Class of 1974

Congratulations to the Class of 1974 on their 50th anniversary of graduating from the University of Cincinnati and their induction into the Golden Bearcats Society! 

The Golden Bearcats Society includes all alumni who have celebrated 50 years since graduating from UC. Each spring, the UC Alumni Association hosts the Golden Bearcats Society Reunion. At the 2024 Reunion, the Class of 1974 will be inducted into the Golden Bearcats Society.  We are excited to mark this milestone with them and celebrate five decades since their graduation.

Looking back, this class bore witness to many interesting times and watershed moments in our nation’s and UC’s history:

  • Richard Nixon resigned as president.
  • The Vietnam War came to an end.
  • Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's MLB home run record.
  • UC’s first class of the paramedic certificate program graduated.
  • Legendary UC president Walter Langsam was succeeded by Warren Bennis.

The Class of 1974 graduated at Nippert Stadium on June 9, 1974, with UC President Warren Bennis presiding. 

As stewards of UC memories and long-standing traditions, your 50+ years of connections to the university provide great reason to celebrate! The UC Alumni Association invites all Golden Bearcats to Reunion Weekend.

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Upcoming Events

Golden Bearcats Society Campus Tour
Friday, April 12
4 – 5:15 p.m.

Nippert Stadium
Cincinnati, OH

Has it been five or 50 years since you last walked around campus?

The Student Alumni Council is excited to offer Golden Bearcats Society members a walking tour of campus. Check out new and recently renovated buildings, as well as favorites from your time as a student.

This tour does require participants to walk for up to an hour and it will start and end outside Nippert Stadium. This event may be canceled if there is inclement weather in the area.

Golden Bearcats Society Welcome Reception
Friday, April 12
5:30 – 7 p.m.

Nippert Stadium - West Pavilion
Cincinnati, OH

Kick off Reunion Weekend by reuniting with fellow Golden Bearcats Society members over drinks and light hors d'oeuvres. Catch a great view of Nippert Stadium from the Presidential Suite located on the 5th floor of Nippert West Pavilion.

Registration is $25, and includes two drink tickets and hors d'oeuvres. Space is limited.

Golden Bearcats Society and Class of 1974 50th Anniversary Reunion Brunch
Saturday, April 13
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Graduate Cincinnati
151 Goodman Dr.
Cincinnati, OH

The UC Alumni Association is excited to welcome back to campus Bearcats who graduated more than 50 years ago for the Golden Bearcats Society Reunion! Alumni and guests are invited to enjoy this celebratory event with your classmates and others who graduated more than five decades ago. During the event, we will also celebrate the induction of the Class of 1974 into the Golden Bearcats Society.

Registration is $50, and includes brunch, select beverages, and parking.

Check out additional activities taking place during Alumni Week, April 8 – 14.

Hotel Accommodations

If you are coming to Cincinnati from out of town, limited room blocks are available at the following hotel:

Graduate Cincinnati
151 Goodman Dr.
Cincinnati, OH
513-487-3800 or 800-228-9290

Rates: $169 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday plus tax
Group Name: Golden Bearcats Society
Group rate only available if booked by March 12, 2024.

Giving Back

Honor your Reunion Weekend and the Golden Bearcats Society by making a gift to support the next generation of Bearcats. Donate to the UCAA Scholarship Fund

Richard Nixon speaking into a microphone while holding a paper

President Richard Nixon in the oval office before his resignation speech.

Neil Armstrong standing in front of a chalkboard

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, teaching at UC in the 1970s.

Arial view of UC in the 1970s

Arial view of UC in the 1970s

This website is designed specifically to commemorate the Class of 1974 members reaching their Golden Anniversary. This is one of many available tools to connect you back to your university and  your classmates. By periodically checking this site, you will find events and other engagement opportunities specifically catering to you and your interests. You are also invited to join our Golden Bearcats Society Facebook group for more up-to-date news and happenings.

Bearcats football game program from 1974

Bearcats football game program from 1974

UC’s Homecoming Parade 1974

UC’s Homecoming Parade 1974

The UC Alumni Association wants to hear your favorite UC stories! Share your memories of professors, places and events that made your time at UC special. You can even upload pictures! Your story will be shared with your classmates and the UC community, so it's a great way to reconnect and make new friends.

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Class of 1974
at a Glance

Living Alumni

Cincinnati Area Alumni

Total gifts to the University

Abaecherli, David (Bus) 

Abel, Mary (CECH) 

Ackermann, Sharon (CECH) 

Ackerson, Gordon (A&S) 

Ackley, Keith (Bus) 

Adams, Evelyn (UCBA) 

Adams, Arlene (Univ)  

Adick, Donald (Eve) 

Ahr, Charles (Bus) 

Alexander, Michael (Bus) 

Alexander, William (CECH) 

Alge, Billie (DAAP) 

Allen, Herbert (Eve) 

Amlung, Mary (CEAS) 

Anderson, Mark (Bus) 

Anderson, Harry (Eve) 

Anderson, Karen (Eve) 

Anderson, W.D. (Eve) 

Ankermiller, Emil (Bus) 

Antczak, Mark (DAAP) 

Appel, Kenneth (A&S) 

Arkle, Jack (Eve) 

Armstrong, Gwendolyn (Univ)  

Arnold, Jerry (A&S) 

Arnold, Philip (Bus) 

Arvin, Barbara (Nur) 

Asher, Charles (UCBA) 

Ashmore, Charles (TCAC) 

Back, Mary (UCBA) 

Bailey, Gayle (Eve) 

Baitz, Diane (Univ)  

Bales, David (Eve) 

Ballantyne, Duncan (A&S) 

Balter, David (Phar) 

Bargo, Gary (Eve) 

Barker, William (Bus) 

Barkley, Gerald (Univ)  

Bauer, Douglas (Eve) 

Baughman, Wayne (Eve) 

Bayer, Lawrence (CEAS) 

Beard, David (DAAP) 

Becker, William (CECH) 

Beckman, Carl (CEAS) 

Belew, Ruth (Nur) 

Belfer, Arthur (Bus) 

Bell, Mary Jo (Phar) 

Benesh, Stephen (A&S) 

Benford, Willie (Univ)  

Benn, Naren (Eve) 

Bergquist, Merwyn (Eve) 

Berman, Nathaniel (Bus) 

Berne, Michael (A&S) 

Berne, Michael (CECH) 

Betz, Dennis (A&S) 

Bibus, Janet (CECH) 

Bicknell, Kenneth (Eve) 

Bills, Shirlee (CECH) 

Bing, Lawrence (CCM) 

Birck, George (Eve) 

Bissantz, Connie (UCBA) 

Black, Lawrence (CECH) 

Blackburn, Gwendolyn (CECH) 

Blackmore, Stephen (Bus) 

Blalock, Mary (A&S) 

Blalock, Mary (CECH) 

Blankenship, Ernie (Eve) 

Blanton, Donald (Eve) 

Blau, Clare (CECH) 

Blaylock, Roger (CECH) 

Bohl, John (Eve) 

Boiano, Joseph (A&S) 

Bolia, Edward (Eve) 

Bollen, Jerry (Eve) 

Bootes, Steven (Bus) 

Boots, Monard (Eve) 

Bosch, James (Univ)  

Boudreau, Deborah (A&S) 

Bowling, Sadie (UCBA) 

Bowman, Darlene (CAHS) 

Bowman, Norma (CECH) 

Bradley, Kenneth (Eve) 

Braeuning, Philip (Eve) 

Braig, James (A&S) 

Bratcher, Jean (CECH) 

Braun, Susan (Phar) 

Bredestege, George (CECH) 

Bretz, Charles (Univ)  

Brewer, David (A&S) 

Brewer, Dale (Bus) 

Brewton, Nettie (Eve) 

Brillinger, Siegfried (Eve) 

Britton, Samuel (Eve) 

Brockman, George (CECH) 

Brodbeck, James (Bus) 

Brogan, John (UCBA) 

Brogan, Mary (UCBA) 

Broomfield, Johnnetta (CAHS) 

Brown, Betty (CAHS) 

Brown, Harold (Eve) 

Browne, Norbert (A&S) 

Brunsman, Gerald (Eve) 

Bryant, Thomas (A&S) 

Bryant, Willie (UCBA) 

Buck, Constance (CECH) 

Buckley, Gerald (Phar) 

Bullen, Carey (Eve) 

Bullen, Larry (Eve) 

Bullock, John (CECH) 

Bulow, John (Univ)  

Burke, Estella (CECH) 

Burket, Robert (Bus) 

Burlington, Norma (Eve) 

Burske, Thomas (CEAS) 

Bush, Allen (Eve) 

Butler, Patricia (A&S) 

Butz, James (Bus) 

Byrd, Mary (Univ)  

Caldwell, Linda (CCM) 

Callan, Jim (Univ)  

Campbell, James (Cler) 

Campbell, Richard (DAAP) 

Cannon, Mary (Eve) 

Carey, John (CECH) 

Carroll, Nancy (CCM) 

Carroll, Michael (CEAS) 

Carter, John (CEAS) 

Casagrande, Joseph (UCBA) 

Case, Raymond (CEAS) 

Casper, Natalie (CECH) 

Center, Gregory (Bus) 

Chambers, Cheryl (CAHS) 

Chatterton, Willard (CECH) 

Chernett, Jeffrey (Bus) 

Choice, Corinne (Eve) 

Christian, Charles (DAAP) 

Clark, Robert (Bus) 

Clark, Christopher (DAAP) 

Clark, Donald (Eve) 

Clarke, Wendy (Eve) 

Clear, Rory (A&S) 

Cleary, Ellen (A&S) 

Cline, Herbert (TCAC) 

Clock, George (Eve) 

Clore, Jerry (A&S) 

Coakley, Annette (A&S) 

Coakley, Annette (CECH) 

Cohen, Steven (A&S) 

Cole, Jeffery (A&S) 

Collins, Curran (Eve) 

Collins, Ralph (Eve) 

Collinsworth, John (Bus) 

Compston, John (Bus) 

Coney, Hercules (Univ)  

Connors, James (A&S) 

Conus, Olga (CCM) 

Cook, Kenneth (CEAS) 

Cooper, Von (A&S) 

Cooper, Cathie (TCAC) 

Copelin, Howard (UCBA) 

Corcoran, James (Eve) 

Cosby, Arabella (Eve) 

Cowherd, Raymond (CEAS) 

Coyle, Patricia (UCBA) 

Coyner, Robert (CEAS) 

Crawford, Joseph (CECH) 

Craycraft, Marjorie (Cler) 

Croft, Norman (Bus) 

Cullison, Daryl (CECH) 

Cunningham, Paul (A&S) 

Daggett, Amelia (Univ)  

Daher, Janet (CECH) 

David, Edward (Eve) 

Davis, Allan (CAHS) 

Davis, Robert (DAAP) 

DeBurger, Michael (CAHS) 

Deckebach, William (Bus) 

Deem, Carol (CAHS) 

Deitsch, Carol (Eve) 

Dengler, David (Eve) 

Deters, William (A&S) 

Deters, William (UCBA) 

Deveny, Gary (CEAS) 

Dewar, Walter (Eve) 

Dick, Carol (UCBA) 

Dickens, Jerry (Eve) 

Dickson, Ann (A&S) 

Diekmann, Richard (Eve) 

Dietrich, Margaret (DAAP) 

Dillon, Bruce (CCM) 

Dixon, Thomas (CECH) 

Dolan, Frank (Eve) 

Doland, Donna (Nur) 

Dolkowski, Marjorie (CECH) 

Doll, Blaine (Univ)  

Donnelly, Ronald (Univ)  

Donovan, John (Eve) 

Dorenbusch, Charles (Bus) 

Dornette, Mark (A&S) 

Doss, Deborah (UCBA) 

Doyle, Patrick (Univ)  

Drescher, Vincent (Eve) 

Dreyer, Robert (Eve) 

Dubay, George (Bus) 

Ducheny, Martin (CAHS) 

Dugan, Mary (CAHS) 

Dugan, Robert (CECH) 

Duguid, John (Eve) 

Duhs, Elizabeth (Cler) 

Dumont, Howard (Eve) 

Duncan, Dan (Eve) 

Duncan, Janet (UCBA) 

Duncanson, Victor (Eve) 

Dunham, James (Eve) 

Dunn, M. Kathleen (Nur) 

Dunphy, David (A&S) 

Durham, Anna (CECH) 

Durst, Robert (DAAP) 

Dykes, Guy (CECH) 

East, Gregory (A&S) 

Ebbesmeyer, Steven (Eve) 

Edell, Therese (CCM) 

Efkeman, James (CEAS) 

Ellis, Doris (CECH) 

Emmons, Melvin (CECH) 

Erazo, Chris (A&S) 

Espelage, Howard (CECH) 

Estes, Kenneth (CCM) 

Estrin, Robin (CECH) 

Evans, Vana (A&S) 

Evert, Beverly (A&S) 

Ewing, Charles (A&S) 

Faessler, John (CAHS) 

Fagin, Sherri (Univ)  

Famble, Joan (Univ)  

Fantetti, Hubert (Eve) 

Farrell, Lawrence (Eve) 

Fasold, Walter (CEAS) 

Fast, Stephen (Eve) 

Fay-Feder, Peg (Eve) 

Febus, Kathy (CECH) 

Ferguson, Paul (A&S) 

Fields, David (Bus) 

Figgins, Judith (DAAP) 

Finch, Richard (Univ)  

Finnen, Kathleen (CECH) 

Fiol, Cynthia (CECH) 

Fischer, Mark (CEAS) 

Fisher, Gordon (A&S) 

Fisher, Betty (CECH) 

Fisse, Lawrence (A&S) 

Flemer, Lawrence (A&S) 

Flowers, Michael (A&S) 

Foegle, Edward (CECH) 

Foley, Joseph (CECH) 

Forlines, Thomas (CEAS) 

Forrest, Walter (Eve) 

Fossaluzza, Dennis (Univ)  

Foster, Gregory (CEAS) 

Foster, Forresta (CECH) 

Foulkes, Valerie (A&S) 

Fox, Howard (A&S) 

Fox, Bernard (Eve) 

Fox, Howard (Eve) 

Francisco, Helen (Eve) 

Frank, Norton (Bus) 

Frank, Lesley (CCM) 

Frasier, Charles (Bus) 

Freyhof, Sheila (CECH) 

Fries, Donald (Univ)  

Froelicher, Richard (Eve) 

Futamachi, Dwight (A&S) 

Gabel, Martha (Univ)  

Gabriel, Paul (Eve) 

Gale, John (CECH) 

Garner, Timothy (Phar) 

Gearing, Rosemary (Nur) 

Gelvin, Jon (Eve) 

Gerdes, R. Bradley (Bus) 

Giaccio, Florence (CECH) 

Gibbemeyer, John (Eve) 

Gilligan, Hazel (Eve) 

Girton, Robert (A&S) 

Glaspie, Henry (CAHS) 

Goins, Richard (Eve) 

Goldblatt, Lynn (CAHS) 

Goldsein, Sandra (CECH) 

Goldsmith, Ralph (Eve) 

Goldsmith, Ralph (Eve) 

Goller, Bruce (A&S) 

Goodrich, Isabel (CECH) 

Gottmann, James (Bus) 

Gottmann, Michael (Bus) 

Gough, Ronald (Eve) 

Grace, Wanda (CECH) 

Gramann, Paul (Eve) 

Graves, James (Eve) 

Green, David (A&S) 

Greene, William (UCBA) 

Greer, Mark (CECH) 

Grove, Kenneth (Eve) 

Grubbs, Ruth (Eve) 

Gruenke, Rudolf (UCBA) 

Guerrera, Nicholas (CECH) 

Haenning, Mary (CEAS) 

Hafer, Sandy (Bus) 

Hall, John (Eve) 

Hall, Henry (Univ)  

Halpin, John (Eve) 

Hamblin, Donna (Eve) 

Hamblin, James (Eve) 

Hammons, Thomas (CCM) 

Hampton, Julia (A&S) 

Hamrick, Robert (CCM) 

Handley, Daniel (Eve) 

Harden, Isaac (CECH) 

Harley, Annie (Univ)  

Harmon, Arthur (CECH) 

Harris, Lionel (A&S) 

Harris, Lottie (Univ)  

Harris, Peggy (Univ)  

Hart, William (A&S) 

Hartland, Gregory (DAAP) 

Hartnett, David (CECH) 

Hatfield, Merry (Cler) 

Hauck, Richard (CEAS) 

Hawkins, Jack (Eve) 

Hawkins, Juanita (Univ)  

Hawks, Eric (CECH) 

Hearn, Karen (CAHS) 

Heeg, Mary (A&S) 

Heeg, James (Eve) 

Heffner, Barry (A&S) 

Heidkamp, Michael (Eve) 

Heilman, Linda (CECH) 

Heithaus, Paul (DAAP) 

Heller, Elliott (Bus) 

Heller, David (Eve) 

Heltman, John (Univ)  

Henderson, David (A&S) 

Hensgen, Vivian (CECH) 

Herking, Robert (A&S) 

Herrell, Edith (CECH) 

Herrmann, Frederick (Eve) 

Hertz, Robert (Bus) 

Herweh, William (Bus) 

Hessdoerfer, David (Eve) 

Hessel, Richard (CEAS) 

Hetz, Lewis (CECH) 

Heyne, Roland (Eve) 

Hicks, Kenneth (CEAS) 

Higgins, Ronald (Univ)  

Hilgeman, Gary (Eve) 

Hill, Larry (Eve) 

Hilliard, James (CEAS) 

Hilliard, Kenneth (TCAC) 

Hillman, Paul (Eve) 

Hillner, Paul (CCM) 

Hilvers, Dennis (Eve) 

Hinners, Richard (A&S) 

Hmiel, Allen (CECH) 

Hodapp, John (Univ)  

Hoelle, James (CEAS) 

Hoffert, David (DAAP) 

Hoffmann, Linda (Bus) 

Holloway, Jacob (CECH) 

Holmes, Walter (Eve) 

Holston, Barbara (CEAS) 

Honebrink, Richard (Univ)  

Hoobler, Jerome (Eve) 

Hoover, Archie (CEAS) 

Hoover, Barbara (CECH) 

Hortel, Thomas (UCBA) 

Hosford, James (A&S) 

Houchin, Ricky (CECH) 

House, Earl (A&S) 

Howard, Charles (CECH) 

Howard, William (TCAC) 

Huber, Barbara (CECH) 

Huber, Gary (UCBA) 

Hughes, Norman (CECH) 

Hughes, Rome (Eve) 

Huitger, James (CEAS) 

Hundley, Phillip (CECH) 

Hunter, Joyce (CECH) 

Hussey, James (A&S) 

Hyams, Caryl (UCBA) 

Hyde, Stephen (CEAS) 

Iker, Eugene (Eve) 

Ims, Marie (UCBA) 

Ingram, Minnie (CAHS) 

Irvin, Clarence (Bus) 

Ison, Roger (Bus) 

Ivanchak, Theodore (A&S) 

Jackson, William (Univ)  

James, Cynthia (A&S) 

James, Judd (Eve) 

Jansen, Bernard (Univ)  

Jeffcott, Ronald (A&S) 

Jeffre, Edward (CEAS) 

Jenni, Janise (UCBA) 

Jensen, Norman (Eve) 

Johnson, Christine (A&S) 

Johnson, David (CAHS) 

Johnson, Pauline (CECH) 

Johnson, David (Univ)  

Johnson, Keith (Univ)  

Johnston, Felix (CECH) 

Johnston, George (Eve) 

Jones, David (A&S) 

Jones, Thomas (CEAS) 

Jones, Paul (CECH) 

Jones, Robert (Eve) 

Jones, Virgil (Eve) 

Jones, Michael (UCBA) 

Josefovsky, Jeffrey (A&S) 

Joviak, John (CEAS) 

Kahn, Ellen (UCBA) 

Kamin, Benjamin (A&S) 

Kapp, Robert (Eve) 

Katz, Michael (A&S) 

Kazura, Raymond (DAAP) 

Keene, Deborah (Univ)  

Keferl, Susan (CECH) 

Kells, Steven (DAAP) 

Kelly, Stephen (CEAS) 

Kendall, Thomas (Bus) 

Kennedy, Earnest (Eve) 

Khoury, Charles (Univ)  

Kieffer, Robert (CECH) 

Kilroy, Mary Anne (A&S) 

Kinebrew, Maxine (Univ)  

Kingsley, Karen (CECH) 

Kinman, Stanley (Bus) 

Kinney, Edward (Bus) 

Klable, Joseph (Univ)  

Klaine, Stephen (A&S) 

Kleier, Nancy (Phar) 

Kleiman, Mark (Univ)  

Klein, Frank (CEAS) 

Kleinhenz, Michael (CCM) 

Klemt, Robert (Eve) 

Klick, Donald (CEAS) 

Kliemann, Betty (A&S) 

Klocke, James (A&S) 

Klocke, William (A&S) 

Kloes, Dennis (Eve) 

Koehnke, David (Eve) 

Kohn, Patrick (CAHS) 

Kolman, Ellen (Univ)  

Korte, Robert (Eve) 

Krailler, James (A&S) 

Kramer, Debra (UCBA) 

Krebs, Elmer (Eve) 

Kreis, Glen (Eve) 

Kreis, Wayne (Eve) 

Krings, James (UCBA) 

Kroovand, Robert (A&S) 

Krusling, Jeannette (A&S) 

Kuhlmeier, Clifford (CECH) 

Kwiatek, Lottie (Eve) 

Lachman, Eva (A&S) 

Lanciault, Cynthia (CAHS) 

Lancione, David (A&S) 

Landman, Israel (CECH) 

Langdon, Terry (UCBA) 

Lanham, Annella (Bus) 

Latta, Kathy (Nur) 

Layne, Porter (A&S) 

Leahy, Catherine (CCM) 

Lee, John (A&S) 

Lehmkuhl, Donald (Eve) 

Leimbach, Peter (A&S) 

Lemon, Dorothy (Eve) 

Leonard, Marcia (UCBA) 

Lepper, Gerald (Eve) 

Lesh, Paul (Eve) 

Lessure, Marie (Eve) 

Lewis, David (A&S) 

Lewis, David (CECH) 

Lewis, Kathleen (UCBA) 

Lewis, Cynthia (Univ)  

Liebschutz, William (Eve) 

Lillie, Earl (Eve) 

Lindenbaum, Stephen (CEAS) 

Lindon, Nancy (CECH) 

Lindsey, Donal (A&S) 

Lockett, Edward (CAHS) 

Lodwick, Thomas (Bus) 

Loeb, Henry (Eve) 

Loew, Larry (Bus) 

Lohmussaar, Tonu (Eve) 

Louis, Philip (Univ)  

Love-Larkin, Salli (DAAP) 

Lowe, Dorothy (Eve) 

Lowell, Susan (CECH) 

Lowish, Roy (Eve) 

Ludlow, Michael (Bus) 

Luken, William (Bus) 

Maccani, Angela (A&S) 

MacDonald, Ronald (CECH) 

Mahlenkamp, Dorothy (Eve) 

Maikranz, John (A&S) 

Maile, Robert (A&S) 

Makin, Robert (Eve) 

Malavich, Mark (A&S) 

Malton, Virginia (A&S) 

Mandell, Eleanor (DAAP) 

Manigan, Arthur (Eve) 

Manny, John (Bus) 

Marioles, Michael (Univ)  

Martin, William (Bus) 

Martin, William (Eve) 

Martz, Roger (A&S) 

Massner, David (TCAC) 

Mathers, Bertha (Univ)  

Matje, Kathleen (A&S) 

May, Theodore (CEAS) 

McAfee, Michael (Univ)  

McBee, Gregory (Bus) 

McCaffery, Dennis (A&S) 

McClain, Mark (CECH) 

McClain, Pamela (CECH) 

McClellan, Deborah (Cler) 

McDaniel, Charles (CAHS) 

McGrath, Leroy (Eve) 

McHugh, Paul (Univ)  

McIntyre, Charles (Univ)  

McKinney, Kenneth (CCM) 

McKinney, Rebecca (Univ)  

McLaurin, Lois (Nur) 

McMillan, Carl (Eve) 

McNeal, Joseph (A&S) 

Meeks, Robert (Eve) 

Meiners, Larry (Bus) 

Meiners, Greg (Eve) 

Melampy, Phillip (CAHS) 

Melville, Louise (Eve) 

Menchhofer, Herbert (Bus) 

Merkin, Joseph (Bus) 

Mermelstein, Mike (CAHS) 

Merrill, Rebecca (Univ)  

Meyer, Louis (Bus) 

Meyer, James (Univ)  

Meyers, John (CEAS) 

Michel, Joseph (Eve) 

Middleton, Larry (Eve) 

Miller, Kirk (A&S) 

Miller, Sylvia (CAHS) 

Miller, Vincent (CEAS) 

Miller, Arthur (CECH) 

Miller, Violet (CECH) 

Miller, Breck (UCBA) 

Miller, Eunice (Univ)  

Miller, John (Univ)  

Miller, Mattie (Univ)  

Milner, Edmund (Bus) 

Minturn, John (CEAS) 

Mitchell, Harold (Bus) 

Mitchell, Julie (DAAP) 

Mitchell, Julie (DAAP) 

Mix, Stephen (Bus) 

Mojdehi, Ruth (CECH) 

Molina, Rene (UCBA) 

Monahan, Steve (CEAS) 

Montgomery, Patsy (UCBA) 

Moon, Edward (Eve) 

Moon, Ronald (Univ)  

Moore, Philip (Bus) 

Moore, Rosa (CECH) 

Moore, David (Univ)  

Moore, Harold (Univ)  

Morand, Judith (Univ)  

Moreton, Charles (A&S) 

Morgan, Paulette (CECH) 

Morrison, David (TCAC) 

Morrow, Edward (Univ)  

Murphy, Michael (Bus) 

Murphy, Patricia (Bus) 

Murphy, Eileen (CAHS) 

Murphy, Jerry (Eve) 

Murray, Thomas (A&S) 

Murzin, David (CECH) 

Nazzarini, Michael (CECH) 

Nemeth, Richard (A&S) 

Neundorfer, James (CEAS) 

Newman, Steven (Eve) 

Nicholas, Marcia (A&S) 

Nicholl, Louise (Eve) 

Nichols, Ralph (Bus) 

Niehaus, Joseph (Eve) 

Nolte, Frederick (A&S) 

Norden, Ellen (CECH) 

Nordmeyer, James (DAAP) 

Norris, James (A&S) 

Nusekabel, Kevin (Nur) 

Oberting, Marion (A&S) 

O'Brien, Linda (UCBA) 

O'Dell, Arvin (UCBA) 

Oelling, Donald (Eve) 

O'Hara, Roslyn (CAHS) 

Oldham, Stephanie (Univ)  

Ollinger, William (A&S) 

Osegueda, John (Eve) 

Osterhage, Paul (Bus) 

Overbeck, Lawrence (CECH) 

Owens, William (Bus) 

Pachan, Teresa (Univ)  

Page, Isaac (A&S) 

Parmentier, Gaza (A&S) 

Peerson, Donald (Eve) 

Pellegrino, Samuel (Eve) 

Pence, Paul (Eve) 

Penebaker, Joyce (CECH) 

Pennington, Richard (CEAS) 

Pennington, Michael (Eve) 

Peregrin, William (Eve) 

Perera, Bernadette (A&S) 

Peters, Patricia (CECH) 

Peterson, Betty (CAHS) 

Peterson, Elizabeth (CAHS) 

Peterson, Patricia (UCBA) 

Petrik, Mary (UCBA) 

Piecuch, Stephen (Bus) 

Pierson, David (DAAP) 

Pierson, Richard (Univ)  

Pilder, Mark (A&S) 

Plank, Thomas (CEAS) 

Poehner, Raymond (Eve) 

Polk, Robert (Bus) 

Pollard, Lila (CECH) 

Postell, Dolorys (CAHS) 

Poth, Carletta (CECH) 

Powell, Lester (CCM) 

Powell, Karen (Univ)  

Preston, Lucille (Eve) 

Price, Edith (CECH) 

Prince, Sandra (Univ)  

Pringle, James (A&S) 

Pringle, James (CECH) 

Pritchard, Mark (UCBA) 

Putnam, John (Eve) 

Rabe, Ronald (Bus) 

Rack, Paul (A&S) 

Radzyminski, Walter (CECH) 

Rahe, Randal (Bus) 

Raley, John (Bus) 

Ramsey, Sandra (CECH) 

Raphael, Michael (CCM) 

Rapien, Anita (CECH) 

Ratterman, Charles (A&S) 

Rawlings, Kenneth (CECH) 

Reed, Bruce (UCBA) 

Reichhardt, Jean (DAAP) 

Reider, Gary (A&S) 

Reyes, Jesus (Univ)  

Reynolds, William (Univ)  

Reznor, Marien (UCBA) 

Rickard, Jeffrey (Bus) 

Riley, Shaun (Eve) 

Rinsky, Robert (CAHS) 

Risner, Lonnie (Bus) 

Ritzi, Albert (UCBA) 

Robbins, Sara (DAAP) 

Robbins, John (Eve) 

Roberts, Warren (A&S) 

Roberts, Geraldine (CAHS) 

Roda, John (Eve) 

Roeth, Philip (CECH) 

Roetting, Paul (Eve) 

Roetting, Paul (Eve) 

Rohrer, Philip (CCM) 

Rom, Dolores (Eve) 

Rosario, Eugenio (Eve) 

Rosato, Antonette (DAAP) 

Rose, Nolan (CEAS) 

Rose, Mary (CECH) 

Ross, James (CEAS) 

Ross, George (Eve) 

Ross, John (Eve) 

Ross, Dennis (Nur) 

Roush, Sheila (CECH) 

Rovito, Vincent (Eve) 

Rowley, Marcia (A&S) 

Rowley, Marcia (CECH) 

Ruberg, Raymond (CAHS) 

Ruddy, Karen (CECH) 

Ruffin, Quincy (CAHS) 

Rumping, Robert (Eve) 

Russell, Randy (Bus) 

Sachs, Penina (Univ)  

Sales, James (CEAS) 

Salisbury, Mary (Univ)  

Salit, Peter (A&S) 

Salzer, Thomas (A&S) 

Sanders, Linda (CCM) 

Sandman, Arnold (Phar) 

Saylor, Alfred (Eve) 

Scales, Peter (A&S) 

Scallan, Daniel (Bus) 

Scheck, Richard (Eve) 

Schecter, Benson (Univ)  

Schell, Karen (UCBA) 

Schiele, Nancy (CAHS) 

Schiele, Theresa (Univ)  

Schkabla, Carl (Bus) 

Schlomer, John (Bus) 

Schlomer, John (CECH) 

Schmidt, Thomas (Bus) 

Schneider, Paul (UCBA) 

Schneuer, Edwin (CEAS) 

Schoenhoeft, Gene (CECH) 

Schoenling, Terry (Bus) 

Schott, Milton (Eve) 

Schroeder, Fred (Eve) 

Schuler, Patricia (A&S) 

Schwab, Debbie (CECH) 

Schwartz, Richard (A&S) 

Schwartz, Jeff (CECH) 

Scott, Willie (Eve) 

Scurlock, Jack (Eve) 

Search, William (CEAS) 

Seibel, Timothy (CCM) 

Seiden, Frank (Univ)  

Seta, Joseph (Eve) 

Settle, James (A&S) 

Seuberling, Ronald (Eve) 

Shedd, Thomas (Univ)  

Shepler, Stephen (Bus) 

Sherer, Katherine (CECH) 

Sherer, Curtis (Univ)  

Shuck, Stanley (Univ)  

Shullman, Jay (CECH) 

Siemer, Virginia (Eve) 

Silvey, Robert (CCM) 

Simeone, Joseph (DAAP) 

Simmons, Frederick (DAAP) 

Simon, Eric (CECH) 

Simpson, Charles (Cler) 

Simpson, Nellie (Cler) 

Simpson-Rand, Donna (A&S) 

Sims, Patricia (CECH) 

Sinclair, William (Bus) 

Skaggs, Terry (Univ)  

Smedley, Herbert (Eve) 

Smith, Michael (CEAS) 

Smith, Norma (CECH) 

Smith, Pearl (DAAP) 

Smith, Thomas (Eve) 

Spivey, Carolyn (Univ)  

Spolter, Carol (DAAP) 

Sproull, Howard (CEAS) 

Spurrier, Douglas (Eve) 

Sroufe, John (A&S) 

Stanfield, Jerilyn (DAAP) 

Staud, Cecil (A&S) 

Steger, Ronald (Bus) 

Steidel, Thomas (CEAS) 

Steigerwald, Dale (A&S) 

Stercz, Joseph (A&S) 

Stermer, Jenifer (DAAP) 

Stern, David (A&S) 

Stewart, Bob (Cler) 

Stigler, Robert (Eve) 

Stilgenbauer, Stephen (Univ)  

Straw, Michael (DAAP) 

Stubbs, Charles (CAHS) 

Sturdivant, Martha (Univ)  

Sullivan, Larry (UCBA) 

Suprock, David (CEAS) 

Sutton, Fred (Eve) 

Sylvan, Lawrence (Phar) 

Symons, Jack (UCBA) 

Tangney, Donald (Eve) 

Tartaglia, Gary (Univ)  

Taylor, William (Eve) 

Taylor, Roy (TCAC) 

Tekulve, Paul (Eve) 

Tepe, Patrick (Bus) 

Terrell, Thomas (CECH) 

Terry, Michael (Phar) 

Tharp, Robert (UCBA) 

Theilman, Paul (Bus) 

Thomas, Alfred (CEAS) 

Thompson, Tommie (A&S) 

Thompson, Clestell (CECH) 

Thompson, Delora (Eve) 

Thompson, Beshela (Univ)  

Thorman, Kenneth (CECH) 

Thornton, Michael (CCM) 

Thornton, Richard (Eve) 

Thurman, Kristine (CECH) 

Toerge, Judith (A&S) 

Toney, Alice (Univ)  

Torok, Joseph (Eve) 

Towns, Alan (Univ)  

Truitt, Margarett (CECH) 

Trusty, Alan (CEAS) 

Tucker, R. (CECH) 

Tucker, Gary (TCAC) 

Tuffendsam, Robert (Eve) 

Umbarger, H. (Bus) 

Vaal, John (CEAS) 

Vetsos, Barbara (Univ)  

Vogel, Robert (Univ)  

Vollmer, Dale (Bus) 

VonHolle, Tom (CAHS) 

Voris, Melinda (A&S) 

Wacyk, Michael (CAHS) 

Wagner, Esther (Eve) 

Walker, Carol (A&S) 

Walker, Jacqueline (CECH) 

Walker, Robert (CECH) 

Walker, Kay (Univ)  

Wallace, William (A&S) 

Walters, William (Eve) 

Warner, Paul (Eve) 

Warren, Betty (CAHS) 

Warwick, Kenneth (DAAP) 

Washington, Yvonne (CAHS) 

Washington, Yvonne (CECH) 

Wasilewski, Hong (A&S) 

Waugh, Gregory (TCAC) 

Way, Gregory (Univ)  

Webb, Kyle (Eve) 

Weber, Penny (CECH) 

Weber, James (Eve) 

Wechsler, William (A&S) 

Wehby, Sally (CAHS) 

Wehling, Christina (DAAP) 

Wehner, Randolph (CEAS) 

Weikel, James (Eve) 

Welch, Dorothy (UCBA) 

Welter, Thomas (CECH) 

Werronen, Jeffrey (CECH) 

Wesley, Mary (Eve) 

Westbrook, Robert (Eve) 

Wexler, Jean (Eve) 

Whitaker, Morris (CECH) 

Whitaker, Martha (DAAP) 

White, Ralph (Eve) 

Whiteaker, Arlie (UCBA) 

Widowski, Lawrence (CAHS) 

Wilking, Paul (Eve) 

Williams, Richard (Eve) 

Williams, Wilson (Eve) 

Willoughby, Cecil (A&S) 

Wilson, Ray (DAAP) 

Wilson, Ronald (Eve) 

Wirthlin, John (UCBA) 

Wisbey, Raymond (Eve) 

Withrow, Kimberly (Univ)  

Witt, Marlowe (Bus) 

Wolf, Michelle (CCM) 

Wolfer, Constance (DAAP) 

Wong, Mary (CECH) 

Woronkow, Alex (A&S) 

Worthington, Richard (CEAS) 

Wright, Gary (CECH) 

Wuest, William (Eve) 

Yocum, Roy (Univ)  

Young, Lawrence (CEAS) 

Young, Inez (Eve) 

Young, Marvin (Eve) 

Zaremsky, Michael (A&S) 

Zazo, Donald (CEAS) 

Zechar, Mark (CEAS) 

Zeehandelar, Mary (A&S) 

Zierolf, Mary (CECH) 

Zimmerman, James (A&S) 

Zinser, Kenneth (Univ)  

Headshot of Maurice Stewart, A&S '16

Maurice Stewart, A&S '16

Director, Alumni Engagement, Inclusive Excellence