Bearcats and Buckeyes Day at the Statehouse 2018

Year two is in the books and what a special event it was! “Bearcats and Buckeyes Day at the Statehouse” featured UC students, university leadership and alumni uniting at the Columbus Statehouse. In partnership with peers from Ohio State University, we advocated for the two institutions and higher education.

The event received official commendations in the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate; over 100 advocates met with members of the General Assembly to tell their personal stories about how their UC or OSU degrees have made a difference in their lives.

See photos of the day here.

Answer the call.

You have an opportunity to help the University of Cincinnati gauge the reach of our collective networks and enable us to effectively plan for future public policy discussions. By understanding our alumni network of relationships with elected officials, we can build our alumni advocacy program to help advance our position on any number of issues that directly impact the University of Cincinnati.

As employees, voters, volunteers and contributors to the communities where we live and work, your voices and opinions are extremely influential. Through this brief survey you can provide information on the issues that are important to you, the stakeholders within your network and the level of advocacy you would be willing to undertake on UC’s behalf.

We greatly appreciate your time and participation. You can begin your survey by following the secure link below:

Become a Cincinnati Alumni Advocate.

The Cincinnati Alumni Advocates program empowers people like you to positively influence Ohio legislators on issues important to your alma mater. The difference you can make is invaluable, not just for the University of Cincinnati, but for higher education and for the future of Ohio and the region.

Who can become a Cincinnati Alumni Advocate?

Any alumnus or friend of UC willing to speak up, stand up and give back is encouraged to become an advocate.

What does a Cincinnati Alumni Advocate do?

Advocates write letters, make phone calls and talk to legislators. They communicate the importance of certain public policy issues to friends, neighbors and colleagues. They stay informed. They are the voice and the face of UC in their communities.

How much time is required?

There is no time commitment. It could take just a few minutes to make a big difference.

How does it work?

When public policy issues arise that affect UC (such as the Ohio higher-ed budget), you will be notified and encouraged to communicate with elected representatives. We’ll provide guidance and contact information, as well as more in-depth assistance if you’re willing to meet with a representative in person.

Would I really make an impact?

Declining state support, increasing infrastructure needs and a shrinking tax base have created an environment where strong advocates are vital. Just one legislator can determine UC’s ability to recruit a preeminent professor, offer a scholarship, or provide new lab equipment. Your engagement enhances the value of your degree and helps make UC’s vision for its third century truly attainable.

Click here to become an Alumni Advocate for UC

Helpful Links

Governmental Relations Updates

2017-2018 University of Cincinnati State Legislative Priorities

Creating the Most Advantageous Environment for Student Success

Though UC’s “Creating Our Third Century” report, specific retention, graduation and time-to-degree goals have been identified to create an environment where students can succeed. The Office of Government Relations identify funding opportunities to support the strategies identified:

  • UC strives to contain costs and increase access and affordability by advocating for state supported funding and programs. We support our students and believe they deserve a high-quality education.
  • UC is a leader in creative solutions to address textbook affordability. We support and will advocate for expanding the focus of the program to target text book incentives such as encouraging faculty to write their own text books and provide them at very low costs, adopting open source materials as text books, or encouraging the utilization of digital material.

UC promotes programs which enhance student experience and educational outcomes

  • We support and promote Co-op. Workforce development has become a critical priority for policy makers as the economy is increasingly technology-driven. The program allowed UC students to collectively earn more than $65 million during the last academic year alone allowing students to contribute to their tuition and living costs, and helping to reduce student debt burden upon graduation.
  • We support and promote the Gen-1 House. UC is committed to providing first-generation college students with the tools they require to succeed in their academic pursuits.
  • UC supports student veterans. UC is committed to making higher education affordable and accessible to student veterans.
  • UC promotes campus safety and well-being for all students and faculty.
  • UC provides support for international students and recognizes their importance from an academic, workforce and diversity perspective.
  • UC promotes distance and e-learning. We are committed to meeting the needs for alternative delivery options that are affordable and convenient to pursue the knowledge and credentials needed to achieve their goals.
  • UC identifies opportunities on campus to promote equity and inclusion.

Supporting Faculty and Staff to Grow Resources and Elevate UC’s Research Profile and Reputation

  • UC supports deans and faculty in colleges across the campus to elevate the profile of the university, the breadth of research conducted, and resources to support it.
  • UC supports a broad range of research endeavors across the institution by working closely with the Vice President for Research and his staff to identify and provide advanced intelligence on upcoming funding opportunities, advisory committee positions, analysis of federal funding trends, and strategic advice to individual researchers as well as collaborative efforts.


Margie Rolf
Associate Vice President for Government Relations

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or call 614-378-5323

UC President Neville Pinto, UC Alumni Association Executive Director Jennifer Heisey, and former UC student-athlete and current entrepreneur Leonard Stokes discuss the importance of advocacy for the university’s future.


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