2019 Onyx & Ruby Gala

Thank you for nominating a deserve UC alum or current student for an Onyx & Ruby award. Below are descriptions of the awards and the nomination form. If you have any questions, please contact Justin Gibson, Associate Director for Diversity Outreach and Engagement at (513) 556-4312. Nominations are due by Friday, Oct. 26.

Georgia E. Beasley Legacy Award is in honor of the late Georgia E. Beasley. This category recognizes the contributions of our alumni pre-1980 who have made sacrifices and shared their vision to enhance the quality of life at UC and in the community. Their legacy is timeless and one that set a standard of excellence that inspires us to keep our eyes on the prize, while pressing toward the mark.

Emerging Leader Award highlights our most recent alumni within the last 10 years, who are blazing the trails toward becoming our future leaders. Your nomination recognizes the significant contributions of young alumni whose impeccable skills have created opportunities toward building a better tomorrow for themselves and their community, and honors them for remembering to reach as they climb.

Pillar of the Community recognizes alumni who are avid supporters of their communities by sharing their gifts with individuals and organizations where they live and work. Recipients of this award who continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

Tower of Strength is special recognition for faculty and staff, and honors those individuals who played a valuable role in shaping the personal and professional development of alumni during their college years. Alumni credit these individuals for enhancing their educational experience and for being instrumental in helping them chart their path in life.

Student Trailblazer is for current students who are leaders on the University of Cincinnati campus. This category acknowledges individuals who created university firsts or were at the forefront of movements and activities. They embody all the qualities of a leader: motivational, charismatic, critical thinker, risk-taker, visionary, creative, change agent, and a community activist. These individuals are extremely involved on campus, are an inspiration to other students, and continue blazing the trail for change.

Linda Bates Parker Legend In honor of Linda Bates-Parker, this award recognizes alumni for their professional accomplishments. These individuals have managed to navigate their industry to find success while still providing professional opportunities for others and being a proponent of developing those around them for their own success.


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