#UCLove Stories - 2016

#UCLove represents the UC community’s love for the university in different forms. It might have started when you met your spouse in French class or your lifelong friend while living in Siddall Hall. It could have been your first visit on campus, when you walked up MainStreet in awe of its architecture; or, it could have been during your childhood when your family took you to your first Bearcats basketball game. Below are stories celebrating #UCLove.

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Couples & Spouses
Courtney Oltman (CEAS '06) & Jonathan Oltman (CEAS '07)

The first day of my second year of Graduate School was like any other. Since I had attended UC as an undergrad and had already completed one year as a Grad student, I was very familiar with how things worked. I sat through my Theory of Concrete class reading the syllabus and thinking about what the year had in store. I was totally unaware of this guy sitting behind me. After class, that guy, hurriedly packed his backpack and ran out the door after me. He stopped me in the hall and asked “what is Blackboard?” My first thought was “how could anyone not know what Blackboard was! This guy has got to be weird!” I explained what it was and found out that he did his undergrad at the University of Colorado, or “CU” as he told me. “Don’t you mean UC?” I asked. (Man, this guy is totally odd! He doesn’t even know about Blackboard or that his school should be called UC!) Fast forward through the year and his weirdness grew on me. So much so that we started dating, got engaged, and finally married on August 29, 2009! Jonathan and I had a great “red and black” wedding in honor of our beginnings at UC. Today we live in Colorado, and yes, he was right… it is called CU! We have two boys, Isaac (4) and Oliver (1). Someday we plan to take the boys to UC and show them where it all began!

Susan Hakel (CECH '93) & Scott Hakel (CEAS '93)

Although we met in the fall of 1989, the stroke of fate that brought us together happened the spring before. A soon-to-be sophomore boy who had propensity to waiting to the last minute was put in charge by his group of friends to turn in their housing request for Sawyer Hall. This tall, skinny boy who had enormous pride in his mullet dropped the ball and turned in his housing request way too late. This oversight resulted in him and his disgusted roommates on the sixth floor of Daniels Hall the following fall with only freshmen in sight. In September of 1989, I was a freshman studying Elementary Education and couldn’t have been more excited to be away from home with my two best friends from high school on a co-ed floor that I requested. I don’t know if the experience happens for all who take part in a dormitory experience, but our floor became friends and in lots of ways a family. We spent hours and hours together in the lounges playing Euchre and spending way too much time watching the Nintendo games like Kings of the Beach and Baseball Stars. There was also this new show called The Simpsons that none of us would miss. It would be no surprise that our first kiss happened in the north lounge. However, the floor romance wouldn’t last long. As a nuclear engineering student, he was headed to California for a six month co-op. Six months is a lifetime when you are nineteen years old and long distance phone calls were still very much a thing and quite expensive! It wasn’t pretty, but we made it through those months. Halfway through our senior year in 1993, he surprised me with the ring. We were married in the summer of 1994 and celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary this last June. We have two teenage daughters and our oldest will be a HS senior next school year. UC is on the top of her list, but we have to be honest as it is quite surreal to be watching her make these same decisions that ultimately brought us together. The picture of us was taken in my dorm room that fall in 1989. Just for the record, Scott doesn’t sport the mullet anymore although he credits that iconic hair for getting me to fall for him in the first place.

Karen Tupman (A&S '82)

This is about my parents. They met at UC their freshman year in the fall of 1948. My mom had been asked to serve at a fraternity function. He saw her and thought she was pretty, so he asked her to go to the football game with him. Her response was, "With you?"

Well, she ended up going with him. They married on August 23,1952 and have been married for 65 years!

Christie Wolf (Bus '91) & Greg Wolf (Bus '92)

My UC love story started when I was babysitting my 4 year old niece the night of the Sigma Sigma Carnival my sophomore year at UC. She was playing the ball toss game at the Sigma Chi booth when Greg Wolf, who was working the booth, helped her win Graeter's coupons. While we had “seen each other” in Lindner Hall and even shared a Managerial Accounting class, we had never officially met. Of course my niece won, and Greg had me fill out my name and number for the Sigma Chi booth grand prize drawing at the end of the night. Later that night I heard over the PA system that the winner of the Sigma Chi drawing was Christie Westerkamp, and to please report to the Sigma Chi booth to claim your prize. While the prize received that night was just a party t-shirt, the real gift was the start of what has become our 28 year UC love story. That cute little niece, Christine Plageman, went on to graduate from UC in fashion design and met her husband Eric Mayhaus and created their own awesome UC love story. Our UClove story was shared by some great friends who also married their UC sweethearts (Amy & Mike Taney, Leila & Phil Collins, Holly and Chris Carper, and many more). We look back on so many great memories of Homecomings, bowl games and basketball games with friends and our two boys that all started with that simple gift of a t-shirt.

#UClove #LindnerCOB #AlphaChiOmega #SigmaChi #SigmaSigma

Jay Boltz (CEAS '10) & Lexi Hacker (DAAP '13)

Our Columbus Alumni Network Co-Leader, Jay Bolt, proposed to his girlfriend, Lexi Hacker, during the UC Men's Basketball game on Saturday, February 13 and she said yes! Congrats to the both of you!

Amanda Hecker (A&S '17) & Jacob Lee (Bus '18)

UC is very important to me, as both my parents attended school here, my older brother and his wife attend here, and my younger brother has been accepted and will be attending UC this upcoming fall. UC has also has a significant impact on my life, as it is where I met my now-fiance.

Jacob and I met on the eighth floor of Dabney Hall our freshman year of college in 2013. I was actually in the UC Bearcat Bands, so we didn't run into each other until Labor Day weekend after the football game, while I went to get some water at the drinking fountain across from his room. I stopped into a room and met a new friend named Jack Lempke, who then asked me to join him and his friends for dinner at Center Court. Jacob later told me he made sure to sit next to me and won my heart with pictures of his dog from back home. Jacob texted me later that weekend and asked me to watch 500 Days of Summer with him in his dorm room, and ever since then we were inseparable. The first few months of our relationship consisted of exploring UC's beautiful campus together for new places to hang out and get to know each other. To this day, the bench next to Blegen and the Law building is our favorite spot on campus. Now, Jacob and I are happily engaged and can't wait to have our bearcat wedding!

Colleen Hall (A&S '02) & Andrew Hall (Bus '03)

We were introduced by our roommates in 2000. Our first official date was a UC Homecoming Football game and we've never looked back. Two mini Bearcats and almost ten years of marriage later and we still have much #uclove!

Ian Rodway (A&S '98, Med '02) & Jennifer Webb Rodway (CCM)

Jennifer an I met freshman year in French class in Swift Hall. French class was one of the few classes a chemistry major and a clarinet major would have in common. We both went onto complete undergraduate and graduate degrees at UC. We were married in 1999, and have been happily married since. We have four children and live in the Cincinnati area. We remain active on campus through CCM prep and season tickets to Bearcats football and basketball.

Steve Storgion (Bus '88) & Michelle Hammond Storgion (DAAP '89)

Michelle Hammond and I were introduced by a mutual friend and Cincinnati Alum, Melissa Minard, in the spring of 1986 at a Delta Tau Delta event. Next Michelle invited me to accompany her to a Chi Omega function and we have been together ever since.

Before graduating, Michelle and I had lived our entire lives in the Cincinnati area. Michelle grew up in Edgewood, KY and I in Delhi Township. Actually, Michelle lived in New York City, New Haven and Boca Raton on Co-Op assignments for 3 months at a time as part of her undergraduate curriculum. After graduation I worked for a Cincinnati based tech company and a year later Michelle headed off to Boston to pursue a career in fashion design. In 1991, the year we were married, we made Chicago our home as it was the best place for both of us to pursue of our career ambitions. The next move was to St Louis in 1994 when the May Company (now Macy’s) hired Michelle to be lead designer for a clothing line sold exclusively their stores across America.

We are still in St Louis today as we are celebrating our 29th Valentine’s Day. and this fall we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We have three wonderful children (John 18, James 16, and Frances 13) who love visiting their cousins in Cincinnati. As grandchild of one of the pioneers of Cincinnati Chili, 3-Ways and Coney Islands have a special place on this St Louis family’s dinner menu. You will also find Graters Ice Cream, Queen City Sausage Brats, and Goetta at our house too.

As we are now looking for colleges for our oldest son John, Michelle and I often think what it would be like if one or both of us had not chosen UC. Looking back nearly 30 years since we met, we know, without a doubt, we made the best choice with the University of Cincinnati.

Happy Valentine’s Day Michelle. #UCLove, Steve


Marie Mount (CEAS '05) & James Mount (CEAS '05)

My husband and I met as freshman engineering students. He lived on the same dorm floor as two of my high school friends and we all ended up in Calculus 2 together. We started dating soon after and loved sharing our college experience.

Some of our favorite UC things to do included tons of training for the decathlon for Jimmy (he made it to the national meet in 2005), going for runs all over campus for Marie, and spending lots of time with the friends we made along the way.

We now have two daughters who love to visit UC and especially love to see their dad's picture up at the track.

Michelle Kowalski (CECH '11) & Steven Kowalski (CEAS '11)

Steven (2011, CAS) and I met in grade school but continued our love at UC. We got married last summer and got pictures on campus. Our entire bridal party has attended UC at some point in their lives.

Beth Ludwig (CECH '95) & Steve Ludwig (CECH '94)

I met my future husband during my first class at UC which was biology lab. We are both from local high schools so it was fun to meet some other commuters in that class. Needless to say, we didn't really hit it off that year. Actually, we both disliked each other. The beginning of sophomore year, we had US History and biology together back to back. At first I couldn't believe that we were in 2 classes together. However, after a couple of months he grew on me and we have been together ever since. We got married after we graduated (21 years ago) and have 4 amazing kids!!!

Christine Plageman-Mayhaus (DAAP '08) & Eric Mayhaus (CEAS '08)

The first time I was on campus I was just a little girl going the Sigma Sigma Carnival with my aunt Christie who was then attending UC. It was that evening with me that she officially met fellow Bearcat and her now husband, Greg Wolf. I like to take some credit for bringing them together...Greg let me win Graeter's coupons that night and was able to snag my aunt's name and number as she filled out a form for the prize drawing at the Sigma Chi booth...needless to say her name was called and she won the prize (and Greg) at the carnival that night!

Years later I moved from Nashville, where I grew up, to attend UC's DAAP Program and study fashion design. Eric, who grew up in Cincinnati and attended St. Ignatius School and LaSalle High School, also chose to attend UC to pursue engineering and to run track and cross country for UC.

During our second year at UC Eric and I both lived in Sawyer Dorm (no longer there!). We met on the elevator on our way to class early one morning. Eric and his friends were to shy (and sleepy) to say hello that morning but I wasted no time in introducing myself and then skipped off to studio.

We continued to run into each other on campus and soon we were going to Mass together at Saint Monica Saint George. As we talked on our way to church one day we discovered that not only had our dads both attended Elder HighSchool and our moms both attended Seton HighSchool around the same time but my grandmother had taught Eric in the fourth grade at St. Ignatius.

Eric and I began dating the spring of '05. He came to visit me during my co-ops in New York and San Fransisco and after 4 years of dating proposed to me in New York's Central Park a year after graduating together. It was perfect.

We have so many special memories of being together at UC...the first time he held my hand was at The Sigma Sigma Carnival as we watched the fireworks show...we each met each other's parents for the first time on campus at different events...we rushed the field together when UC beat Rutgers, he asked my dad for my hand in marriage at the Clifton Skyline while I prepared for my final fashion show....the list goes on : )

We are so thankful UC brought us together! We will celebrate 7 years of marriage this year and have two beautiful baby Bearcats! We still get together with our UC friends every year and love revisiting campus together!

#bearcatsforlife #UCtrack&field #UCcrosscountry #DAAP #bearcatlove

Sarah Barner (A&S '10) & Peter Allan (CEAS '11)

Peter and Sarah went to high school together in a small town but didn't re-connect until they both attended UC together. After a long distance relationship while Peter finished up his 5-year program and Sarah began her professional career, Peter took Sarah on a carriage ride downtown and proposed. They married in November 2011, and now reside in Marietta, Ohio with their two sons. Without attending UC, their paths may have never crossed again and this love story would have never happened.

Tony Perazzo (Bus '90) & Dianna Hull Perazzo (Med '93)

Dianna and I met in high school, but we fell in forever #UCLove when she came back to Cincinnati to go to medical school while I was still a senior in the College of Business. I proposed four years later on the morning of her "Match Day" when medical school seniors find out where they will go for their residency.

This picture was taken on the day of her hooding in 1993. After the ceremony I realized that I didn't have my car keys. We looked all over the Eden Park Amphitheater for those keys to no avail. As a last ditch effort, we went to the car, which was parked about a mile away, to see if I by chance had left them there. Indeed I had - and I'd left the car running! I was so excited for my beautiful fiancee and her big day, I bolted out of the car and left it running.

Now our oldest daughter is a freshman Bearcat in the Medical Sciences program. We've seen UC grow and change so much. We are truly proud to be Bearcats.

Roxanne Your (A&S '97; CECH '98 & '03) & Anthony Your (CEAS '97)

During the fall of my freshman year a friend from high school introduced me to Anthony. She knew he was a co-op at the same company both my parents worked. Because of this connection we had a lot to talk about. He invited me to his fraternity's formal. After that we were inseparable. I attended 4 years of Triangle fraternity's formals and he attended all the UC football games to watch me preform with the UC Band. We were married in 1997, one week after graduation. We continued to visit UC for Homecoming in the fall. I was not sure we would be able to make Homecoming in 2002, because our 2nd child was due 2 days before the game. Since I was 2 days overdue, we decided to attend the Homecoming parade and walk around campus. All the walking helped me go into labor a few hours later. The next summer, I received my Master's degree from UC, surrounded by my husband and our little Bearcats. The University of Cincinnati gave me more than an education. I have so many wonderful memories from my many years of trecking from one side of campus to the other, marching under the lights of Nippert Stadium and falling in love with Anthony.

Natalie Ochmann (A&S '14 & '16) & Timothy Ochmann (CEAS '15)

Tim and I didn't begin our love at the University of Cincinnati, having been high school sweethearts, but I followed him to the University and fell in love with it as much as I had with him. The two of us were actively involved in the marching band, as it was through band that we had met in the first place. We finally got married this past May after more than six years together--4 as devoted Bearcats. I will continue to work for the university after graduation, so we will remain a part of the UC community!

Bob Coppola (CECH '00) & Colleen Cothran-Coppola (A&S '00)

I played both football and baseball at UC, and Colleen was on the dance team. We met in the training after spring ball for year end physicals. I remember her flirting with me, but she may tell you a different story. We spent the day together at the Greek Games at Nippert during Greek Week. I was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and she was a Chi Omega. Fast forward a bit, we both graduated in fall of 2000, and moved to Chicago for my Chiropractic schooling. Wanting to get closer to the Cincy area after graduating, we settled in northern Kentucky. We have 2 children, Olivia (10) and Antbony (8). We are big supporters, contributors and fans of UC and their athletic programs. We travel to all home football and a few away games each year. My son even celebrated his birthday party at a football tailgate in the alumni center parking lot! Our passion for uv is strong, and I am so thankful we can have family day at UC events. #bestcollegeinamerica

Michelle DePlaunty-Stuhlreyer (CCM '92) & Peter Stuhlreyer (DAAP '94)

My husband Peter and I met our sophomore years at UC. We were both in the Greek system and started to hang out and eventually date. He was a Pike and I was a Kappa Kappa Gamma. We dated on and off throughout the rest of our college career at UC. Peter was a DAAP 6 year Architecture student and I was a Dance major who finished up in 4 years. I graduated and toured with a company in Japan and we tried to take a break.... this was before cell phones, internet and email so all we had was snail mail and ATT calling cards from pay phones connected to a wall and a 12 hour time difference! It didn't take us long to figure out that upon my return to the USA and his graduation from DAAP we would be married and move to NYC to persue our careers and lives together! Fast forward through 27 years of dating, marriage and family and we are now PROUD (out of state) parents of our Bearcat daughter who is now a CCM student! #UCLove

Laura Simanski (A&S '12) & Joe Cerreta (CEAS '14)

I moved in to a house on Moerlein Ave in my Junior year with four of my teammates on the women's lacrosse team. A couple of days after we had moved into our house, we received a note in our mailbox from the five boys next door inviting us to a cookout at their house. At the cookout was the first time that I met Joe. Joe was in his sophomore year as an electrical engineering major. It wasn't love at first sight since we were both in other relationships, but I knew something was very special about Joe. The boys became our biggest fans on the lacrosse field. They each picked one of our numbers out of a hat to be able to wear our jerseys at the games. Joe picked first and got my number, #8! As my junior year and the beginning of senior year went by, we remained friends and the relationships Joe and I were both in didn't work out. Joe and I got closer everyday after and he soon became the person I wanted to talk to everyday. He came to every one of my games at Nippert Stadium and also some away games including Notre Dame. We started dating close to the end of my senior year without any regard to the fact that I was moving back home to Maryland after graduation. After graduation, we decided that long distance was our only option. We made it two years through long distance before he graduated in 2014 and we moved in together in Philadelphia. Now, we are engaged after almost 4 years of dating! I doubt I would have ever met Joe if I didn't attend UC and I am so thankful everyday that I chose such a great college to meet such a great man!!

Alyssa Roberts (A&S '13) & Katie Johnson (Phar '15)

Though we didn't meet until our third year at UC, when we met through a mutual friend, Katie and I both lived in Turner Hall during our freshman year. (I still swear I saw her in the elevator once.)

Four years later, our #UCLove has survived--despite two years of long distance while I did Teach For America in Indianapolis and Katie finished pharmacy school. Now, I am lucky enough to be a staff member, and Katie is continuing her work with the College of Pharmacy. I'm so grateful to have met my other half and even more grateful that we are both lifelong Bearcats!

Caitlin Denney (Bus '15) & Dustin Kaine (CEAS '14 & '15)

Dustin and I met my fourth year and his fifth year in college. A mutual friend of ours introduced us one night after a Reds Game at Tin Roof, by literally shoving us into one another. After a fun night of hanging out with friends and talking we exchanged numbers since he was on an out of town co-op and only in for the weekend. We talked over the phone and through texting for the next couple months finding out so much about each other, like his childhood friend was also a Delta Sigma Pi Brother of mine! We found out that we were actually at a lot of the same Delta Sigma Pi events on campus in 2013 and 2014, but never ran into each other. We were actually at the same Halloween party in 2013 being hosted by a mutual friend, he was ghost hence why I probably never saw him since he was wearing a bed sheet!

After he returned from the out of town co-op we called it official and enjoyed our last years at UC by attending tailgates, football games, formals, late night library study dates, trying every beer we could in Cincinnati, and attending each others graduations. At the end of our last year I was offered my dream position in Cincinnati, while he was offered a his dream position in Washington DC. Just like our relationship began separated by distance our relationship met that same crossroads again. Not wanting to hold each other back we decided to accept both of our offers knowing we could handle it, because we handled the distance once before.

We are currently still working in different states but everything is great, and the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is absolutely true! Every time we see each other on long weekends and mini vacations (like me surprising him during the Blizzard of 2016 in DC) we make the most of our time together, never taking a minute for granted. He will probably be embarrassed for me sending this but hey, what are girlfriends for if they don't embarrass their amazingly smart and handsome boyfriend? ;) I could go on and on talking about our memories and how they were made through our two years together at UC. Hopefully by the end of this year he will be back in Cincinnati just in time for football season, and we can make more memories on campus as Alumni!

David Slack (CEAS '98 & '00) & Sally Slack (Bus '01)

Sally and I met sometime during her sophomore year of undergrad. We were both selected to be in the Student Alumni Council. After I graduated with my Bachelors degree, we both found ourselves working at the Alumni Center; me as a graduate assistant and she as an undergraduate assistant. I remember sharing an office with her.

We began dating just after New Year in 1999. We dated until after I finished my masters in 2000. I began working at P&G in the summer of 2000. I proposed during the fireworks display at the dedication of the new green space that had once been 'B' Lot. Just before homecoming in 2000.

We were married in November of 2001. The Mick and Mack replicas were in attendance at our reception at the Kingsgate; on loan from Carol Steger. The wedding colors were red and black, of course. Our wedding logo was the lions paws on rings instead of spheres. My wedding gift from Sally was a shiny set of UC cuff links.

Justine McNulty (A&S '12 & '14) & Luke Fraley (A&S '11)

Luke and I met my sophomore year and his junior year in our creative writing workshop. We also had another writing class together that semester, and it took nearly the whole semester to muster the courage to speak to one another! At the end of the year get together for our workshop, I asked for Luke's number, and we ended up going to Dewey's Pizza on Ludlow for dinner that evening with a few other friends from our class. Our first date was the Monday of finals week, and a little over 4 years later, Luke proposed to me in front of the lions of McMicken Hall, where we had first met. Now, we are in the middle of planning our wedding for this August!

Laurie Adkins (CEAS '07) & Kyle Adkins (CEAS '07)

Kyle and I met as freshmen in the Biomedical Engineering program in 2002. We were in almost all the same classes and found ourselves working together all the time on homework, labs, and projects. We discovered that we had a lot in common and quickly became close friends. Fast forward 3 years to when I realized that I wanted him to be more than a friend and luckily, he did too. On the night of the Crosstown Shootout in 2005 we had our first kiss and we got married in 2014. UC will always have a special place in our hearts and we're so happy we found each other there!

Keisha Byrd (A&S '08) & Chris Simendinger (Bus '07)

The Tuesday night tradition in the Greek community was to all meet at the local Clifton favorite Uncle Woody's. Chris (a junior) and Keisha (a freshman) met one evening after he asked a group of older sorority sisters who she was from across the bar. After dating for 18 months they went their own paths, but still remained friends for years. Chris went on to the University of Dayton to pursue a law degree and Keisha moved to Washington, DC. They continued their strong friendship through the distance and when Keisha moved back to Cincinnati in 2014 they rekindled their past and have been together ever since. Through many years they have maintained the same tight group of Bearcat friends and look forward to football tailgates and Homecoming each year.

Xan Waddell Jeffery (CCM '87 & '91) & Michael Jeffery (Bus '86)

Mike and I met in June of 1986 at Cooter's! He and his PIKE brother, Scott Porter, sat on our bar stools while my friends and I were dancing. We were married in September of 1987, with Scott and my girlfriend who was with me when we met, serving as our Best Man and Maid of Honor.

Sam Scales (A&S '10) & James Scales (A&S '08)

James and I met my freshman year, his junior year in the spring. I remember going back to my dorm and telling my roommate I was 'not a fan of James Scales'. I haven't gone a day since without speaking to him. We were good friends until he graduated and then we started dating my junior year. James joined the Air Force after graduating and we spent a year and a half dating long distance. We now proudly display our red and black in Denver, CO with our 7 year old pup, Harley and 16 month old, Nolan. I love telling our friends how we met in college.

Amanda Dembkowski (Nur '08) & Michael Dembkowski (CEAS '07)

Mike and I met in early 2004 as a matchup date to a Phi Delta Theta/Chi Omega formal. Our dating life revolved around UC. Our first "date" was getting dinner in Calhoun dining hall (broke college kids ;)) and our first kiss was in Sawyer Hall. Mike proposed to me in 2007 on campus where Sawyer Hall would have been if it was still standing. Our wedding was filled with people we met during our UC time, and our love for UC will never end. We currently have 2 children, and both will be huge UC fans (and hopefully future Bearcats) just like us!

Ashley (Dugan) McFarland (Bus ’05) & Richard McFarland (CECH ’04)

Richard & I met at Princeton High School and dated through our entire time at the University of Cincinnati. I was in the Lindner Honors-PLUS program within the Lindner College of Business majoring in Marketing and now I work for UC and our 3 Business Honors Programs. I’m thrilled to be back on campus representing a school that has meant so much to me. Richard majored in Criminal Justice and is now a Lieutenant/Paramedic with the Covington Fire Department. UC is one of our favorite places to bring out 3 ½ year old son because we love sharing the #UCLove with him. This May we will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Go Bearcats! (Photo credit: Leah Robbins Photography for Blake’s 1 year pictures)

Brandon Addis (A&S '14) & Miranda Luna (A&S '14)

In the fall of 2012 I noticed a really pretty girl sitting in the desk in front of me. I didnt have the nerve to talk to her. The next day after an exam I was standing around McMicken Commons and someone came up to me and asked me how I did on the exam and it was the pretty girl from class. I ended up talking to her for an hour and missed my next class. I recall calling my best friend afterwards and telling him what happened... and that I had a strange feeling there was something special about her. Many classes,nights at langsam, football and basketball games later we are now together. If it wasn't for for a fateful moment of chance on mcmicken, I'd be a lost man. Thanks uc and that terrible politics class.

Katy Fee (A&S '08) & Rob Fee (CEAS '09)

All summer long, my friend from high school, and future roommate, was telling me about her boyfriend's roommate, Rob. She couldn't wait to introduce us. Little did I know, the first time I would meet my future husband would be in a towel, fresh out of the shower, sitting at my desk in my Calhoun dorm room! It was my first week at UC, and that was when our #UCLove story began! We have been together ever since! We were able to experience all of the football games, the campus parties, the Homecoming's, the ups and downs of college life together. Rob proposed in May 2007, and we were married on June 20, 2009. We've been happily married for almost 7 years now and have 2 little Bearcats of our own. Our oldest, 5, can't wait to be a Bearcat when she grows up, and we can't wait to share all of the amazing things that UC has to offer with her!

Alyx Taggart (A&S '13) & Blaise Taggart (CECH '13)

Blaise and I technically met our freshmen year in McMicken Hall during our Effective Public Speaking class, but we didn't fall for each other until sophomore year in Spanish class held in Crosley Tower. He proposed the same week we graduated from UC and we were married a year later at Pinecroft, which is Powel Crosley's estate. There is a fantastic stain glassed window there with the UC Crest, my MOH got the room to do "Down the Drive" during her speech and Blaise threw a football with a UC garter around it for the "toss". Everything came full circle with our love of the Bearcats at the center of it. Blaise spent all 4 years of undergrad working for the Bearcats football team as a student video worker and a year post-grad in the recruiting department. We recently moved to Houston, TX because the Texans gave Blaise the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of being an NFL Scout. We PROUDLY represent the Cincinnati Bearcats in a city heavily saturated with Houston Cougars fans. We were there to welcome the Bearcats Football team when they played the Cougars this fall and intend to be there front and center when the basketball team visits in March. UC has literally given us everything: our education, our relationship and professional experience. Absolutely nothing in this wonderful life we have built together would have been possible without the University of Cincinnati.

Ronald Hart Brown (CCM '12) & Stacy Hart Brown (A&S '12)

It all began in the African American Cultural Resource Center. While promoting an event for Collegiate 100 Honorary, Ron Brown met eyes with Stacy Randle. Through trials & test, love continued to build. As these two grew so did their passion for each other & serving their community. Now residing in Chicago, Ron and Stacy are married with a new Baby girl named Melody. The UC start and the colors Red and Black will always be part of their family.

Casey Anderson (CAHS '08) & Jason Anderson (CECH '07)

Jason and I met during our sophomore year of college. We both lived in the same apartment building, and found out that we both were Greek. We quickly became friends and went to each other's winter formals (Fiji and Chi Omega). After several years of dating, we got married in 2009. We had our first daughter in 2012 and are expecting our second daughter in March.

Meredith Niese (Bus '06) & Marc Niese (Bus '05)

Marc and I met on the SAC retreat 11 years ago. He had just gotten off crutches from ACL surgery and was hobbling along. The retreat was at Shawnee State Park so a group of us were taking a walk after dinner. We struck up a coversation and hung out much of the rest of the trip. He bravely asked me out for Valentines Day which happened to be the day after we returned. We've been married almost 8 years and have two beautiful little girls. Ironically, his brother met his wife in SAC as well! We are a proud UC alumni family and our daughter has the same love for UC that we do!!

Erin Woebkenberg (CECH '10) & Nick Woebkenberg (A&S '08)

Our #UClove started in the summer of 2006. I was heading into my sophomore year at Miami University. Over the summer Nick and I met through mutual friends. Prior to starting my year at MU, Nick began introducing me to his love of UC. Over the course of the first semester, the two of us made the commute to and from both Universities. As time went on, the commute became more-one sided as I began to fall in love, not only with Nick, but also with UC. During this time, Nick introduced me to all of the famous UC cheers (which I made fun of then) that are now my favorites, the pride of being a Bearcat on game day, the joy of living in Clifton among other Bearcats, and the beauty of the UC campus. By spring quarter of 2007, I had left MU and became a full time Bearcat. This summer marks are 10 year anniversary of being together and our 5th wedding anniversary. We cannot thank UC enough for being the catalyst of our #UClove story.

Tiffany LaCour (CECH '11 & DAAP '13) & Marcus LaCour (A&S '09)

I met my husband Marcus in R.A.P.P. 23 in 2008. We went on our annual R.A.P.P. retreat to Grailville in the Fall of 2008. Marcus decided to walk the ground of Grailville without a coat. I offered to share my blanket with him and the rest is history! Marcus and I were married on September 2nd, 2012.

Marisa Ansari (DAAP '17) & Austin Pearson (A&S '16)

"On the second day of the spring semester of 2015, I was sitting in professional development (my only non DAAP class at the time, which is always exciting for a DAAPer) and a very handsome guy sat next to me. I played it cool through the semester (aka ignoring him). One day we had to peer review each other's resume and he saw that I coach cheerleading, he responded with, "I'm a cheerleader here at UC!" In March he emailed me and "asked when an assignment was due but I could only text him back because his email wasn't working.

... We're getting married this fall."

Cherrylyn Bacani (A&S '13) & Michael Dickson (Bus '12 & '13)

Our #UCLove slowly began in late 2009. Michael was a sophomore, having only recently discovered his roar, and I was a freshman, adapting to college life. On a winter night, our paths eventually crossed. A high school friend invited me to hang out at one of UC's fraternities. Little did I know, I would meet Michael. It took us several months before we were aware of each other's romantic feelings. We officially started dating in the spring of 2010. Fast forward almost five and half years...Michael and I were back on campus for a homecoming game. Prior to watching the parade, he took me for a walk around campus, and a stroll down memory lane. With the help of his brother and a friend (also proud Bearcats, of course), he set up a surprise picnic in front of McMicken Commons, complete with 6 dozen roses, orange juice and champagne (most definitely a complete and balanced meal). My best friend and her boyfriend helped Michael subtly lead me to the picnic, and he got down on one knee, pledged his love (in a somewhat shaky voice), and asked me to marry him. I was surprised, quite the feat for Michael, and I said yes.

UC has always been special to us. We matured into adults here, and learned what it takes to be personally and professionally successful. The Bearcat community provided us a nurturing environment where we found endless opportunities to grow. We are so happy to have found each other at UC, and can't wait to cheer the Cats on at Nippert and Fifth Third Arena as Mr. and Mrs.

Danielle Hensley (CECH '15) & Ian Silver (CECH '14 & '15)

They were introduced by two fraternity/sorority brothers/sisters in 2012 and were acquaintances through friends for a while. Little did she know, he was telling her friends that he thought she was cute and wanted to take her out, but he didn't ask her. A few months went by while her friends kept telling her over and over how much he talked about her. Six months later she confronted him and they agreed on a Panera date. 3+ years (and almost 4 degrees between the two of them!), they couldn't be happier!

Carl Schmid (CECH '14) & Jessica Theobald (CECH '15)

I met Jessica during my time as a brother in Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. We both had a strong mutual interest in sports, she was working in the UC Football office and I was coaching basketball at the time. With the coaching change the football team needed someone to help with graphics and as she likes to say, "you have your job because of me." We worked many a gameday, recruiting event, golf outing, and banquets together. The love of football and UC really brought us together. Through our times working in the office we've traveled to the Belk Bowl and the Military Bowl. Going into this season she had no idea what I had planned. The Thursday night primetime win over Miami (FL) was one of the most thrilling games we'd ever experienced working with the team. With her birthday the next week and knowing that I would have to be at work, I had planned a "birthday dinner" with the Saturday night off. Little did she know I had been planning months in advance for this one night. As we drove towards downtown for dinner, I got a call from my boss asking me to come in and take pictures of the stadium for our recruiting department. It's not uncommon for me to get called last minute for work things so she didn't think much of it. The months of planning culminated in asking her to marry me on the 50 yard line of Nippert using a video that I had painstakingly prepared for the last two weeks. We are now in the process of planning our wedding and although red and black aren't our colors, UC is what brought us together.

The video of the proposal: https://youtu.be/ngajBwBpHXI

James Cook (CAHS '09) & Charissa Cook (Nur '08 & '13)

Our #UCLoveStory started in 2007 when my friend and college room mate (and eventual best man in my wedding) and I went to the Holy Grail on campus. He kept telling me about a girl from class that I had to meet. I was a little hesitant as my friend was not the best matchmaker. However this time was different. We hit it off right away and Charissa and I have been inseparable ever since. We were married in 2009 and after 6.5 years of marriage and 3 future Bearcats later I can say that he nailed it.

Vijay Permareddy (CEAS '13) & Shruti Chandrika (CEAS '15)

The cupid shot his arrow at me back in 2012 when I just landed in UC and states. Fall semester classes just begun when I met Shruti from MS Mechanical Engineering. I knew her through a social networking site from my home country but never met her in person. I met her the very first time at my friend’s place and sparks did fly between us. Through a common friend's birthday party, I had a chance to talk to her and spend some quality time. As expected, soon we started dating. At first both of were not really sure where we were heading to, but now its 2016 and we are falling into an abyss of love and affection as every other day passes. UC has not only given me an awesome career, but also got me introduced to the love of my life. As of now, she works in New Jersey and I work in New York City, so we meet very often and we are going really strong.

Beatrice Hill (CEAS '10) & Nate Rosenthal (Bus '12)

Nate and I met in 2008 during a party with all my old Phi Delta Theta friends. We hit it off right away. I didn't really hear back from him until six months later during spring quarter. He called to see if I wanted to go to his Delta Sig formal. I accepted and we started to date a little bit after that. We invited each other to each others semi formal, him to SAE's and me to Chi'Os that spring. Summer came and he went to study abroad in Perú and we drifted apart while he was gone and broke up before school started. We never really spoke after that for six years. Fast forward six years later to Thanksgiving weekend of 2014 when I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida for a job. Nate happened to be on vacation in Clearwater with his family around that time and he remembered (thanks to Facebook) that I lived nearby. He took the courage to get in contact and catch up. We met that evening with some of my friends and it seemed that we picked up where we left it off six years ago. After we saw each other we kept talking for a few months and trying to make our relationship work while being in long distance. And the rest is history! I'm so lucky that UC and Greek life helped bring us together!

Maria Rosensweig (A&S '11) & Ryan Rosensweig (Bus '09 & DAAP '11)

In my senior year I was asked by my college (Arts and Sciences) to participate in a class commissioned by then Provost Ono and the University called 'Envisioning the Future of Technology.' Little did I know this collaborative studio would be where I met my now husband (Ryan Rosensweig, UC MDes + BBA). We love UC and could not be happier to build our future together!

Julie Peterfish (A&S '13) & David Tepe (Bus '13)

My #UCLove story began freshman year (‘09) in Turner Hall. I had finally mustered up enough courage to smile big and say, “Hi! I’m Julie!” to the cute golfer next door. All I got in return was “Hey.” (I was convinced he hated me.) Fast forward to sophomore year in CRC dorms. Somehow we were neighbors for a second year in a row. As it turns out, he didn’t hate me at all! Our hallway hellos turned into game nights and Center Court breakfast dates. My Chi-O sisters met him and approved, and I later met his PIKE brothers at a formal event. Soon after that, the “double-function assumption” set in, and we’ve been together ever since.

UC gave each of us unique and valuable experiences, but I'm especially thankful for the ones that David and I shared together. Go bearcats!

Kent Allen (CEAS '85, Bus '89) & Elizabeth Allen (Nur '85)

Our #UCLove Story started in the spring of 1982. That spring I noticed a girl on campus who I thought was very beautiful. Fortunately, she was a sorority sister of a friend of mine and I asked my friend to introduce us. A few days later it happened. We got introduced in the library. I’d like to say it was a extremely romantic moment. Unfortunately, after giving me a polite “hi”, she made a quick 180 and walked away. However, my luck changed a few days later as she showed up in the Calhoun cafeteria while I was eating lunch. I noticed that she was having troubles with the Pepsi machine so I decided to “help her”. Since I was a Mechanical Engineering student I thought I should be able to fix it. Much to my chagrin, when I tried to fill her glass, Pepsi went all over my hand and down my arm. Not the smoothest move or romantic moment. However, what I did must have worked since she agreed to go out on a date with me (or maybe she felt sorry for me). That first date was the start of our #UCLove Story that has lasted almost 34 years. And to this day we still laugh about my “Pepsi” moment.

Breana Trauger (CEAS '09) & Josh Trauger (CEAS '09)

Josh and Breana were both Civil Engineering majors at the University of Cincinnati but somehow they did not meet until fall quarter of their sophomore year. Interestingly, Breana and Josh were at freshman orientation at UC on the same days and had to have crossed paths at some time then or during their freshman year as they had some of the same courses. Breana even has a photo with her and two of her friends at Josh’s house from a party fall of sophomore year; but they did not know each yet, nor did either of them know they were at the same party until sometime later in the relationship. Calculus 4 fall quarter of sophomore year in the basement of Zimmer Hall was the place they eventually would meet and start to talk. After some conversation in class they exchanged phone numbers and started to talk and text. They quickly got to know each other very well with Breana exceeding her messaging allowance in November of 2005. Throughout winter break, Josh and Breana continued to hang out and by the end of break they were becoming pretty serious and decided to give the relationship a “shot” and officially became a couple on December 30, 2005. Breana and Josh married on July 26,2014 in Cincinnati and celebrated with their friends and family in TUC's Great Hall in the place where they most likely for the first time were in the same room for their freshman orientation 10 years earlier.

Check out their UC themed wedding proposal: http://breanajosh.ourwedding.com/view/4088852298967219/31275282

Ranjani Ravi (CEAS '14) & Avinash Raghuram (CEAS '13)

Avinash and I met at UC during our part-time on campus job at ASIT on Edwards. He and I were both pursuing our Masters degree at UC. Avinash was asked to mentor me by our supervisor as I was a new employee. We got to know each other well with time and went on to become great friends. Avinash asked me out on the last day he was to leave Cincinnati, as he moved to Charleston for his job in July 2013. I had no immediate answer. But, eventually as we kept in touch, I fell in love and we decided to tie the knot. We got married in December 2015. UC has great memories for both of us. We made great everlasting friendships and got prepared for life's endevours. UC will always hold a special place in both of our hearts!

Gabrielle Custer (Nur '16) & Lewis Daniels (CEAS '16)

Lewis and I met very early on our freshman year through a girl name Erin who lived down the hall from me in Calhoun (who quickly became my best friend, and still is). Lewis will say that we met at a football game (we were standing in the same row...but never actually "met"!), but I am convinced it was officially on that following Sunday at H2O, a campus ministry. Either way, we wouldn't have ever met if we weren't specifically placed where we were at the University of Cincinnati freshmen year 2011. Who would've thought that the first guy you meet in college would become your husband? Yep, that happened to me. Four and a half years later and we're engaged. I couldn't be happier to have met and grown so much together at UC, and we're proud to call it our home.

Mary Bridges (A&S '14) & Justin Mugge (CEAS '14)

I was a junior at UC when a friend of mine told me he knew of someone that I needed to meet. He was apparently "tall, smart, and crazy athletic like you and I think you guys need to be friends". Being a collegiate track and field athlete I had my doubts about a regular student being a crazy athlete quite like me but I agreed to meet this guy. During finals week that winter my friend got us both to meet for a little rock climbing at the CRC. I had never really worked out there since athletes have their own gym. I looked really nervous as I walked into the gym and wandered to the rock wall. Standing lost and looking around for my friend I was approached by a very tall athletic-looking guy in a tight muscle shirt and shorts. "Hi, you must be Mary."

These were the first words I heard from Justin but little did I know they would become the best words I had ever heard. Except perhaps the words I heard last month when he dropped to one knee after our tango showcase performance and asked me to marry him, three years after we met at that rock wall. Three years of me dragging him to football games and him cheering me on at track meets. Three years of me bringing him and his lab mates midnight food during their long night aerospace capstone building sessions. 3 years of hiking, camping, rock climbing, learning to ski, and exploring with a guy that showed me hidden places on campus and serenaded me on the CCM pianos when no one was using them. As an athlete and a driver for UC NightRide, I thought I knew most of the shortcuts, backdoors, and helpful places around campus. He showed me how much I didn't know and made me fall in love with the campus and him all over again. He now works at Honda and I work for the Columbus Zoo. These two UC alumni are starting a new chapter in our lives together, all because of a chance friend introduction and the UC rock wall.

Kat Laclede (A&S '15) & Ryan Timms (A&S '14)

I was not looking forward to my first day of Organic Chemistry Lab. Three hours of hard coursework and frustrating experiments were ahead of me, and then I met my randomly assigned lab partner. I was so worried that Ryan would be lazy, or rude, or unfriendly, but as fate would have it he was funny, smart and adorably handsome. I didn't know then that I had met the love of my life, but a year of friendly flirting and two years of dating later and we are still together. To this day I joke that after spending that semester as my OChem Lab partner he has seen the worst of me, and things can only go up from here!

Cheryl Faltin Weiss (Nur '71) & Terry Weiss (A&S '69, Med '73)

It was Valentine's day in 1970. I was in the lobby of Logan Hall, the student nurse's dorm talking to the receptionist. Outside it was sleeting and the streets were icy. A nice looking guy walked in the dorm and introduced himself as Terry Weiss, a medical student then asked the receptionist if she knew of a nursing student who would like to go out that evening. She turned to me and said "How about it, Cheryl, do you want to go out?" I said yes and off we went to a party. He was charismatic, fun and charming and I had a wonderful time. When he dropped me off that night, he told me he would call me. I wondered if that was just a line he was handing me to say goodbye. Two days later, he called and we and we started dating. A year later, on Valentine's Day we got engaged. Best Valentines Days ever! UC has lots of good memories for me.

Brittany Barker (A&S '15) & Drew Baugh (A&S '13)

I enrolled in Music of the Beatles class during fall quarter of 2010 thinking I had found a fun and easy way to fulfill my fine arts requirements. Just as I suspected, the class was a blast and I ended up with much more than just a grade when the course ended. About halfway through the course, I noticed a very handsome fella sitting near me. After a few weeks of battling my shyness, I decided to ask for "help" with my homework. I did not really need help. I was fully aware that Ringo wrote Octopus's Garden. As it turns out, he was dying to talk to me! The rest is history. We owe our relationship to UC and Ringo Starr.

Jessica Willard (A&S '13) & Jonathan Greer (Bus '13)

Jonathan and Jessica credit the University of Cincinnati as where they first met. Although they grew up in the same hometown of Toledo, Ohio living only three minutes away from each other and attended the same grade school for seven years together, they finally crossed paths on UC's campus. Jessica went to visit a friend at Daniel's Hall and that friend invited Jon to join them since they went to the same high school. Luckily, Jon decided to join them after UC's Skydiving Club had to reschedule their first jump of the year. Jon and Jessica meshed instantly and formed a friendship, which then led to more. Jon and Jessica enjoyed many adventures together during their time in college. They both graduated from the university and moved back to their hometown, where they share their first home with their kitten, Amelia. Jon and Jessica continuously visit Cincinnati since they have grown a deep connection to the city and all it has to offer. They are planning to tie the knot on June 11th.


Katie Normand (A&S '14) & Hayley Wagner (Bus '14)

For the third quarter of my freshman year, I needed to be in a specific English class. Well, I set my alarm wrong on the morning that I was supposed schedule my classes online, and by the time I logged on, all the spots for that class had been taken. I emailed around and no one could open up an extra spot for me. I was SO mad at myself! Luckily, I happened to check again later and saw the school ended up adding one more section, so I grabbed a spot. When I arrived to class on the first day, the girl behind me, Hayley, made a comment about my Cleveland Browns notebook, and we began talking. Since then, we've never really stopped. We ended up really hitting off, did all of our projects together that quarter, and quickly became best friends! Four years later, despite Hayley moving to Florida and my travels all over the world, we still manage to keep that constant conversation going, to the point that our significant others even get a little jealous! Looking back, I'm really glad I slept through my alarm.


University Pride
Brittany Floyd (Bus '11)

No, I am not writing you to tell you about how I met my special one, the love of my life, at the University of Cincinnati. This won't be your conventional love story, but one of how I met a lot of people that I love, the people that made me the person that I am in some of my most crucial developmental years, and the people that helped me identify the career path that I love.

Being the first in my family to go to college, I had no idea what I was doing or wanted to do. I went on tours all of over Ohio. While it wasn’t love at first sight, it was love at first step. Once I arrived at UC on my tour, I knew that I wanted to be a student there.

Throughout my four years, I held a part-time job at the Spicy Pickle (RIP), volunteered in leadership positions for several organizations, had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia, had a beer here and there ;), and met a ridiculous amount of amazing people that I am still in contact with today. Beyond my peers, I was taught by some of the best. Although I was never the type to be close to my professors, there are several that I always admired, Rick Sweeney being just one. Their drive to teach, their drive to be successful in their fields, their drive to be a role model for us is truly admirable.

Don’t even get me started on how I fell in love with the city of Cincinnati itself.

Being part of the rise of social media, it was through the opportunities that I was given at UC, through my job, peers, friends, and more that I realized I had a natural ability to help brands connect and build strong relationships with people online.

Almost five years later, I am still doing exactly that. Today, I am living in Washington, DC, working for one the most well-respected PR firms in the world developing digital strategies for a Fortune 50 company. In addition, I have integrated myself in the DC community and serve on the board of directors for Washington Women in Public Relations leading their marketing communication efforts. I’m not telling you this to boast, but to thank UC. I truly love you, UC, and couldn’t have done it all without you.


Michael Bolden(CECH '78 & '80)

I am a home grown Bearcat, raised up in Evanston and College Hill. I went to Hoffman Elementary, Sawyer Jr. High School, Couter Tech and Aiken High School. I am the oldest of nine kids of Fred and Sandra Bolden and the first one to go to college. I remember the pride in my great grandmother's eyes when she attended my first graduation at UC in '78 for my associates degree in law enforcement from University College and two years later my second graduation from the College Of Community Services for my bachelors in criminal justice. All 50 members of my family were in attendance at both of my graduations. This milestone in my life started a long line of brothers, sisters and relatives that attended UC and call it home. I will always remember my time spent in the union at McDonald's, at the library and DuBois Bookstore. I started UC with my high school sweetheart and lost her to another. UC and Cincy will always be a vital part of who I am and have grown to become. Go Bearcats!!!!



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