Anti-Racist Statement

The UC Alumni Association and UC Foundation recognizes the existence of prejudice and systemic racism in our world and the pain and inequality that exists in Black lives. As an organization that both reflects and serves the society in which we live, we know that diversity is strength. We acknowledge our privilege and any role the organization has played in perpetuating inequality. We pledge to do better.

Our commitment is clear: We affirm explicitly, and in solidarity, our identity as an anti-racist organization. Our anti-racist commitment will be reflected in the UC Alumni Association's and UC Foundation’s culture through our policies, programs and practices as we continue to educate ourselves about racism and its impact.

Our focus:

  • In the workplace: We commit to creating a just workplace free of racism and discrimination in any form.
  • In our work on behalf of the larger community: We commit to philanthropy and engagement that lifts and elevates, creates more access to education and health care and serves as a model for others in our community and beyond. We commit to stand up for those who face racial discrimination.

When we fall short, we pledge to admit our mistakes and remedy our error. We acknowledge that fighting against racism is a life-long commitment and that we must be vigilant as we learn, listen and take action. We ask our alumni, donors and constituents to join us in this transformation and hold us accountable to this pledge.