, Michael (A&S)

Riley, Patricia (A&S)

Robbe, Lawrence (Eve)

Robbins, James (Eve)

Roberts, Carrimarie (UCBA)

Roberts, Geraldine (Univ)

Roberts, Katherine (CAHS)

Robinson, Evelyn (CECH)

Roesner, Lee (CEAS)

Rogers, Howard (CECH)

Rogers, Paul (CCM)

Rogers, Walter (Eve)

Roomann, Raja (CAHS)

Roos, Rodney (Univ)

Rosario, Eugenio (Eve)

Rose, Wanda (CECH)

Rotte, Stephen (Bus)

Rottweiler, Richard (Eve)

Royalty, Dennis (Bus)

Rucker, Arnold (CECH)

Rudolph, Craig (UCBA)

Ruebel, James (A&S)

Ruehlmann, John (Univ)

Ruffin, Quincy (Univ)

Rugh, Brian (CEAS)

Runkle, Beverly (CECH)

Russell, Earl (Eve)

Russell, Randy (TCAC)

Russo, Anthony (Univ)

Ryan, Michael (Univ)

Sack, Frances (Univ)

Samad, Thomas (Univ)

Sambur, Elise (DAAP)

Satchwell, Willmere (Eve)

Sauter, Michael (A&S)

Sawka, Jerome (CEAS)

Schaedle, Jerome (A&S)

Schafer, Nancy (CECH)

Scheck, Richard (Eve)

Scheetz, Stewart (Eve)

Schefe, James (DAAP)

Schiebe, Gerald (CEAS)

Schlesinger, Dale (Bus)

Schlie, Daniel (Med)

Schmidt, Richard (Bus)

Schmitt, Gerald (Eve)

Schmitt, Michael (Bus)

Schneider, Kenneth (CECH)

Schneider, Paul (CEAS)

Schneider, Stephen (Bus)

Schoettelkotte, Michael (DAAP)

Schreiner, Charlynn (Pharm)

Schroeder, John (Bus)

Schroeder, Paul (Eve)

Seger, Michael (A&S)

Seidner, Peter (A&S)

Selke, Donald (Eve)

Sells, Halloway (A&S)

Seta, Joseph (CECH)

Shalley, Regis (CCM)

Shannon, Clyde (Bus)

Sharp, Susan (CCM)

Shelnutt, Eve (A&S)

Shepherd, Pat (A&S)

Shepherd, Philip (CEAS)

Shiffman, George (Bus)

Shiveley, Howard (TCAC)

Silberman, Harold (Med)

Silver, Karen (CECH)

Simmons, Barbara (CECH)

Sims, Patricia (UCBA)

Sinkfield, Alfreda (UCBA)

Sithole, Masipula (A&S)

Sittason, Jeffrey (CECH)

Slaton, Gerald (Bus)

Sloan, Harrison (Univ)

Smith, Gary (CEAS)

Smith, Grace (CECH)

Smith, John (Eve)

Smith, Lucee (CECH)

Smith, Robert (A&S)

Smith, William (Bus)

Snell, Alan (A&S)

Snow, Charles (A&S)

Snyder, John (Eve)

Soldano, Patrick (Bus)

Souder, Hershel (Bus)

Sparke, Karen (CECH)

Sparkman, Jane (Pharm)

Spencer, Scott (CECH)

Spillman, Gail (CCM)

Spurrier, Douglas (Eve)

Stacey, Mary (UCBA)

Stall, Thomas (CEAS)

Stara, Patricia (CECH)

Starmer, Robert (A&S)

Starr, Aeriwentha (CECH)

Steeneck, Robert (CEAS)

Stein, Richard (A&S)

Steinberg, Janice (A&S)

Stern, Errol (Med)

Stevens, Dan (Univ)

Stewart, Paul (Bus)

Stier, Margaret (CECH)

Stolzenberger, Robert (A&S)

Storck, Gerald (CECH)

Strasser, Mary (A&S)

Strawn, Jean (CECH)

Stromberg, Charles (A&S)

Strong, John (A&S)

Stubbs, Charles (Univ)

Sugrue, Debora (A&S)

Sukumarabandhu, Kamthorn (A&S)

Sullivan, Catherine (Nurs)

Sullivan, Robert (CEAS)

Summers, Steve (Bus)

Sutton, Carroll (CECH)

Svetlik, Jozef (Eve)

Sylva, Bobbye (CECH)

Szuhay, Lawrence (CEAS)

Tate, John (Law)

Taylor, Sheila (CECH)

Teichman, Herman (A&S)

Temple, Michael (Univ)

Terrell, Nellie (CECH)

Thatcher, David (Bus)

Thatcher, Perry (Eve)

Thaxton, John (CECH)

Theodore, George (CECH)

Thies, William (CECH)

Thomas, Louis (A&S)

Thomas, William (Eve)

Thompson, Euna (CCM)

Thompson, Jenny (DAAP)

Thompson, John (A&S)

Thompson, Susan (A&S)

Thorstensen, Peter (CEAS)

Todorov, Raymond (Eve)

Topmiller, Patricia (Univ)

Trauth, John (CEAS)

Travis, Levonia (Univ)

Tredway, Jane (CECH)

Triplett, Ernie (CECH)

Tuttle, Betty (CECH)

Udell, Budd (CCM)

Umbach, Dale (A&S)

Unger, Diana (Bus)

Valentine, Shirley (CCM)

Vehr, John (Bus)

Vennemann, Jerry (Bus)

Verkley, Joseph (Eve)

Vikmanis, Juris (CEAS)

Voelker, Keith (Bus)

Voellmecke, Carl (Eve)

Volz, Helen (CECH)

Voskuhl, John (Law)

Voss, Robert (Eve)

Waddell, Russell (Bus)

Wagner, David (DAAP)

Wagner, Esther (Eve)

Wagner, George (Eve)

Wagner, Peter (A&S)

Walker, H. Lawson (Bus)

Walker, Nellie (Univ)

Walker, Robert (TCAC)

Wall, Hugh (Law)

Walton, Arthur (DAAP)

Wambsgans, Greg (Bus)

Wang, Tsung (CEAS)

Wardlow, Sarah (CECH)

Warren, Thomas (UCBA)

Warshawsky, David (A&S)

Waters, Nelda (CECH)

Waters, Richard (Bus)

Waters, Ronald (Eve)

Watkins, Gary (A&S)

Watts, Elaine (Bus)

Wauligman, Deborah (A&S)

Wauligman, Deborah (CECH)

Webb, Aniko (CECH)

Webb, Marilyn (Bus)

Webb, Phillip (CECH)

Weber, Gregory (Med)

Weber, Maureen (A&S)

Weddington, Millie (Univ)

Wegenhart, Beverly (UCBA)

Wehking, Ralph (Eve)

Weidinger, Robert (CECH)

Weiner, Michael (Med)

Weingart, Kenneth (Bus)

Weis, Betty (CECH)

Weisgerber, Frank (CEAS)

Wells, James (Med)

Werner, James (CCM)

Whaley, Mae (CAHS)

Wheat, Chris (CECH)

White, Stephen (CCM)

Whitis, Dennis (CEAS)

Wiegand, Laurence (A&S)

Wiethe, Michael (Law)

Wilburn, E. Jean (UCBA)

Wildermuth, Geri (Eve)

Wile, Lloyd (Eve)

Wiles, Nancy (CECH)

Wiles, Odell (Eve)

Wilkening, Thomas (CEAS)

Williams, Annabelle (Eve)

Williams, Edith (A&S)

Williams, Ernest (DAAP)

Williams, Rosalind (A&S)

Williams, Ruby (CECH)

Williams, Saundra (CECH)

Williamson, Gloria (Eve)

Williamson, Paul (A&S)

Willis, Linda (Nurs)

Willis, Richard (A&S)

Wilson, John (CAHS)

Wilson, Sandra (A&S)

Wilson, William (CAHS)

Windham, Joe (CEAS)

Woellner, David (Bus)

Wolfe, Jerome (A&S)

Wolffe, Edward (UCBA)

Woo, Mu (A&S)

Wood, Barbara (CECH)

Wood, John (A&S)

Woodly, Robert (CECH)

Woroncow, Peter (Eve)

Wright, David (CEAS)

Wright, Eric (Bus)

Yakimow, Arthur (Eve)

Yamada, Paul (CEAS)

Yeager, David (CECH)

Yost, Frank (Eve)

Young, Cynthia (CCM)

Young, Frances (Nurs)

Young, Maryetta (DAAP)

Yust, Paul (CEAS)

Zaferes, Thomas (A&S)

Zihlman, Donald (A&S)

Zimmerman, Kim (CCM)

Zimmerman, Raymond (CEAS)

Zinser, Thoedore (CAHS)

Zumwalde, Ralph (Eve)