DAAPer Seth Oakley, BARC '03, Hosts Current Students at M+A Architects

DAAP alumni laugh in conference room

Seth Oakley (center) sits with current DAAP students at M+A Architects “Dinner with Bearcats.”


This fall current DAAP students gathered at M+A Architects for a Dinner With Bearcats hosted by Seth Oakley, BARC ‘03. Never heard of this type of event? Dinner With Bearcats is an opportunity for UC alumni to host students (and/or fellow alumni) for an evening of networking and socializing. Interaction around the room always enlightens and inspires the next generation of Bearcat leaders. 

This event happens on a rolling basis based on your availability. The experience allows alumni to: Demonstrate the value of the Bearcat Alumni Network, offer career advice, provide examples of your professional development, and share your experiences about staying connected with UC as a member of the alumni family. Evenings not great for you? No worries! You could host anytime of the day or week that works for you and the students. Breakfast, brunch, lunch? We’ll work with you to find the best fit.

Interested in learning more or hosting current DAAPers in your region? Send us a note! We definitely think you should (and Seth does, too!). Following the event, Seth answered a few questions about his experience. You can check out the photos from the event, too!

Students chat while enjoying dinner

Tell us a little bit about what you do professionally.

I am a principal at M+A Architects, in charge of our company’s Cincinnati operations. I manage all outgoing proposals, contracts, and business development activities as well as day-to-day operational duties for the office.

Why did you want to host a Dinner with Bearcats?
I think it’s important in our profession to mentor and connect with young architects-to-be and shine some light on the various opportunities this career has to offer.

What was it like connecting with current students?
It was pretty awesome. The way their minds work and how they see things is so vastly different from students the same age just a few years ago, and light years removed from how I was at that age. I was very impressed and it made me optimistic for the future.

Why should other alumni consider hosting a dinner?
Outside of job interviews and job fairs, it’s rare for an alumnus to interact with current students in a meaningful way. The dinner was an opportunity to do so without the guise of them trying to get a job. Thank you for the opportunity and the help in getting it all set up! 



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