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UC’s Student Alumni Council (SAC) is an organization that fosters stronger relationships between students and alumni: assisting the UC Alumni Association in staging and marketing UCAA experiences, boosting the student body’s Bearcat spirit, and encouraging alumni involvement with students prior to and after their graduation.

SAC members work with the UC Alumni Association staff and volunteers throughout the year. Most notably, SAC is the leader in the student Homecoming experience, a week of events aimed at fostering student Bearcat spirit. Other signature projects include the Red & Black Book, a spirit & traditions book given to freshman each year; Dinner with 12 Bearcats, a student - alumni networking event; and Pennant Day, aimed at celebrating student organizations at an annual UC Baseball game.

Additionally, they volunteer with various UCAA events, Alumni Weekend, UC Distinguished Alumni Celebration, Bearcat Blitzes, Commencement, Golden Bearcats Brunch and various alumni and donor events. SAC also assists with events sponsored by the Young Professionals, UC Foundation, UC’s various colleges and university departments. SAC’s participation enables alumni to better understand undergraduate life at UC, while the students better appreciate the vital role played by alumni in maintaining UC’s quality and traditions, and helping to ensure its future.

Please contact SAC's advisor, Victoria Kuhlman, for more information.

The Student Alumni Council Creed

We believe that as students, we have a special relationship with our Alma Mater that represents a lifetime commitment in the fulfillment of our dreams and aspirations.  As students, we are the focus of her goals and objectives.  As alumni, we will represent the result of her mission and the embodiment of her spirit in the world.  What she is, we are: what she becomes, we become.  Because we are the emerging essence of our institution, we will strive to enhance this special relationship between students, alumni, and others so that the heritage of our Alma Mater will always be a part of our lives, for the present as we follow our dreams, and after graduation as we make them come true.

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Mackenzie Mayernik
SAC President

Rob Alexander
Membership Chair

Victoria Kuhlman, A&S '15
UCAA SAC Advisor


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