OneUC: In Celebration of UC’s World-Class Health Care

By Jennifer Heisey, Executive Director of the UC Alumni Association
August 2016

A major element in the UC family is UC Health, which encompasses the exceptional talent and state-of-the-art resources at UC Medical Center, West Chester Hospital and the Drake Center, as well as the steadfast physicians, nurses, pharmacists, clinicians, researchers and health care educators at our Academic Health Center. Taken as a whole, UC Health’s impact on the region is remarkable. Viewed by the individual lives they save and the personal care they render, its value is incalculable.

As with most people who gain appreciation for the medical community in times of unexpected need, I have become more thankful for UC Health as my dear friend, sorority sister and fellow Bearcat, Emily Frank, has relied on their expertise and compassion during her long recovery from a tragic accident earlier this year. This touching video tells a bit of her grateful patient story.

It’s important as UC alumni to realize the breadth and depth of our university and the tremendous impact we have on the trajectory of countless lives around us. As each edition of OneUC illustrates, in all sorts of ways we’re a remarkable change agent, and UC Health is an important reason to feel enormous Bearcat Pride.


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