Senior Sendoffs Give Incoming Freshmen a Head Start at UC

August 19, 2016

Imagine you’re an 18-year-old in summer’s final days. You’re about to depart for UC and begin the journey of a lifetime. You live in Cleveland, Columbus or Dayton where there is a substantial number of other UC-bound freshmen — some you may know, most you don’t. Or maybe you live farther away — Minneapolis, or Denver, or Philadelphia — where only a few of your peers will join you as Bearcats.

UC Athletics Director Mike Bohn spoke to the Dayton Senior Sendoff attendees, telling the students that they were the heartbeat of the university.

Now, imagine that instead of that wide-eyed 18-year-old, you’re an excited but anxious parent of the new freshman — maybe even a UC alumnus yourself. It’s hard letting go at this pivotal time … You have a hundred different questions and concerns as your child prepares to leave the nest.

New freshmen and parents alike get what they need by attending the UC Alumni Association’s Senior Sendoffs, where alumni living in these distant cities provide a warm and informative welcome to the UC family as part of that area’s UCAA alumni network activities. Senior Sendoffs put a comfortable cap on the lengthy process of researching, visiting, applying to, and eventually deciding upon a university.

“From the moment these students are accepted as UC students, they’re part of the family — future alumni — which means they fall under the broad banner of the UC Alumni Association,” says Allison Hoehn, ’06, assistant director, national programs. “Volunteer leaders of many of our regional alumni networks across the country host the students and their families in their cities. Whether it’s a large gathering or a cozy dinner at a pizza place, the students gain a great understanding of their amazing new connections as lifelong Bearcats.”

Senior Sendoffs were held in the first half of August in three Ohio cities (Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton), as well as Minneapolis-St. Paul, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

One Cleveland parent wrote in the event’s follow-up survey, “This event was WONDERFUL!! By the end of the evening, my son had exchanged contact information with quite a few other UC students. He will now have some familiar faces when he attends the Honors College Welcome Retreat. As a parent, it was comforting to see him make connections BEFORE he leaves for college.”


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