#UCLove Stories

This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air at the University of Cincinnati and so is the concept of #UCLove.

#UCLove represents the UC community’s love for the university in different forms. It might have started when you met your spouse in French class or your lifelong friend while living in Siddall Hall. It could have been your first visit on campus, when you walked up MainStreet in awe of its architecture; or, it could have been during your childhood when your family took you to your first Bearcats basketball game.

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Couples & Spouses
Debra Greiman Trauth (CCM '88) & Roger L. Trauth (Univeristy College '66, CCM '69)

In late March of 1989, my best friend called me at work with some huge news to tell me. She said, I just had lunch with your husband. I said, "My WHAT?" I was getting ready to start looking at grad schools not interested in dating. So pictures were handed out, and it took the people I work with 2 weeks for me to say yes to dinner and an REM concert. They kept telling me, it is just dinner, you don't have to marry the guy.

We went to The Diner for dinner before the concert. Typical first date questions...so where did you go to school, UC- what was your major, Radio and TV. I perked up and said, I was a CCM Broadcasting major too. And then we both were taken back when we both said I worked at WFIB. Then we started talking about how he was part of the original studio that he helped to build, and how it changed when it moved to the new CCM building (Now the demolished CCM building!)

We ended up leaving the concert early to head to The Blind Lemon for a drink. And again we started talking about school and the times that we spent there. After that back to his house to play piano duets until 3 a.m.

We continued to see each other every day from that initial date. We were married at Fern Grotto on Kauai Hawaii in 1991 and never spent another day without each other.

We spent time on campus with our only son for football, basketball games and Homecoming from the time he was born in 1994.

Sadly, in October 2000 my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. In 2003, we marched together as a family in the Homecoming Parade including our son who was only 9 at the time. That would be his last Homecoming to attend.

I lost my Bearcat Love on January 3, 2004 due to the progression of his colon cancer.

It is common to meet other UC Alums when you are dating in Cincinnati. To find someone who graduated 17 years before you and also worked at WFIB, the original student radio station was amazing and made those reunions so much fun.

We were truly a Bearcat love story.

Brian Eve (A&S & Bus '86) & Theresa Owlett Eve (A&S & CECH '86)

Met the future love of my life in Organic Chemistry Lab in 1984. Dated senior year and married two years after graduation. I have the University of Cincinnati to thank for my entire adult life and now our youngest daughter will be entering the "Bearcat Family" this Fall (class of 2021)!

Jenna Graham (A&S '15) & Benjamin Ginter (A&S '15)

I had just transferred to UC from the University of Alabama at the start of my junior year. I realized after the first two days of classes that Ben was in all of my geology classes. He sat next to me in all of them and we began to become friends. We did all of our assignments and projects together. I followed him out west the following summer for field camp because I couldn't stand to not see him for six weeks. We finally started dating in February 2015. We were both accepted to a master's program in geology at the University of Alabama, which is where we are now. Ben proposed February 13, 2016. He led me on an awesome scavenger hunt that ended with me finding the love of my life down on one knee. We are excited to get married this year, and I am so happy that I met him in the UC geology department. Go Bearcats and Roll Tide!

Alison Farringer (A&S & CECH '14) & Brian Boveri (A&S & CECH '14)

Alison and Brian met in August of 2010 as freshman trumpet players in the UC Bearcat Band. After a first date at Mac's pizza pub, the pair navigated undergrad together through countless band trips, football games, volunteer activities, and even a ballet class together! After graduation in 2014, they braved a long distance relationship for nearly 2 years, supporting each other as each pursued their own goals for graduate school. The couple was ecstatic to be reunited for good in 2016, as Alison returned to UC pursue a PhD in Criminal Justice. As partners and best friends, they love to walk the campus 7 years later and reminisce about their years together as young Bearcats.

Matt Stephens-Rich (A&S '11) & Jessica Amrine (A&S '12)

Jessica and I first met each other casually as fellow marching band members of the Bearcat Marching Band. Outside of seeing each other at football games and the occasional party, our paths did not truly cross. It was not until the end of my junior year (2010) that our relationship took true form.

It was the end of the academic year, and Jessica (and her roommates) found themselves in need of housing for finals week, as their apartment lease had expired the week prior. It was actually two fellow roommates who had made the arrangements. When Jessica arrived, I felt an instant draw to her; however, she was not looking to kindle any kind of relationship. That night, we stayed up until 2 a.m. talking - while I thought it was creating a connection, Jessica later attested that she only stayed up to talk because I would not leave the couch on which she was planning to sleep.

Never the less, we kept in communication throughout the summer, with our relationship slowly (but surely) taking root. My grandfather had actually passed away over these months, with Jessica kind enough to write a condolences card to my mother (to which she responded, "So Matt, who is this girl?"). By the time band camp rolled around at the end of the summer, Jessica and I were inseparable, yet still not officially dating.

To seal the deal of making Jessica my official girlfriend, I thought it would be a great idea to pop the question at the steps of McMicken College. So the night of November 1st, I took Jessica out to dinner at Five Guys (a fine establishment), and walked her home afterwards. Yet as we were about to pass the steps of McMicken, where I was planning to ask her out, we got into a squabble that dampened the mood. After having stormed by McMicken, I finally got the situation under control, and asked Jessica to officially date me on a random Clifton street in front of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Jessica and I continued to date for the next five years; at a distance while I worked in California, and close by when I attended graduate school at (The) Ohio State University. On our five year anniversary of dating (last year), and also to celebrate my birthday, Jessica planned a surprise camping trip at Hocking Hills. I snagged the opportunity - and proposed to her at the perfect moment during a long hike.

We are now married and live and work in Columbus, Ohio; I work for a statewide non-profit organization in alternative fuels in transportation, and Jessica works as a Registered Nurse at a nearby hospital. We would not be where we are, romantically or professionally, without our time at UC.

Andrea Bobadilla (A&S '14) & Jon Arthur (A&S '14)

My fiancé Jon and I met our freshman year at UC in 2010. We actually met at a concert one of the first weekends of college through a mutual friend from my hometown. We both were from the greater Columbus, OH area but never had previously crossed paths. We were also both pre-med students so we kept seeing each other after the concert in almost every single class. One day I asked for help with chemistry homework and we found out that homework wasn't the only chemistry there was... (lol). He played hard to get for a while until we officially started dating in April of 2012. Jon then was accepted into medical school in Indianapolis when we graduated in 2014 so we packed our bags and moved. Finally on December 24, 2015 Jon decided it was time to pop the question and I became his fiancé. We fell in love at UC and we also fell in love with Cincy so we're getting married downtown by Washington Park in May of 2018.

LeAnne Anklan (Bus '05, '12; CCM '12) & Matthew Anklan (CCM '12, '13)

It was a freezing cold Fall evening when I first met Matt. I was readying my flute and music for our rehearsal in the Bearcat Bands former band room in Armory Fieldhouse when Matt walked in. A CCM trumpet major, Matt had been invited by a mutual friend to join the pep band to which he jestingly replied that he would join if only "to meet chicks." Little did he know he would meet me on the first night.

When our friend had to cancel on attending, I realized Matt knew no other band members and thought it would be best if I could introduce myself. I walked up to say hello and we had a brief chat. When I left, a mutual friend Nate leaned over to Matt and said "That's LeAnne. She's really into band." So true.

After the game, I wanted to talk more, but I was running late for a study session. I decided to put away my flute and folder and put on my jacket oh so slowly, and I timed it just right for the two of us to "accidentally" walk out the door together. We struck up a conversation in the freezing cold weather standing on the band room steps. About 2 hours later, Matt finally asked if I wanted to go get coffee. It was only then that I realized I was exceedingly late for the study session so I regretfully declined, but we exchanged contact information and had our first official date in the coming week.

After marrying in 2008, Matt and I were able to go back to school together at UC in 2010-2012. Matt had left CCM to play trumpet for Carnival Cruise Lines before making his way back to finish his undergraduate degree. In 2012, Matt and I were able to walk together at UC graduation to receive our degrees, his Bachelor from CCM and my two Masters from CCM and the College of Business. We even had a photo session around campus after the ceremony. And yes, we went back to the steps where it all began.

I am involved in several alumni groups on campus including serving as president of the UC Band Alumni Association. Matt has now since received his Masters from CCM and has served on the Bearcat Bands staff. You can see us marching together each fall at Homecoming and playing together when possible with the UC Community Band in the summer. We truly are Bearcats for life!

Marie Trelka (CECH '07) & Nick Trelka (CEAS '05)

My husband Nick Trelka and I met in the spring of 2005 during Greek Games on Sigma Sigma Commons. Nick is a Sigma Alpha Epsilon and I am a Kappa Alpha Theta. He was only weeks away from graduating and 3 months from a move to Germany. We spent as much time together as possible and I told a mutual friend that I was going to marry him and he laughed. Nick and I briefly dated and when he moved to Europe, we still remained friends.

Fast forward to Nick moving back to the US and living in three states in five years! We reconnected when he lived in Denver and that was it! We moved to Cleveland in and began our life together. Nick proposed in 2010 on Sigma Sigma Commons and we took our engagement and wedding pictures on campus and at SAE!

We are lucky in love and life! We welcomed twin boys and two future SAE's to our family in 2015. We love being able to take our boys to campus and walk around Clifton and share the memories of our great times at UC.

Hannah Lewallen (Bus '18) & Samantha Welch (CEAS '15)

We met in the UC Bearcat band. The unlikely flute and percussionist pair. We spent a lot of time on the same field marching together, serving the band together in an organization, took a summer calculus class together, and living together by chance with mutual friends. Eventually we realized we had more going on than friendship and have been together ever since!

Russell Best (DAAP '09, '15) & Megan Best (Bus '08)

Megan and I met at Lendhardt's and Christy's, fall 2007, through mutual friends in the fraternity and sorority community. Once we started dating, we discovered that our fathers had grown up together; the dads couldn't have been happier. We were married September 24, 2011, at St. Monica-St. George, reception at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. On October 12, 2016, we welcomed into the world our little lady Bearkitten, Elliot Rose Best. Along the journey, we've collected two West Highland Whiter Terriers: Lady MacDuffy and Hickory.

Alyssa Banister (CAHS '13) & Brandon Sehlhorst (DAAP '14, Bus '16)

Brandon and I met the very first night of welcome week freshman year back in 2009! We lived in the same dormatory and had our first date at centercourt (don't worry --he swiped me in). We had a great adventure throughout college together which included being SOLs together, joining Greek life, many bearcat football games, and much more.

Here we are seven years later, after undergraduate and masters degrees, still together and planning our wedding day. We will be getting married September 9, 2017 and cannot wait for the many more memories. We are forever thankful for University of Cincinnati bringing us together and will forever be prideful of our bearcats and our story.

Molly Sammons (A&S '13) & Chris Sammons (Bus '15)

My husband attended the University of Dayton for undergrad. Thankfully, he was a UC fan and traveled to the Sugar Bowl. It was our freshman year and we were introduced by our mutual friend. We became really good friends, but that was it. We stayed friends until our junior year, when we decided to take it a step further. Our first date was to the UC vs. UConn football game. I don't remember the outcome of the game, but I do remember knowing that we would someday get married. Fast forward to February 2015. We were engaged at his house on Klotter Avenue. When planning, we knew we wanted to tie UC in as much as possible. We chose to get married at St. Monica-St. George and do pictures on UC's campus! We stopped by Murphy's Pub after pictures to pay respect to one of our favorite college hangouts and had the Bearcat make an appearance at our reception. If it weren't for our love for UC, I wonder if we ever would have met. I am so thankful we did. We now have a future Bearcat fan on the way!

Kellie Morgante (Nursing '15) & Zach Rios (Bus '15)

My fiancé and I met in 2012 at Sea World Aquatica, a water park in Florida where we both worked. We struck up a conversation on Facebook talking all night long and then he said he would find me the next morning at work. I actually made the first move and asked him to come to the beach with me and some friends and then that night after dropping him off we kissed at his front door. I knew a week in that he was the one!! And now here we are engaged and ready to wed in 2018.

Nancy Sheckler (CECH '14) & Dominick Magoteaux (Bus '15)

Dominick and I met through sorority and fraternity brothers in our third year at UC (2013.) Our dates involved Bearcat games, and me swiping him into Center Court. We grew up together at UC, it's where we met and fell in love. We still attend Bearcats games together today, being on campus reminds me of how we fell in love every time I'm there. Fast forward three and a half years later Dominick got down on one knee on Christmas Day, and I said yes! At UC I found the love of my life.

Lisa Higgins (DAAP '07) & Adam Higgins (CEAS '07)

Ours isn't a traditional UC love story.

Adam and I met when we were 10 years old in a little town called Zanesville, OH. Our two elementary schools merged together into a middle school in West Muskingum schools. We didn't talk much as he was super shy, but I always knew he was a nice guy.

Fast forward a few years - my parents decided to move to Columbus when I was 14 years old. At that point, Adam and I lost touch.

In fact, we didn't see each other again until I came to the West Muskingum graduation to see my best childhood friend walk the stage. We ran into each other and started to catch up. In that moment, we both discovered we had decided to go to UC to become Bearcats - him in Mechanical Engineering and me in Graphic Design. Both of us laughed at the coincidence and said we would see each other around.

Come fall, as I was moving into the brand new Turner dorm I spotted Adam. He and I had been assigned rooms on the same floor of Turner! Another crazy coincidence. Again, we chatted here and there when we saw each other, but didn't get super close.

Two years later we had both decided to move off campus, of course unbeknownst to each other. As I was walking down Atkinson after parking my car after I moved in, there was Adam again at the other end of the street. He had moved onto the same street I had moved onto!

At that point, we decided not to ignore the universe any more. We started dating in March 2005, got married in October of 2007 and now we have two beautiful little girls.

So, while UC didn't introduce us to each other, it brought us together for our perfect love story.

Phil Meyer (DAAP '85, Bus '90) & Elaine (Borchers) Meyer (A&S '86)

That one time at band camp...

Long before the American Pie movies, "this one time at band camp" I met my future wife. She didn't remember the first time we met there, but during a UC Marching Band trip to Louisville, she got sick and I took care of her. We started dating and got married after she graduated in 1986.

Two of our three children have participated in college marching band, including one of our sons who met his fiancée in the Indiana University Marching Band. We are one of several couples who were in the UC Marching Band at the 1980s who ended up getting married and are still married over 30 years later, which clearly demonstrates that the UC Band Is Damn Good!

Erin French (CECH '11) & Nicholas French (CECH '11)

Nicholas and I met fall of 2008, at the beginning of my sophomore year and his junior. He was friends with my neighbor, so I met him at a house party. I was wearing pajama shorts and slippers (which must have really won him over) and we eventually went on an official first date (on which he wore sweatpants). We like to keep it comfy. Fast forward over 8 years and we are happily married with two beautiful kids, doing what we love. We have lots to thank UC for!

Kristen Price (CECH '11) & Sean Price (CEAS '12)

That one time at band camp...

My husband and I met in band our freshman year. He was cute, but I wasn't sure it was going to go anywhere. We broke up after two weeks of dating. We were friends but at the same time drove each other crazy. Everything was a battle and working together was not very easy. After a few years, we moved into a house with several other friends. We got alone fine (even though he was not clean!) We both dated other people and thought that being friends was all we would ever be. One day after we were both single, we decided that maybe all of that tension and fighting was really something more. We started dating and things became more and more serious even though we both were very careful about thinking too far into the future. As college ended and we looked at all going our separate ways, we moved in together and realized there was no turning back. We have been together for six years now and married three of those. It's crazy to think that the guy who drove me crazy all t hroughout college is going to continue to drive me crazy for the rest of my life. Thank you UC for bringing me so many amazing friends, memories and of course, my husband :)

Frank Busofsky (DAAP '14 &'15) & Abigail Melampy (A&S '12)

Abby and I met at UC in 2009 through mutual friends. I thought she was cute, and she quickly impressed me by being the only person I had met who had been to my hometown (Charlottesville, Va). Yet, it wasn't until a few years later, after she was named sweetheart of Alpha Epsilon Pi, that we became more than acquaintances. Just by chance, we were both enrolled in Music of the Beatles the next semester. So on top of our shared love of music, we found out that we were compatible in many other ways. While my love for UC was never in question, it was Cincinnati-native Abby who helped me fall in love with the city that I now call home. Six years later we are married, gainfully employed (thanks UC!), and attend as many Bearcats games as we can. We wouldn't be who we are without the University of Cincinnati.

Kayla Distler (CEAS '14) & Ian Blanding (DAAP '14)

Our #UCLove Story began during my senior year at UC while Ian was finishing up his masters program. One winter weekend, I was with my friend at Arlin's Bar on Ludlow, when Ian came in with some friends. He saw me and wanted to meet me, so while I was away from my seat our friends arranged for us to meet. After we were introduced, we instantly hit it off and talked for hours over some Bell's Hopslam. Turns out our mutual love of craft beer wasn't the only thing we had in common! A few days later we met for coffee and we both knew it was a good match. It wasn't long before we were running around campus together. We both graduated in Spring 2014 and after landing jobs in the Chicago area, we decided to make the big move together. We are now engaged to be married this fall in Cincinnati at Rhinegeist Brewery (Yes, we still love our craft beer!)

Megan Fausz (A&S '09) & Rob Fausz (DAAP '09)

My husband Rob and I met the Fall of 2007. We were both members of UC's Ski & Snowboard Club and had been on the same winter trips to Colorado for years but had never met. Then we both become officers for the club our senior year. From our first meal at Jimmy Johns, my first time introducing him to Skyline, our first date on the ski trip in Colorado to skiing and traveling around the world together and now our family ski trips with our new little Bearcat Hunter, our time together at UC will always hold a special place in our hearts as the beginning of our love story.

Kim Roberts (A&S '11) & Alex Apyan (CEAS '12)

Well I was a UC cheerleader and my husband was a UC football player. He would always be in the field house as we entered in from the cat walk before games, so I would smile and wave, like I did to everyone. I knew who he was through a friend so I just thought it was natural to smile and say hi. One day I guess I didn't say hi, so he got my number from a mutual friend and texted me "way to say hi?". I was so confused as to who it could be. Once I found out I thought it was very cute and we continued to talk. We began dating my senior year and his fourth year. He came to watch me cheer women's basketball and all other cheer events. His senior year I came back for the games and traveled to bowl game to support him. UC athletics was a shared love of ours. We were both very involved and supportive of our sports. We got married in 2014 and moved to Houston, Texas but that didn't stop these two bearcats. We have gone to every game when UC travels to Houston, we are a part of the local alumni association and still are football season ticket holders. We come back to multiple football games throughout the season. People tease us for always having UC clothes on and having our house decorated in Bearcat stuff, but to us it is home. UC is the place I not only found myself and my best friends, but my husband. Once a Bearcat, forever a Bearcat!

Sarah Lane (A&S '11) & Curtis Ra'shaaun Lane (CEAS '11, Bus '12)

We met in the summer of 2010 right before we both started our senior year. It was a hot July night down on the levee in Newport. He was working a shift as a bouncer and I was out with friends. I thought he was so cute and I was introduced by a mutual acquaintance. When we started talking, I noticed his beautiful eye lashes. Now both of our daughters (Amari [4] and Isla [1], cute lil' bearkittens!) share those same beautiful eye lashes! The more we got to know each other throughout that last year at UC, we knew that this would last and together we could weather any storm.

Our families can attest that we are two very different people; I love romance novels, he's more of a mystery cliff-hanger type. I could lay in bed all day on a Saturday, he is up ready to go work out and take on the day. I'm die-hard Skyline, he loves himself some Gold Star. But we have plenty in common as well: We both love House of Cards, Holtman's Donuts, taking adventures to new cities, making a difference in our community and our Bearcats!! There is no one I would rather watch a game at Nippert Stadium with and we are truly best friends! He gets all my #UCLove!


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