Alumna’s Book Captures News Record’s View of ’60s

May 12, 2016

If you attended UC in the late 1960s and early 1970s, you had a front-row seat to one of the most fascinating and turbulent periods in American history, especially considering the blend of consciousness and conscience found on college campuses.

If you were the editor of The News Record during that time, as Judy McCarty Kuhn was, your front-row seat made you feel part of the action, since that era’s politics, protests and progress combined to fundamentally shape the lives of everyone in the university community — especially those charged with bringing news and perspective to the students.

The story of Kuhn’s wild ride is told through her new book, The Other UC and Me: Editing the Sixties. “The book is for students and alumni who wish to better understand Midwest college life in the ’60s, and for ’60s graduates who wish to see their own lives in focus,” she says.

Always interested in history, Kuhn, CECH ’67, ’71, found herself immersed in it as a product of her times. As she entered UC’s College of Education in the fall of 1963, the world swirled around her and her fellow Bearcats, making all of them more socially aware than they could have foreseen. Through the Kennedy assassination, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the British invasion in the music industry, America’s deepening involvement in Vietnam, emerging women’s issues, and a political landscape that reflected this upheaval, it was quite a freshman year!

As events and relationships drew her onto The News Record staff and eventually into the editor-in-chief’s chair, the world only seemed to speed up. The Other UC and Me walks the reader through these times as seen from the unique perspective of a collegiate news room.

“I served as reporter, page editor, copy editor, and editor-in-chief,” Kuhn recalls. “The News Record’s staff had a panoramic view of campus as we interviewed administrators and students; covered meetings, protest rallies and sports events; and handled every university and Associated Collegiate Press news release.”

Indeed, while The News Record covered all aspects of university life, the recollections in Kuhn’s book underscore the enormous impact of the all-encompassing, unfolding drama around the world. Virtually everything occurring at UC was experienced through the continuous reverberation of global events and how students, the administration, faculty, and visitors to campus responded to them.

“It’s both a memoir and history book,” Kuhn says. “It’s a story that focuses on the vulnerability, rights and power of the collegiate press.”

After receiving her undergraduate and graduate degrees from UC, Kuhn began a long high school teaching career which included advising student publications. Some of her students went on to journalism careers of their own, including Bruce Rheins, who wrote the foreword and became CBS News’ deputy bureau chief in Los Angeles.

The Other UC and Me: Editing the Sixties is available at A Kindle version is in the works. Kuhn is applying her personal profits from book sales toward scholarships and other educational support.



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