Women in Law - Grant Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Women in Law grant program. Grant applications are now open and will close on May 1.

The mission of WIL is to identify and fund a spectrum of student and faculty programs in today’s UC Law School. We will also provide a networking opportunity for students and faculty to connect with alumnae and other members of the community.

Applications can be found here.

Grant Application Guidelines
Women in Law will award grants that will make a difference in the UC College of Law or broader community or that will provide a transformative learning experience for students.

Grant Application Submissions
The following is the information you will need to include with your application:

  • Program Description
    • Purpose (limit 1000 words) Describe the purpose and intent of the program including any outcomes that you expect. Identify the intended recipients of the services and benefits provided by the program, including the number you estimate will benefit from it. Identify the geographic location that will be impacted by this program.
    • Narrative (limit 1000 words) Provide a detailed description of the services and benefits that will be provided. What activities will the program undertake to provide these services and benefits? What contingencies or dependencies must be addressed prior to providing these services and benefits? How does this program address an unmet need?
    • Impact (limit 500 words) What will the impact be for the targeted recipients of the services and benefits provided by the program? How will you evaluate whether you have achieved the desired outcomes? How will this program make a difference at UC College of Law, in the broader community or provide a transformative experience for students?
    • COVID-19 Compatibility (limit 200 words): If applicable, what adjustments have been made to your program to adapt to government and university COVID-19 protocols? What are your future plans to adjust as COVID-19 protocols change throughout the 2021-22 school year?
    • Additional Program Information (limit 200 words) Please provide any additional information you think will be helpful to WIL. Please share links to any online content that might assist in the review of your grant application.
  • Program Budget
    • Complete all fields on the provided Program Budget worksheet. The worksheet can be downloaded here.

Finalists Presentations
Finalists will be required to provide a presentation (maximum 15 minutes) at the WIL annual meeting.

Finalist Grant Funding
Once presentations are completed, WIL members will vote on the selected finalists’ grant applications. Finalists will be notified of their grant funding at the conclusion of the annual meeting. Funding awards must be used within one year from receipt. Grant recipients will keep WIL apprised of their program’s progress through quarterly updates.

Headshot of Shelley Johnson

Shelley Johnson

Senior Director, Alumni Engagement, College of Law