UC Young Professionals (UCYP)

Where recently graduated Bearcats come together to:

  • Network through unique opportunities to leverage professional relationships with other Bearcats.
  • Grow Professionally by attending and planning experiences that focus on career growth, professional development, and continuing education.
  • Socialize at fun, casual events designed to bring recent graduates together.
  • Make a Difference when you participate in volunteer activities and philanthropy that support UC scholarships, student success, and impact the Cincinnati community.

Get involved with UC Young Professionals!

UCYP is always looking for more Bearcats to get involved. Whether you’re interested in taking a leadership position as a board member or committee chair, or just want to help when you can and show up for the fun stuff, there’s something for everyone with UCYP.

Help plan and execute Homecoming, watch parties, philanthropy, digital engagement, alumni-student mentoring, community service, professional events, and more!

Upcoming Experiences

Alumni-Student Mentor Program

This mentor program will pair UCYPs, such as yourselves, with current UC undergrads in an effort to mentor, coach, and network the next generation of successful Bearcats. This is a great opportunity to share some of the lessons you have learned throughout your college career and early professional life, as well as give back to UC and its student body.

Mentor Kickoff: Wednesday, Sep. 27

If you are interested in the alumni-student mentor program, please reach out directly to Carlo at

P&G Alumni Network - Generation NOW
Tuesday, Oct. 10
12:30 – 7 p.m.

Memorial Hall OTR
1225 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hear from the latest generation P&G alumni who are in the prime of their careers and how they are learning & navigating this ever-changing world. Topics will include lessons from investors, the world of startups, making a career out of your passion, being a disruptor of major industries, making a difference at a big company, and more.

This event, while not hosted by the UC Alumni Associatiion, is open to UC alumni due to our partnership with the P&G Alumni Network. Is likely to sell out, so please register in advance. Use promo code BEARCAT for a special $50 discount for UC young professionals Register and more info.

Promo code BEARCAT for a $50 discount for UC young professionals.

Save the Dates
Oct. 20: Homecoming Mix & Mingle
Nov. 15: Happy Hour and Networking
Dec. 2: Crosstown Shootout Watch Party
Feb. 28: UCYP at the Cyclones

View more alumni programs on our event calendar


Young Professionals Leadership Committee

Chair: Sammy Geroulis (LCB '12)

Vice Chair: David Jahnke (A&S ’11)

Brandon Craig (Law '09)

Katie Fisher (LCB ’16)

Lily Kane (A&S ’13)

Carlo Perottino (LCB, CEAS ’16)

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Russell Best, DAAP '09, '15
Director, Constituent Relations, Outreach and Engagement

Email Russell
or call 513-556-4013


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