Sigma Phi Alumnae Council

Sigma Phi is a Women's Honorary that was created to honor women at the University of Cincinnati who exemplify honor, dedication, spirit and scholarship.  The women of Sigma Phi stood out as having exceptional spirit and energy through their participation in campus activities and leadership within student organizations.  In the classroom these women proved their knowledge and demonstrated curiosity.

Our mission and vision:

  • Uphold the bonds we made during our undergrad years in Sigma Phi as well as to form new bonds with other Sigma Phi alumnae.
  • Promote and foster relationships with the undergraduate Sigma Phi Members as well as assist the undergraduates in their development as sisters and friends while serving as mentors to these women.
  • We strive to live by the ideals and spirit of Sigma Phi in our daily lives.

The Sigma Phi Alumnae Council  is looking for alumnae who are interested in being a member, and is always seeking to update contact information in our database.

For more information, contact Christina Mayhaus, President, or Katie Power, Vice President.


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