Message to Alumni from UC Board of Trustees Chair

Rob RichardsonThis is the third in a series of columns by University of Cincinnati Board Chair Rob Richardson, Jr., CEAS ’02, Law ’05. In February at the age of 37, UC’s former Student Body President became the youngest person to chair the board of trustees in UC’s history and the youngest currently in such a role among the nation’s research-intensive public universities. His board term began in 2008 and runs through 2016.



UC Innovation Moves Forward with Next Lives Here Summit

September 5, 2016

Last month I wrote about the growth and importance of innovation at the University of Cincinnati. This exciting journey reaches a significant milestone next month with the Next Lives Here Innovation Summit.

The summit, to be held Thursday, Oct. 20, will be an in-depth look at how innovation occurs, who is modeling the innovation process to greatest effect here in the region, and where our best opportunities lie for elevating innovation within the UC educational experience. We will also discuss how UC is collaborating with partners in the business community to institutionalize innovation in thought and practice.

The event will unite great thinkers, tinkerers, dreamers and creatives to better understand how to unleash the region’s innovation and technology agenda — essentially launching “what comes next” in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) fields and other vital disciplines. A “disruptors discussion” will dive into the region’s thriving start-up ecosystem and explore how successful ventures are founded, incubated and funded. Other panels will examine how common visions can lead to uncommon collaborations, allow students to test their brainchild ideas against some of industry’s most creatively successful minds, and delve into cross-disciplinary problem-solving that draws upon the expertise found in various UC colleges.

In this way, as the region’s foremost engine for innovation, UC’s prodigious capabilities and potential will be on full display. The summit will align goals, showcase signature work, spark our imaginations, and shape the future we want and need.

Just as academic rigor, experiential education and diversity are fundamentally part of who we are and what we do as a university, so must innovation continue to be ingrained in us. It’s that important. And this innovation summit isn’t a one-off event. We envision Next Lives Here as an annual gathering to celebrate our advancements and keep enriching our innovation culture.

Further, Next Lives Here is purposely scheduled for the Thursday of Homecoming week, with no cost to attend. We hope many of our alumni will return to campus, learn how we’re progressing in this crucial space, and find ways to join and support the process. That could mean attending the summit to deepen their understanding and appreciation for this work, or sharing ideas for enhanced innovation, or even proposing specific avenues for collaboration that will advance the university, its stakeholders and the innovation process itself.

Please visit the Next Lives Here Innovation Summit website to learn more about this essential opportunity.

Robert E. Richardson, Jr.
UC Board of Trustees


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