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What is the UC Alumni Association and what does it do?

The UC Alumni Association (UCAA) helps alumni become more connected …

  • with each other
  • with their university
  • with services and opportunities that enhance their UC alumni experience
What is the UC Alumni Association’s definition of “alumni”?

“Alumni” are anyone who has attended the university for at least one semester. A degree is not required.

“Alumni” … “Alumnus” … Which is correct?

“Alumnus” refers to a male, or a generic person where gender isn’t known or relevant. “Alumna” refers to a female. “Alumni” is the plural for males or any generic group. “Alumnae” is the plural for females only.

Is there a fee to join the Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association isn’t technically a membership organization, so you don’t have to “join.” UC alumni are part of the UC Alumni Association family and can access a number of programs and services with no fee involved. Those who give $50 or more annually to the UCAA become part of the Loyal Bearcat Society; those who have given $2,500 or more to the UCAA cumulatively over their lifetimes become part of the William Howard Taft Society. Life members of the association are automatically members of the William Howard Taft and Loyal Bearcat societies. Donors who belong to these societies enjoy an enhanced set of benefits.

What is the difference between the UC Alumni Association and alumni networks for certain groups, such as my college, or Honors grads, or young alumni, or alumni who live the same city as me?

The UC Alumni Association is the overarching organization for all UC alumni. It works in collaboration with other alumni groups to enhance everyone’s alumni experience. Some alumni feel their strongest affinity to UC comes through certain groups with which they were affiliated as students and/or alumni, while others feel primarily connected with the university as a whole. Either way, they benefit from supporting and being involved through the UC Alumni Association as the central point for all of UC’s alumni relations efforts.

What’s the best way to access the Alumni Association’s services “on the go”?

Free mobile apps for both the UC Alumni Association and UC overall will allow anyone with a mobile device to take advantage of a range of information, services and engagement opportunities.

Is the UC Alumni Association involved in fundraising?

The UC Foundation is charged with the specific, critical role of cultivating financial gifts to the university from alumni, friends, corporations and other donors. On the large scale, it secures the private funding that enables UC to keep doing great things, especially given declining levels of support from the State of Ohio. The landmark Proudly Cincinnati campaign surpassed its $1 billion goal, making UC one of a select few public universities to achieve that milestone.

The UC Alumni Association’s role is to encourage and facilitate engagement by alumni — with each other and their university — in whatever ways are most meaningful to them. That can be through attending events, participating in networks, volunteering, contributing financially, etc. Yet, the UC Alumni Association needs dedicated private funding to sustain and enhance its important work. Therefore, a philanthropic program to support UCAA’s strategic initiatives relies upon ongoing support through annual and major gifts.

What is the best way for UC alumni to network with each other?

Many alumni say the best way to network is to simply be involved — attend events, volunteer, take part in activities on campus or in the community, participate in the UC regional alumni network in their area, etc. Leveraging online opportunities is another great way to network, and the UC Alumni Association recommends using the social media channels Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which can raise the level of connectedness between alumni for all sorts of reasons and objectives.

If I don’t live in the Cincinnati area, how do I find out if there are other UC alumni living in my area?

The UC Alumni Association coordinates about 30 national alumni networks nationally. You’re encouraged to contact your network leader(s) to learn what UC alumni are doing in your area and get involved.

How can the UC Alumni Association help me with career development, job search and professional networking?

UCAA coordinates a growing suite of services and resources dedicated to helping alumni with their career management and professional development. Further, one of the greatest uses for UCAA’s LinkedIn community is professional networking and career development. Many job opportunities are posted there, and because most people find new opportunities through their personal and professional contacts, connections made through UCAA’s social media channels often lead to successful transitions. Of course, given the interactive nature of our UC alumni family, simply being actively engaged can easily lead to career-related opportunities.

What programs and discounts are available through the UC Alumni Association, and how do I learn if I qualify?

The UC Alumni Association partners with a variety of on- and off-campus organizations for special deals and discounts. Contact the individual providers for specific information.

Are there any insurance-related benefits through the UCAA?

UCAA has a partnership that offers great deals on health, life and travel insurance through the UC Alumni Insurance Program. Access links here.

How do I contact fellow alumni, or submit updates about an alumni successes and/or professional recognition?

The best alternative for sharing good news is via online networking tools such as the UCAA’s Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Otherwise, the UC Alumni Association’s available communications channels operate at the all-university level and aren’t conducive to announcements about individuals, so an option may be to contact your college or student/alumni constituent group and inquire about their communications opportunities.

Where can I find a calendar of events at UC, or UCAA events?

There is an online calendar of events accessible directly from the UC home page, and a list of Alumni Association events on the UCAA’s Web site.

How do I update my contact information in the university’s records?

Send any updates to: Or complete the online form to change your contact information.

How do I report the death of an alumnus?

E-mail the news to: Or send to: UC Foundation, P.O. Box 19970, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219-0970.

How do I get a copy of my transcript, or have my degree verified?

Click here to get a transcript, and click here to find out about having enrollment and degrees verified.

I had signed up for “Email Forwarding” a number of years ago. Is that still valid? How would I change the email account to which my UC Alumni-branded email address goes?

The UC Alumni Email Forwarding platform offered previously is no longer available, yet all accounts created at that time will continue to function and be serviced as necessary. If you have an email address that forwards to a “permanent personal email” account, and that email address has changed, please communicate that change to UC by sending a request to Supply your email address and the new email address to which your email should be forwarded.

What scholarship opportunities are available for members of my family?

There are many opportunities for scholarships and other forms of financial aid available to incoming and current UC students overall. In addition, legacy scholarships are available through the UC Alumni Association to outstanding students who are children or grandchildren of UC alumni. And each year, scholarships through UCAA’s regional alumni networks help students who live in areas with a concentration of UC alumni.

How do I get tickets to athletics events?

Visit the UC Athletics site for information and ticket-ordering procedures.

What are my options for parking when visiting campus?

Click here for information about parking on campus.

How do I take an online tour of UC’s campus?

Click here to experience UC’s changing campus.

Where can I find UC merchandise for purchase?

A variety of merchandise is available through UC Bookstores, as well as other retailers throughout Greater Cincinnati and around the country.

Can I come to campus and use the library?

UC Alumni Association Loyal Bearcat Society and William Howard Taft Society donors enjoy free borrowing privileges. Learn more about UC Libraries and the study/research opportunities available to alumni.

I received a postcard about an alumni census. What is it?

Click here for information about the Bicentennial Alumni Census.


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