DAAPmade: the exhibition!

Showcase Spotlights Talent and Volunteerism

March 24, 2016


Most UC alumni know about the incredibly impressive rankings of the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and the high esteem in which DAAP’s students, alumni and faculty are held.

DAAPmadeBut it’s not until you immerse yourself in one of DAAP Alumni Network’s many DAAPmade events and experience in-depth the work that is being done by the DAAP family that its excellence truly hits home.

This spring, DAAPmade featured a curated exhibition of contemporary artwork displaying pieces using diverse media and innovative techniques. This year’s month-long exhibition, running March 17 through April 16, opened with a reception at The Malton Gallery in Hyde Park, attended by more than 100 Bearcats and their friends.

The gallery received 56 entries and selected 43 to showcase during DAAPmade. All were created by DAAP alumni, students and faculty, and all pieces are for sale.

DAAPmadeAs with all DAAP events, it was first-class all the way, and a product of dedicated volunteerism and the enterprising network of DAAPers whose collaboration on initiatives for their college is legendary. (In fact, this year’s UC Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award is being presented at the Distinguished Alumni Celebration to Patti Bresler, ’84, for her astonishing dedication as a DAAP alumna volunteer, especially at major events like DAAPmade.)

This year’s DAAPmade was organized by the college’s alumni network board, with Chris Graham, ’01, as volunteer lead. The Malton Gallery, one of the city’s finest galleries, became the perfect host for the exhibition thanks to the joint work of gallery owner/director Sylvia Rombis, ’83, ’86, and Becky Linhardt, ’74, who is the gallery’s curatorial assistant.



DAAPmade: the Exhibition Featured Artists

Sue Kitzmiller Blaney, DAAP ‘79
Gil Born, DAAP ‘58, ‘75
Jackie Braden
Stan Brod, DAAP ‘55
Annette Carothers, DAAP ‘85
Christine Celsor, DAAP ‘96, ‘99
Robert Coomer, DAAP ‘94
David Corns, DAAP ‘11
John Dixon, DAAP ‘75
Bailey Dowlin
Linda Fischer, DAAP ‘74
Anne Headley
Claudia Hershner, DAAP ‘11
Ted Johanson
Matthew Kroner
Diane Kruer, DAAP ‘11
Becky Linhardt, DAAP ‘74
Craig Lloyd, DAAP ‘75
Kelly MacArthur, DAAP ‘96
Alleen Manning, DAAP ’72, ‘74
Angela Meehan
Lisa Merida-Paytes, DAAP ‘97
John Metz, DAAP ‘00
Betsie Molinsky
Bruce Neville, DAAP ‘66
James Oberschlake
John Rizzo, DAAP ‘04
Harry Sanchez
Ryan Scavnicky, DAAP ’11, ‘14
Jamie Schorsch
Kitty Schroder
Donald Schuster, DAAP ‘75
Sayak Shome
Rod Sidley, DAAP ‘85
Caroline Statkus
John Stoughton, DAAP ’07, ‘09
Kim Rae Taylor, DAAP ‘06
Nicole Trimble
Dan Vance, DAAP ‘14
Margie Voelker-Ferrier
Trish Weeks, DAAP ‘78
Jan Weisner
Nancy Willman, DAAP ‘72


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